Indiegogo campaign launched for Curtain Claws

Crowdfunding campaign launched for Curtain Claws, an innovative new product that attractively holds curtains open without the need for fixtures and fittings

MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2017 / — Nifty new invention set to revolutionize curtain tying

Curtain Claws, a new and potentially game-changing invention, has launched a $30,000 funding campaign that it hopes will revolutionize curtain tying.

Curtain Claws are a simple alternative to installing decorative curtain tiebacks. Independent ‘claw’ type systems, the devices work by closing around curtain fabric and securely holding it in position. Invented by Washington-based curtain seller Diane Stanton Brown, Curtain Claws were designed to be simple and practical, as well as fun. Coming with the option of several detachable and interchangeable medallions, the user is able to regularly customize and vary the look of each curtain tie. Faceplates are available in a range of designs to suit all types of styles – from the minimalistic to the fancy.

“I’d been selling curtains for 15 years, but I just knew there was something missing,” said Stanton Brown. “In order to fix curtains into an open position, people are currently having to install often damaging and rigid fittings into walls or having to put up with hazardous and unsightly cable tales. Curtain Claws provide a simple and flexible solution – they are a fun and attractive way to pin curtains into a range of styles and positions and a damage-free alternative to traditional ties.”

Made from a high quality, durable material, Curtain Claws slide smoothly around the material of most curtains, ensuring a strong hold whilst protecting the fabric. The claws have been designed to work with almost any curtain type – from sheer tapestries to heavy duty black-out curtains.

“We recently completed a lengthy design and engineering phase in order to create the perfect prototype,” continued Stanton Brown. “The next step is to raise enough money to support an initial production run that will take Curtain Claws to the marketplace. I know that consumers will love this inexpensive and simple product; it has the potential to revolutionize the way we pin curtains – and could soon be a must-have accessory for homes all over the world.”

To support Curtain Claws and help play a part in reinventing curtain tying, or to watch Diane Stanton Brown demonstrate the many ways the product can be applied to soft furnishings, visit:

Everyone who makes a donation will receive a full Curtain Claws set – which includes four Curtain Claws and four medallions – upon completion of the first manufacturing run.

Diane Brown
Curtain Claws
email us here

Diane and Jan present Curtain Claws: Self-hanging decorative tiebacks

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Boost for firms wanting to export to the UK

USA;UK;Export;Brexit;Export services;Distributor introduction; Virtual company

Copernicus International Consulting Ltd

Copernicus International Consulting Group

Copernicus International Consulting Virtual company sales team 2017

January 2017 additions to the Copernicus UK virtual sales team

Results focused sales & marketing professionals increase capacity to keep up with post Brexit demand

Even to a business familiar with exporting to new markets this was a game changing service, Copernicus have not only acquired us customers but have started to make an unknown brand recognisable”

— Dale Cannon. Australia

LONDON, UNITED KNGDOM, January 31, 2017 / — Brexit, brexit, brexit. For a relatively new word it's already suffering from over use. It's either the reason for an upturn in fortunes or an excuse for poor results – depending where someone involved in international trade finds themselves on their current performance graph.
Trade with the UK has not been seen on quite so many board room agendas for some years, and it is this upturn in market entry projects that has seen the demand and uptake of the Copernicus Virtual Sales Office in the UK rise by over 400% in just 6 months.
Firms may have thought about entering the UK market, maybe via an agent, a distributor or direct sales from their home market, but taken no action due to budget constraints or lack of local market knowledge. All have merits and drawbacks in terms of the degree of control over the in-market activities, but all of them on the whole require considerable investment in time, money and resources.
In contrast to traditional market entry methodologies the Copernicus service has the advantage of having your own brand pro-actively promoting your business to 5 million businesses and over 63 million consumers within 28 days from first contact.
Just as you buy in temporary staff until such time as you have enough work to create a full time role. Copernicus offers you a local sales presence without the fixed cost of an overseas office, employee, infra-structure or long term commitment.
Local website, local PR, office address, phone answered in your business name and, most importantly, sales! Field sales people supported by a back office capable of warehousing fulfilment and even technical service support for products that require it, with in-bound enquiries driven by intelligent e-marketing. Menu driven, clients take as much or as little of the service as they need.

