What’s in Your Air? Lead Exposure Testing with the Aero Select

Worker in a factory

ANCON Team in Canterbury

Lead is a cumulative toxicant that affects multiple body systems and is known to cause severe health problems

Lead is a cumulative toxicant that affects multiple body systems and is particularly harmful to young children.”

— Dr Robert Muir – ANCON Technologies

CANTERBURY, KENT, UK, October 31, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lead is a cumulative toxicant that affects multiple body systems and is known to cause severe health problems, especially to children, and its enduring use in industries such as manufacturing, recycling and even cosmetics continues to be reported each day. Aiming to raise awareness of the public health dangers of lead exposure and reawaken the call to eliminate the use of lead in manufacturing and consumer products, the WHO recently conducted a campaign of International Lead Poisoning Prevention [http://www.who.int/ipcs/lead_campaign/objectives/en/; addressing the estimated 540,000 deaths and 13.9 million years lost to disability and death due to long-term health effects of lead exposure.

It is with this public health objective in mind that instruments such as ANCON’s Aero Select http://www.ancontechnologies.com/products/aero-select-portable-wide-range-aerosol-sampler/ become vital to researchers in detecting and preventing exposure of this unassuming metal. By identifying previously unknown nanoparticles in order to adapt and improve occupational health measures, the portable, wide range aerosol sampler created by this innovative company has already been successfully used in lead exposure studies, not only providing long-term health benefits to workers but also saving livelihoods through identification of best practice for financial outlay within the companies at risk of the dramatic effects of this dangerous metal.

Lead is a cumulative toxicant that affects multiple body systems and is particularly harmful to young children. Distributed throughout the body, lead is stored in the teeth and bones, and during pregnancy, it is released from bones into the bloodstream and becomes a source of exposure to the developing foetus. There is no known level of lead exposure that is considered safe. However, lead exposure is detectable and therefore preventable.

Some sources of environmental contamination include mining, smelting, manufacturing and recycling activities, and, in some countries, the continued use of leaded paint, gasoline and aviation fuel. More than three-quarters of global lead consumption is for the manufacture of lead-acid batteries for motor vehicles. Lead is, however, also used in many other products, such as jewellery, toys and in some cosmetics and traditional medicines. Even drinking water may contain lead when delivered through lead pipes.

Lead particles range in size and can be deposited and expelled through the respiratory system (mucociliary escalator) but also absorbed straight into the bloodstream. The latter fraction of airborne particles cause the adverse health effects associated with exposure and this is precisely where ANCON’s Aero Select is designed to aid the investigation. The unit’s size-resolved sampling technique was employed to characterize nanoparticles at workplaces at several plants involved in lead processing with results published in the Aerosol and Air Quality Research (AAQR) journal [http://www.aaqr.org/doi/10.4209/aaqr.2013.02.0039].

Aerosol size distributions of lead were obtained across the entire aerosol particle size range from 1 nm to 30 μm. Size distributions were used to calculate the total lead intake due to particle deposition in the respiratory system of workers and it was found that nanoparticles cause the major health risk due to high deposition efficiency and low clearance rate by the upper respiratory system.

Lead exposure can have serious consequences for the health of children. At high levels, lead attacks the brain and central nervous system to cause coma, convulsions and even death. Children who survive severe lead poisoning may be left with mental retardation and behavioural disorders. The neurological and behavioural effects of lead are believed to be irreversible.

Encouragingly, the successful phasing out of leaded gasoline in most countries, together with other lead control measures, has resulted in a significant decline in population-level blood lead concentrations. There are now only 3 countries that continue to use leaded fuel. However, as of 30 September 2018, only 36% of countries have confirmed that they have legally binding controls on the production, import, sale and use of lead paints, showing the desperate need for greater awareness of the dangers of exposure.

Further information:
World Health Organisation Lead Poisoning Fact Sheet: http://www.who.int/en/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/lead-poisoning-and-health
ANCON Technologies Lead Exposure Testing: http://www.ancontechnologies.com/air-quality/case-studies/lead-exposure-testing/

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The Job Auction: Work On Your Terms

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 31, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Consider what you assume 'The Job Auction' to be for a second and ten times out of ten, its chief function will be obvious. It’s a website concerned with auctioning jobs.

It’s a notion so straightforward it mystifies the mind when you consider that it’s the first site of its kind. That isn’t to say, however, that The Job Auction shies away from its honest categorisation as a jobs board. Recruiters can post jobs with frozen salaries and working hours and sift through applicants in a similar manner to most garden variety jobsites, thus removing the need for negotiation.

