OmniPrint International Shares Golden Rule To Optimizing Garment Pretreatment

Again, OmniPrint International has shared valuable information to help its consumers keep abreast with garment imaging trends.

COSTA MESA, CA, USA, September 2, 2017 / — Again, OmniPrint International has shared valuable information to help its consumers keep abreast with garment imaging trends. Image printing has many facets that require expertise and a mature understanding of the processes. OmniPrint International is one industry innovator that has remained consistent with improving strategies; to help the end user acquire hands-on skills and experience to benefit their brand. Since inception, they've been committed to developing high-performance printing technology and products to optimize processes.

With printers that outperform traditional machines and sophisticated ink systems already creating opportunities for businesses to generate exponential wealth; OmniPrint aims to educate its consumers as well. Their recent blog on optimizing pretreatment for garment has furnished helpful tips that OmniPrint owners of all experience levels can apply. The moment pretreatment machines came into power, converts were no longer inclined to do manual work. The luxury of lessening manual workload is an attractive benefit, but, this can also compromise precision.

In this piece, OmniPrint pointed out the disadvantage of not practicing DTG pretreatment by hand. The luxury of using a pre-treatment machine on dark garments has some benefits,however, it's almost impossible to realize anything meaningful without advanced knowledge. Maneuverability is far better achieved with a manual DTG pretreatment sprayer compared to its automated counterpart. With better leverage, a handler can scan projects properly to ensure that quality is highly satisfactory. In the meantime, OmniPrint is bringing attention to its diverse line of pretreatment supplies designed to enhance coating performance, and ease the process of application.

Omniprint’s Direct Ink catalog offers an advanced printer cleaning formula and specialized garment pretreatment supplies that boost quality improvements. Its “super nozzle” cleaning solution has proven to minimize manufacturing downtime. It's a deep cleaning solution that eliminates dried ink, blotch issues, head strikes and more. Another benefit is that these products can be used to pretreat different fabrics. So, whether one is pretreating cotton, polyester or other blends, standard Direct Ink and Gamut Plus solutions are perfect. One should develop the skill to judge pretreatment quality based on basic observation. In any event a garment isn't pretreated properly, one should also learn how to identify the source to the problem.

One should never undermine the purpose of employing properly functioning equipment. With all the potent pretreatment serums, one can't get any quality work done, without dependable technology. Print heads should be cleaned regularly to avoid ruining a project. Furthermore, this will extend the life of pretreatment equipment and tools. As part of the maintenance routine, one should regularly clean and wash the spray nozzle to flush out any debris. In any event, an automatic pretreatment machine has failed, continuing production shouldn't be a tedious endeavor. After conducting a series of results-driven tests, OmniPrint case studies revealed that a manual sprayer is equally effective. In fact, it has a near-zero failure rate, presuming one keeps to a consistent maintenance schedule. With it being low-maintenance, investment to correct any inconsistency is marginally reasonable.

The imaging products distributor is committed to providing the finest innovations to broaden horizons for its clientele. With upcoming trade shows, it aims to touch on more sensitive topics after exploring the advantages of its revolutionary imaging technology solutions.

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Source: EIN Presswire