The service is offered across a wide range of vertical sectors, from engineered products to retail, technology to high value capital equipment or food & beverage. To accommodate the increased demand Copernicus has increased capacity via a recruitment campaign that has added further multi-lingual market researchers, field and tele-sales persons, IT and logistics people to the team. HR manager Greg North told us "it has been a hectic 3 months to keep pace with the increasing requirement for the service, but we are now thankfully in a position where new clients will receive the same fast-track to market service that we have been able to provide in previous years." While marketing manager, Helen Flowers added "As a cost effective solution for exporters there is really nothing else quite like the Copernicus Virtual UK Business Service available, we firstly review and benchmark the offer that potential clients wish to launch in the UK in order to ensure that there is an appropriate likelihood of success, before working with the client to coordinate activities and establish reporting lines. It really is a painless way to begin or increase sales to the UK".

In general the UK is looking good. Stock markets have been bullish since the Brexit vote. The FTSE 100 closed at a record high at the end of 2016, up 14.4% during the year. The FTSE 250, which is seen as a good yardstick of the UK economy because it has more domestic-focused companies, ended the year 3.7% ahead. The US-UK "special relationship" is looking strong and the UK remains a great starting point to build sales right across Europe and beyond.

If you or your firm would like to achieve increased sales in the dynamic marketplace that is the UK today, contact Copernicus to have the scale of your opportunity evaluated.

Helen Flowers
Copernicus International Consulting Ltd
email us here

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The mounting emotional toll of clutter

Free yourself from the emotional drain caused by clutter – decluttering sets you free from the chaos caused by the emotions of stuff you cling onto

When all your available space is filled with clutter, there is no room for anything new to come into your life ”

— Karen Kingston

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, February 1, 2017 / — The emotional toll of clutter.

Free yourself from the emotional drain caused by clutter – decluttering sets you free from the chaos caused by the emotions of stuff you cling onto.

An overstuffed wardrobe creates anxiety, clutter causes stress, and an overstuffed wardrobe makes the simple task of selecting an outfit an exercise fraught with anxiety.

"When all your available space is filled with clutter, there is no room for anything new to come into your life,” writes Karen Kingston, author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui (Three Rivers Press, 1999). “Your thoughts tend to dwell in the past, and you feel bogged down with problems that have dogged you for some time. You tend to look back rather than forward in your life, blaming the past for your current situation rather than taking responsibility for creating a better tomorrow.”
Revitalize your life by decluttering!
Dress Circle Emporium says the New Year is a perfect time to reassess your wardrobe, discard what you don’t use, and simplify your morning routine by only retaining pieces you actually will Wear.

A rule of thumb is to toss anything you haven’t worn in the past year. You may want to take the advice of Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up, and keep only things that bring you joy. After your wardrobe purge, you will be left with a pile of clothing and accessories in need of a new home.

The faded and pilled jumpers stretched out shirts and worn shoes probably should be tossed into the bin, but some items definitely still have value. That dress you bought to wear to your cousin’s wedding and never wore again? You could turn it into cash. Those designer jeans you bought because they were a great bargain, but decided they just didn’t fit right?

Turn your discards into dollars by consigning with Dress Circle Emporium, the place to get top dollar for your designer clothing, accessories and shoes. This upmarket boutique takes lightly used high end women’s and menswear clothing, bags and accessories and pays consignors 50 percent of sale price. Styles must be recent, be like-new, clean and wrinkle-free. No appointment is needed; just bring in your gently used items during business hours.

The Dress Circle Emporium experience is a positive recycling testament: Shoppers are thrilled with their bargain priced fashion finds; while the consigners enjoy their happy bonus of getting cash for their clothes and the environment wins!