Nevertheless, the site’s elevation above its competitors comes from the idiosyncratic appeal of auctions themselves. To understand why auctions are timeless is to understand how The Job Auction’s potential is boundless. The site actively promotes negotiations with both the prospective employee and employer able to agree on a price and then hash out the specifics once the gavel is down.

Users are also able to auction themselves, advertising their skill sets to those that require those skills for contracted employment. This role-reversal demonstrates how interchangeable the parts are on this site are and is emblematic of The Job Auction’s fluidity, with buyer becoming seller and vice versa.

Available in 27 countries (as of writing this), it should come as no surprise that this brand intends to be a global success. It’s this reach that attracts some simply to market their business through the site. Simply another way The Job Auction is a jack-of-all-trades and the quintessential modern professional’s jobsite.

Be it a skill, job or career, it can be auctioned, bid for and bought by anyone. Users can even advertise specific tasks, reducing the money one may have to commit whilst concurrently managing the time of the worker. An exceptional tool for freelancers particularly, the Tasks option is an efficient and relatively new addition to the site, proving TJA’s willingness to evolve.

There is a sense as one navigates the site, that the power has been bestowed fully to The JA’s users. Communicative tools like private messaging allow this marketplace of jobs to flourish. Participation itself seems to heighten business acumen as the agreement you reach is a product of the user’s willingness to bid and engage with other users.

TJA offers sufficient aid in the form of their CV Clinic where those using the site can tweak their CVs under the gentle and easy-to-use tutelage of the site itself.

It became apparent as I traversed and scouted the plethora of options each auction comes with and how personalised the whole site feels. Professionally speaking, if you know what you want, The Job Auction gives you a platform to go and get it.

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The Job Auction

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Crown Goose Duvet: Steps to Creating a Light and Bright Bedroom

We craft your sleep with the finest goose down and fabrics from around the world.

Discover new collections from Crown Goose.

Certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100 – class I

Luxury Goose Down Bedding

At CROWN GOOSE 'Deep Sleep' is our task and mission.”

— Crown Goose

DOWNEY, CA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Some people spend their lives planning their ultimate wedding day. While there is a lot of excitement surrounding your perfect day, the real magic comes afterwards. Building a home and a life together can be both exhilarating and challenging. Matching china patterns to textiles while simultaneously trying to incorporate each other’s sense of style can be a point of contention for any new coupling. However, there is one part of your new nest that you and your partner can count on. The best goose down bedding can make all the difference to your newlywed life.

Why Crown Goose Bedding?

Nothing can welcome you into your new home and life better than a bedding set that is premium in comfort and luxury. This is one of the many reasons why Crown Goose Bedding is the perfect place for you the lay your head at night. Make your house a home with a goose duvet that is not only cozy during the winter but also during the hotter months. When it comes to quality, you will be willfully impressed to know that a Crown Goose comforter is made with only the best materials directly from Poland. You are guaranteeing yourself a night of comfort, stability and warmth when you choose the right goose down bedding for your bed. Here are just a few of the reasons why topping off your bed with Crown Goose Bedding will ensure that you have the most luxurious place to rest:

100% Natural

You can rest easy knowing that your goose down duvet is made with only the naturally best goose down filling. This means that there is no fluff or unneeded polyester fillers for your dream bed. Crown Goose bedding features 100% natural goose down filling wrapped in a cover of 100% natural cotton. You can sleep easy knowing that your paradise comforter is free of harmful substances. This means that you can enjoy perfectly uninterrupted sleep surrounded by natural comfort.
It isn’t only the all-natural materials that will bring you great comfort either. You will love how Crown Goose carefully produces and tests their high-quality goose bedding. The 100% natural goose feathers have been properly cleaned and prepared. This not only insures that your goose duvet will last for years and years to come, it will also make your premium bedding feel like new each time you use it, no matter how many times it makes the rounds through the wash and rinse cycle.

Design and Comfort

When it comes to quality and comfort, your marital bed is safe with Crown Goose down comforters. Luckily, when you choose Crown Goose for your bedding needs, you not only can come to expect amazing comfort. This is because Crown Goose meticulously tests their products so that you know you will be getting only the best. But, why take their word for it? Crown Goose down comforters and bedding are all highly rated and regarded as some of the best in the business. You won’t feel like you’re sleeping on any ordinary bedding either. This is because Crown Goose bedding is the perfect mixture of classic comfort and quality with modern styling and feel. This quality control can be seen throughout their bedding line right down to the precise way that the products are stiches and manufactured.
While Crown Goose is in a league of their own when it comes to comfort, they have made it a point to ensure that their products play well with others. This is especially evident when you see the special hoops and loops that comes with most Crown goose duvets and covers. These loops are perfectly placed at the four corners of your bedding as well as are located along the sides for perfect compatibility with other high-quality bedding products. This is just another way that Crown Goose has promised complete satisfaction with any of their award-winning products.

