Booty Bands introduce 3 new products as part of their new apparel line BootyFit

booty bands introduced 3 new products

Booty Bands in their aim to helping women transform launch their new apparel line which includes leggings, a sports bra and a one piece monokini bikini

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2018 / — California: Booty Bands, a program dedicated to helping women become better versions of themselves through building more self-love, has gone ahead and introduced their new apparel line – BootyFit. As part of the new line which will include Booty Accentuating leggings, a comfy scrunch sports bra and the hottest piece of clothing in the summer will be a one piece monokini bikini that has eight ways that you can wear it!

The following products will be made available in different variations of sizes, small, medium, large, and XL. In a statement that was released along with the announcement, the company Booty Bands® is of the firm belief that the new apparel line has been designed and crafted keeping in mind the demands of modern day styling as many women would prefer to wear something that not only looks good, allows a comfortable feel while working out in them, and also provides an easy going fitting which makes them feel more confident about themselves and their bodies.

As part of the new line, the 1st item to be rolled out will be the Mermaid Curve Leggings, which are designed to accentuate the curves, by both lifting and shaping the booty. These leggings have been crafted in a manner that they provide a smooth look while the added “scrunch” in the fabric makes the curves really stand out. All in all, it can be easily said that these leggings are a perfect fit for any women’s gym attire, experienced and newbies both.

The 2nd item on the list is the sports bra which is made of light, breathable and supportive fabric. The overall look and feel of the bra has been described as comfortable to wear and not at all restrictive – something most women would love to have as part of their workout clothes because comfort is the considered as a top priority as far as gym attire is concerned.

The last addition to the much talked about apparel line is the one piece Monokini Bikini which is not only sexy and supportive but also serves many different purposes. An amazing creation of masterclass design as the bikini can be adjusted into eight different types of designs which you can use to really show off, and accents a women’s feminine curves with different combinations of styles and looks while you’re heading to the beach to spend a little you time on your own.

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Source: EIN Presswire