Keith MacLennan
Dress Circle Emporium
email us here

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TieTechnology Unveils Expansion with Innovative and Distinctive VoIP Services as an Advanced Hosted VoIP Company

TieTechnology Phone Service Provider

Enterprise Phone Systems

Best Hosted Voip Provider Plans, Compare Business VoIP Phone Systems, Cisco IP Phones, VoIP Business Services

Best Hosted Voip Provider Plans

Hosted Unified Communications, Hosted Communication Systems, Hosted Voip Services

Hosted Unified Communications

Call Queing, Call Queing Phone Service Feature, Voip Call Queing Feature

Call Queing

How Voip Works, How it works voip, Voip Phone Services, Top Voip Business Phone Service Provider

How Voip Works

TieTechnology Unveils Expansion with Innovative and Distinctive VoIP Phone Services as an Advanced Hosted Service Provider

Many small businesses today are making the switch over to voip business phone systems and support.”

— Don Anderson

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, January 29, 2017 / — VoIP, colloquially known as Internet telephony, converts voice vibrations to compressed digital signals that translate to Internet Protocol (IP) packets. IP packets provide top tier voip business phone services and are then transmitted and converted to a regular telephone signal.

In essence, VoIP allows computer users and businesses to make telephone calls from a desktop computer equipped with a voip phone through enterprise voip solutions. Internet telephony offers services and benefits unparalleled by traditional phone service.

Many small businesses today are making the switch over to voip business phone systems. There are plenty of advantages to using such a hosted voip service provider, but a lot of small businesses are overlooking some of the most valuable features. Beyond options like voicemail, call waiting, toll-free numbers, call forwarding, and remote operation, companies will discover a host of other features that can help any small business.

1: Voicemail to Email Transcription
Voicemail to email transcription transcribes voicemail messages to text and sends them to a preferred email. Employees don't need to furiously scribbling names, numbers, and addresses.

2: Call Screening
Call screening is an often-forgotten feature of the VoIP business world that can come in handy. It allows businesses to look at a number on the caller ID and choose how to treat it.

3: Coaching Tools
Instead of giving employees advice after ending phone conversations with customers, the systems allow recommendations during the call.

4: Auto Attendant
An auto attendant is one of the hidden gems of having hosted phone service. This feature allows callers with a menu to interact to choose an appropriate extension. Businesses will appear more professional and impressive.

5: Conferencing
Most people know about conferencing with voip services, but not everyone takes advantage of all the features that might come with it. TieTechnology VoIP technology combines and stores data onto one single network that increases the manageability, cost-effectiveness, and productivity for businesses that need reliable communication. Businesses can also invest in wireless VoIP technology to make low-cost calls from any place that offers Wi-Fi, such as cafeterias, bookstores, hotels, airports, and a variety of other locations. nationwide services are now available in the following geographical areas:

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

With rapidly growing expansions in the following western states and cities

Phoenix, Arizona; Mesa, Arizona; Chandler, Arizona; Scottsdale, Arizona

New Mexico;
Albuquerque, New Mexico; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Farmington, New Mexico
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Reno, Nevada; Las Vegas, Nevada; Carson City, Nevada; Boulder City, Nevada

Sacramento, California; Los Angeles, California; San Diego, California; San Francisco, California

About TieTechnology LLC
TieTechnology specializes in small business service based solutions for businesses. Services provided by TieTechnology LLC, include: unified communications, merchant credit card processing, merchant cash advances and online marketing strategies. The advantages of doing business with TieTechnology is their commitment to customer service excellence and their offering of one stop solutions to all business to business service product needs for the customers’ convenience.

About Lower Internet Cost Services services is the internet services division of TieTechnology LLC. Through, the company provides affordable and high quality real time services for business users who want reliable businesses fixed wireless, business T1, business Ethernet and business phone equipment services. Since 2002, this department has had a brilliant track record of meeting client expectations and delivering the best solutions to clients based on their budget and requirements.

About Business Cash Advance Services is a division authorized by TieTechnology, LLC. Business Cash Advance Guru’s merchant cash advance division specializes in helping small business owners realize their dreams. That’s why we created our merchant cash advance program in 2003, and continue to be a merchant cash advance leader in the industry, offering the most flexible payment options and the lowest interest rates and in the business.

About TieTechnology VoIP Business Phone Services
VoIP Business Phone Services is the unified communications division of TieTechnology, LLC. that provides the highest quality telecommunications and engineering consulting services within the telecommunications industry at the most competitive rates. Businesses need high speed internet and reliable phone connections to stay ahead of their competitors and fulfill all client expectations. Companies that operate internationally need robust phone and internet systems like business VoIP business satellite, p2p (point to point), VPN (virtual private network) and much more. The mission of TieTechnology VoIP Business Phone Services’ is to provide affordable and high quality services for business users who want reliable business fixed wireless, business Ethernet, and business phone services.

Further information about voip for business phone services and features can be found at:

Information on our New Buyers Guide:

The telecommunications engineering and consulting services can be
accessed online at:

Kennedy Generalli
TieTechnology VoIP Business Phone Services
(813) 856-0328
email us here

TieTechnology Phone Service Yealink Tutorial

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Godinattire launches Ultimate Online Lingerie Store to Match Every Woman’s Lingerie Need, a world class online lingerie store

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, January 24, 2017 / —, an online lingerie store, all set to take the women lingerie lovers by storm, was launched All India on 14th January 2017. The brand specific e-store with super visuals and wide range of products from everyday comfort yet exquisite Lingerie, Shape-wear, Intimate wear, Designer Corset to Western Dress, etc., presents world class shopping experience for fashion forward and free – thinking women.

One stop lingerie destination offering a sea of choices, styles and sizes, will be a liberating experience for women in search for just the right lingerie. With products starting from Rs. 500 onwards, the platform enables customers to pay through various payment options including COD.

With the growing consumption, the women’s Lingerie segment is set to outpace the men’s innerwear segment and need for a lingerie product that is premium, comfortable yet affordable invoked the brand that would make every woman feel like a goddess – (‘Godin’ means ‘Goddess’ in Dutch). Besides whole range of products, the period proof panty, hip enhancer panty and designer corset, are some of the unique ones that brand offers. Waiting for every woman fall in love with the bold and the beautiful to go with the taste and moods and for special occasions, Godinattire lives to its tagline ‘all the essence of women’.

A brain child of Isha and Shashank, Godinattire has already acquired its own set of loyal customers in a short span of 12 months. “ has sold to customers from J&K to Kanyakumari in South, and Surat in West to Meghalaya in the East. We have started well with over 21,000 Social Media followers and growing”, Shashank, co-founder and the Operations Head, who has worked for and launched new businesses for multi- national brands like O General, Haier, York and Panasonic, shares with a sense of achievement.

“Our USP is our brand appeal, exquisite designs, fine quality, zero defect assurance and amazing packaging. Our main objective is that our customers should be delighted on receiving a Godinattire product and should feel loved after wearing it. Every sale must leave a lasting impression”, asserts Isha, co-founder and the Marketing Head, who has a work experience of 10 years with brands like Levis, Benetton, LaSenza, Promod and Panasonic. She was instrumental in opening and setting up retails stores for the French brand ‘Promod’ at Hyderabad & Delhi.

With Pan India delivery, friendly after sales service and hassle free return policy, Godinattire will go places. The Brand is also available at market places like Jabong, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, PayTM, and Limeroad.

You may contact:

Isha Srivastav
Marketing Head
Sai Pro Fashions LLP
F-175A, Ground Floor,
Laxmi Nagar, Delhi- 110092
Tel: +91-9999641737

Shashank Singh
Sai Pro Fashions LLP
email us here

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Intimate Apparel Market 2017 Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2020



Intimate Apparel Consumption, Demand, Sales, Competitor and Forecast 2017 – 2022

PUNE, INDIA, January 18, 2017 / — This report studies Intimate Apparel in Global market, especially in North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and India, with production, revenue, consumption, import and export in these regions, from 2011 to 2015, and forecast to 2021.

This report focuses on top manufacturers in global market, with production, price, revenue and market share for each manufacturer, covering
L Brands
Hanes Brands
Betkshire Hathaway (Fruit of Loom)
American Eagle (Aerie)
Marks & Spencer
Jockey International
Triumph International
Cosmo Lady
Fast Retailing
Huijie (Maniform Lingerie)
Lise Charmel
Your Sun
Bare Necessities
Wolf Lingerie
Hanky Panky


By types, the market can be split into
Sleepwear and Homewear
Thermal Clothes

By Application, the market can be split into
Women’s Wear
Men’s Wear
Kid’s Wear

By Regions, this report covers (we can add the regions/countries as you want)
North America
Southeast Asia

Table of Content: Key Points

Global Intimate Apparel Market Professional Survey Report 2017
1 Industry Overview of Intimate Apparel
1.1 Definition and Specifications of Intimate Apparel
1.1.1 Definition of Intimate Apparel
1.1.2 Specifications of Intimate Apparel
1.2 Classification of Intimate Apparel
1.2.1 Bras
1.2.2 Underpants
1.2.3 Sleepwear and Homewear
1.2.4 Shapewear
1.2.5 Thermal Clothes
1.3 Applications of Intimate Apparel
1.3.1 Women’s Wear
1.3.2 Men’s Wear
1.3.3 Kid’s Wear
1.4 Market Segment by Regions
1.4.1 North America
1.4.2 China
1.4.3 Europe
1.4.4 Southeast Asia
1.4.5 Japan
1.4.6 India

2 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Intimate Apparel
2.1 Raw Material and Suppliers
2.2 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Intimate Apparel
2.3 Manufacturing Process Analysis of Intimate Apparel
2.4 Industry Chain Structure of Intimate Apparel

3 Technical Data and Manufacturing Plants Analysis of Intimate Apparel
3.1 Capacity and Commercial Production Date of Global Intimate Apparel Major Manufacturers in 2015
3.2 Manufacturing Plants Distribution of Global Intimate Apparel Major Manufacturers in 2015
3.3 R&D Status and Technology Source of Global Intimate Apparel Major Manufacturers in 2015
3.4 Raw Materials Sources Analysis of Global Intimate Apparel Major Manufacturers in 2015

11 Consumers Analysis of Intimate Apparel
11.1 Consumer 1 Analysis
11.2 Consumer 2 Analysis
11.3 Consumer 3 Analysis
11.4 Consumer 4 Analysis

12 Conclusion of the Global Intimate Apparel Market Professional Survey Report 2017
Analyst Introduction
Data Source


Get in touch:

Norah Trent
+1 646 845 9349 / +44 208 133 9349
email us here

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Embroidery Machine Market & Drill Chucks Industry Analysis in Global Top Countries & 2017-2022 Forecasts Research Report has reports on “2017-2022 Global Top Countries Embroidery Machine Market” & “2017-2022 Global Top Countries Drill Chucks Market”.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2017 / — This report studies Embroidery Machine in Global market, especially in United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, India, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, Brazil, Middle East and Africa, focuses on the top Manufacturers in each country, covering Tajima, Barudan, Sunstar, Brother, ZSK, Happy Japan, WEMS, Singer, Pfaff, Shenshilei Group, Feiya, Maya, Yonthin, Feiying Electric, Jingwei Electronic, Yuelong Sewing, Richpeace Group, Deyuan Machine, Zoje Dayu, Xinsheng Sewing, Le Jia, Autowin

Market Segment by Countries, this report splits Global into several key Countries, with sales, revenue, market share of top 5 players in these Countries, from 2012 to 2017 (forecast), like
1 United States
2 Canada
3 Mexico
4 Germany
5 France
6 UK
7 Italy
8 Russia
9 China
10 Japan
11 India
12 Korea
13 Southeast Asia
14 Australia
15 Brazil
16 Middle East
17 Africa

Browse the report at

Split by Product Types, with sales, revenue, price, market share of each type, can be divided into
Single-Head Embroidery Machine, and Multi-Head Embroidery Machine

Split by applications, this report focuses on sales, market share and growth rate of Embroidery Machine in each application, can be divided into Household Application, Commercial Application, and Industrial Application.

Major Points from Table of Contents:
1 Embroidery Machine Market Overview
2 Global Embroidery Machine Sales, Revenue (Value) and Market Share by Manufacturers
3 Global Embroidery Machine Sales, Revenue (Value) by Countries, Type and Application (2012-2017)
4 Global Embroidery Machine Manufacturers Profiles/Analysis
5 North America Embroidery Machine Sales, Revenue (Value) by Countries, Type and Application (2012-2017)
6 Latin America Embroidery Machine Sales, Revenue (Value) by Countries, Type and Application (2012-2017)
7 Europe Embroidery Machine Sales, Revenue (Value) by Countries, Type and Application (2012-2017)
8 Asia-Pacific Embroidery Machine Sales, Revenue (Value) by Countries, Type and Application (2012-2017)
9 Middle East and Africa Embroidery Machine Sales, Revenue (Value) by Countries, Type and Application (2012-2017)
10 Embroidery Machine Manufacturing Cost Analysis
11 Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers
12 Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders
13 Market Effect Factors Analysis
14 Global Embroidery Machine Market Forecast (2017-2022)
15 Research Findings and Conclusion
16 Appendix

This report studies Drill Chucks in Global market, especially in United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, India, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, Brazil, Middle East and Africa, focuses on the top Manufacturers in each country, covering ROHM, Weida, Jacobs Chuck, Sanou Machinery, LFA Industries, Chum Power, Yukiwa, Albrecht, Wollschlager, Chaoli, KOMET GROUP, Kennametal, Ann Way Machine Tools, Leitz, Bried, Llambrich, Vertex Machinery Works, Glacern Machine Tools, Garant, Evermore Machine, BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling, and Bison Bial

Browse the report on Global Drill Chucks Market at .

Split by Product Types, with sales, revenue, price, market share of each type, can be divided into
Key-type Drill Chucks, Keyless Drill Chucks, and Self-tightening Drill Chucks

Split by applications, this report focuses on sales, market share and growth rate of Drill Chucks in each application, can be divided into Machine Tool, and Electric Power Tool

Browse more reports on Machinery Market:
1. 2017 Top 5 Embroidery Machine Manufacturers in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa: The report is Split by Product Types (Single-Head Embroidery Machine and Multi-Head Embroidery Machine) and applications (Household Application, Commercial Application and Industrial Application). Browse the full report at .

2. Global Drill Rigs Market Professional Survey 2016 Industry Trend and Forecast 2021: This 2016 market research report on Global Drill Rigs Market Professional Survey is a meticulously undertaken study. Experts with proven credentials and a high standing within the research fraternity have presented an in-depth analysis of the subject matter, bringing to bear their unparalleled domain knowledge and vast research experience. Read the complete report at .

3. 2017 Top 5 Commercial Vehicle Axles Manufacturers in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa: The report is Split by Product Types (Medium or heavy duty vehicle axle and Other Commercial Vehicle Axles ) and by applications (Light Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle and Off-Highway). Read the full report at .

About Us:
Orbis Research ( is a single point aid for all your market research requirements. We have vast database of reports from the leading publishers and authors across the globe. We specialize in delivering customized reports as per the requirements of our clients. We have complete information about our publishers and hence are sure about the accuracy of the industries and verticals of their specialization. This helps our clients to map their needs and we produce the perfect required market research study for our clients.

Hector Costello
Orbis Research
+1 (214) 884-6817
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BT Cotton Market 2016 – Global Research Methodology, Market Dynamics, Key Players, Segmentation and Forecast Report 2021

Global Bt Cotton Market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of XX.XX% over the period 2016 to 2021. Bt cotton plants contain Bacillus

PUNE, INDIA, January 17, 2017 / — Global Bt Cotton Market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of XX.XX% over the period 2016 to 2021. Bt cotton plants contain Bacillus thuringiensis that produces Cryproteins (crystal insecticidal proteins). These proteins are effective in killing caterpillar pests of cotton such as the larvae of tobacco budworms and bollworms. Growing need for reduction in worker and environmental exposure to chemical insecticides is one of the key drivers of global Bt cotton market. Recently, there has been a decline in the technology fee as well as the seed cost for Bt cotton, thereby positively impacting the market growth worldwide.

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High investment in R&D activities to develop new genes for insertion into cotton plant DNA for improving agronomic traits and pest control characteristics will provide a great opportunity for the expansion of global Bt cotton market in the next five years. Moreover, the high cost of insecticidal control of certain caterpillar pests will propel the growth of global Bt cotton market.

Geographically, North America holds the largest market share while the APAC region is anticipated to witness the fastest regional market growth during the forecast period. This growth is majorly attributed to expanding Bt cotton market in India due to unfavorable weather conditions coupled with high demand for cotton, especially by the emerging handloom industry. Furthermore, use of Bt cotton plants raises the disposable incomes and save the time of farmers, thereby bolstering the market growth. However, the growth of Bt cotton market will be restrained by factors such as low effectiveness of the Bt gene after a few days and ineffectiveness against sucking pests (aphids, jassids, whitefly, etc.)

By Now @

Research Methodology

The first section of the report deals with detailed research methodology for calculating market size and forecasts, secondary data sources used and the primary inputs which were taken for data validation. This section also outlines various segmentations which have been covered as part of the report.

Market Dynamics

Next section provides comprehensive market dynamics through an overview section along with growth drivers, challenges, and opportunities which exist in the current market. This section of the report also provides supplier and industry outlook as a whole; key industry, global and regional regulations which are determining the market growth and a brief technological aspect of Bt Cotton. Complete industry analysis has also been covered by Porter’s five forces model as a part of this report section.


Thirdly, Global Bt cotton market has been segmented by geography as Americas, Europe Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. Important countries for vendors in terms of market size are covered through detailed geographical segmentation.

Market Players

Finally, competitive intelligence section deals with major players in the market, their market shares, growth strategies, products, financials, and recent investments among others.

1. Introduction

2. Research Methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Dynamics

4.1. Market Overview and Segmentations

4.2. Drivers

4.3. Restraints

4.4. Opportunities

4.5. Supplier Outlook

4.6. Industry Outlook

4.7. Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis

4.8. Industry Value Chain Analysis

4.9. Industry Regulations

4.10. Scenario Analysis

5. Bt Cotton Market Forecast by Geography (US$ billion)

5.1. Americas

5.1.1. USA

5.1.2. Brazil

5.1.3. Mexico

5.1.4. Others

5.2. Europe Middle East and Africa

5.2.1. Germany

5.2.2. Italy

5.2.3. Mozambique

5.2.4. Others

5.3. Asia Pacific

5.3.1. China

5.3.2. India

5.3.3. Pakistan

5.3.4. Others

6. Competitive Intelligence

6.1. Market Share of Key Players

6.2. Investment Analysis

6.3. Recent Deals

6.4. Strategies of Key Players

7. Company Profiles


Access Complete Report @

Norah Trent
+1 646 845 9349 / +44 208 133 9349
email us here

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Fabric Care Market 2016 India Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, and Forecast to 2021

India Fabric Care Market 2016 Analysis and Forecast to 2021

PUNE, INDIA, January 17, 2017 / — This report gives an in-depth analysis of fabric care market in India which includes fabric whiteners (blue) and fabric conditioners (softener). Globally, Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing market and the growth is driven by prospering economies, increasing disposable incomes, and improving lifestyles translating into trade ups from cheaper mass brands into premium categories. India and China, in particular, are anticipated to register impressive growth in the coming years, supported by the expanding urban population and growing per capita spending on household supplies and products. The one compliment which every Indian housewife craves is earning the respect and appreciation of the family by providing a solution that helps them enhance the life of delicate clothes. Due to such societal custom, fabric whiteners are already popular among consumers.
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According to “India Fabric Care Market Outlook, 2021”, the overall market for fabric care is growing with more than 9% CAGR from last five years. The market is further expected to grow with double digits in the next five years. Fabric care is broadly divided into two segments namely fabric whiteners and fabric conditioners. Fabric whiteners dominate market revenues whereas fabric conditioners have less contribution to the overall fabric care industry. Various companies in the industry include Jyothy Laboratories, Godrej, Wipro, HUL, Dabur, Marico and Reckitt Benckiser. Ujala, from Jyothy Laboratories is the prominent brand in the fabric whitener market, along with Rin (HUL) and Robin Blue (Reckitt Benckiser). Fabric whiteners have become more popular in rural areas and are registering more growth as compared to urban as urban consumers are now upgrading to premium detergents which do not require any additional whitener. Hence, rural market will be the next focus of fabric whitening manufacturers in the forecast period.
Fabric conditioners are already growing in double digits from last five years and the market is further anticipated to register robust CAGR in the forecast period. Ezee and Genteel from Godrej, Vanish from Reckitt Benckiser, Comfort from HUL, Safewash from Wipro, Bambi from Dabur and Revive from Marico are the major brands operating in this category. Urban markets are the chief target for fabric conditioner manufacturers in India, however rural market is also expected to outperform. The category will see fast adoption in its preliminary stage of rural market. Detergent manufacturers, who are planning to diversify, are also focusing more on this category rather than fabric whiteners.
Key Segment
• Fabric Whitener/Blue
• Fabric Conditioner/Softener
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Key points in table of content
1. Executive Summary
2. Global Fabric Care Market Outlook
3. India Fabric Care Market Outlook
3.1. Market Size By Value
3.2. Market Share
3.2.1. By Company
3.2.2. By Brand
3.2.3. By Segment
3.3. India Fabric Whitener/Blue Market Outlook
3.3.1. Market Size By Value
3.3.2. Market Share By Brand By Demographic Area
3.4. India Fabric Conditioner/Softener Market Outlook
3.4.1. Market Size By Value
3.4.2. Market Share By Brand By Demographic Area
3.5. Product, Price and Variant Analysis
3.5.1. Fabric Whitener/Blue
3.5.2. Fabric Conditioner/Softener
4. India Economic Snapshot
5. Raw Material
6. Manufacturing Process
7. Channel Partner Analysis
8. India Fabric Care Market Dynamics
8.1. Key Drivers
8.2. Key Challenges
9. Recent Developments
10. Competitive Landscape
10.1. Porters Five Forces
10.2. Company Profiles
10.2.1. Hindustan Unilever Limited
10.2.2. Jyothy Laboratories Limited
10.2.3. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.
10.2.4. Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd.
10.2.5. Marico Limited
10.2.6. Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting Ltd.
10.2.7. Pidilite Industries Limited
10.2.8. Dabur India Limited
11. Strategic Recommendations
12. Disclaimer
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Source: EIN Presswire

Unicorn Utopia launches to pierce unicorn onesie trend

unicorn onesie

unicorn onesie

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unicorn tshirts

Online store Unicorn Utopia has launched with a bid to take over the world of unicorn stuff, with a focus on goods like unicorn onesies, costumes and more.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 13, 2017 / — Online store Unicorn Utopia has launched with a bid to take over the world of unicorn stuff, with a focus on goods like unicorn onesies, unicorn costumes and more.

The store has been established with a stock of over 100 cool items with a plan to expand the range even more.

The store also has a range of phone cases, sweatshirts and unicorn onesies, and is exploring new item avenues to delight its customers.

“We know that there are plenty of people out there who believe in unicorns, so we are planning to make them happier with our goods!”, said CEO Claire Margbille.

The store has promised to provide its customers with reasonable prices and free worldwide shipping.

“The trend is going global, into the US, UK and Japan,” so we wanted to develop a global outlook for our unicorn stuff store!”, she adds.

There a loads of cool tshirts and sweatshirts aimed at teens or women, so there are no age limits on loving and living the unicorn life, added the store CEO.

There is also a range of home and garden materials because people increasingly want to embed this trends into their decor and in each of their rooms.

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Unicorn Utopia
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Source: EIN Presswire