Crown Package

The Crown Package is a great starter kit for any new home. With this perfectly selected package you will receive:
-1 Duvet
-Pillows (full, queen, king and twin)
-Duvet cover (full, queen, skin size depending on preference)
-Pillow covers
-1 Topper, including flat sheet

One of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to purchasing packaged deals is the lack of selection. Having selection gives people a chance to showcase some of their own personal creativity and style. This is also a way to customize your sleep experience. At Crown Goose, they believe that being able to customize your bedding is an important part of finding the perfect bedding. This is why they allow you to choose your own style of duvet based on your persona comfort levels. This is just another way that Crown Goose has helped to ensure that you will be completely happy with your selection. You can choose your perfect duvet based on how hot you are your partner run during sleep. You get the choice of cool, medium, warm and very warm. This way you can sure that you are comfortable all year round. Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than sleeping in a bed that feels like a heat trap in the summer and an igloo in the winter.

JS Lee
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Crown Goose Bedding: The Perfect Wedding Gift

Sopor Collection – The Classic Aesthetic of Charm

Cordon Collection – Progression of Perfect Symmetry

Jardin Collection – Explore Diverse Jardin

Keeping warm with goose down duvets

We make sleep extraordinary.”

— Crown Goose

DOWNEY, CA, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Perfect Wedding Gift

Do you have that one family member who is stuck when it comes to what to get you and your partner for the start of your new life together? Not only do Crown Goose duvet sets make the perfect addition to any new home, they also are the absolute best gift to both give and receive. This is especially true since Crown Goose offers amazing wedding packages. These top-of-the-line sets come with a high-quality goose duvet, duvet cover, mattress cover, dual pillow cases and a topper for comfort. This one stop shop for bedding has everything you need to sink into your new life together with ease. This also takes the guesswork out trying to match your bedding with your comfort. The best part about these specialty sets is that they are perfect for all seasons. Whether the sun is high in the sky or the ground covered in snow, with a Crown Goose duvet set; you are in good hands.

One important thing to note about Crown Goose bedding is that it is often the first choice for bedding for many luxurious hotels around the globe. Most of them time when we dream about that amazing vacation we once took, we are really relishing on the amazing sleep we had. Most of the credit is due to the luxurious bed that temporarily called home. Crown Goose bedding is exactly the type of bedding that you can expect to see in not only high-class hotels but also private planes and yachts. Crown Goose bedding can even be found at five-star hotel chains including the Sheraton Hotel and the Grand Hilton Hotel. So, rest easy knowing that the goose down bedding you have chosen is the same one that is so highly revered across the luxury travel community.

No need to worry when it comes to shipping and portability either! Crown Goose ensures that all of their products and packages will be conveniently and safely shipped right to your home. You can even build your own package deals so that you can cut down on not only shipping costs but waste as well. All of Crown Goose products are perfectly packages in strong and sturdy boxes which will help to keep your bedding neat and safe during shipping. You can be assured to know that Crown Goose checks all deliveries for quality purposes and makes sure that all deliveries meet their high standards.

Which Bedding Should You Choose?

Perhaps more importantly than deciding on what brand of bedding works best for you, is choosing which product package works best for your life and comfort. Luckily for you, there is a great wedding package that are designed perfectly for your new home. Here is top package deal that will not only fill all of your bedding needs, but will also save you some money. This deal is so good that they have been featured on The Knot which is registry that has been selectively tailored to newlyweds.

Wedding Package

Perhaps the most popular package deal for newlyweds is the properly named “Wedding Package”. This is not only the best deal for you to get everything you need for your ideal bed, but also gives you even more chances to customize the way you and your partner sleep at night. With this popular package you will receive:
– Duvet (1)
– Pillows (2)
– Duvet Cover set
– Topper (Included one flat sheet)
– Fitted sheet
– European Pillow Shams (3)

With the Wedding Package, you will also be able to choose one of the award-winning goose down duvets by selecting cool, medium, warm or very warm. Along with that, you will also be able to customize the styling of your bedding with the choice of 7 different styling options. This package is perfect for creating that heavenly bed you always dreamed of.

Wrap Yourself in Comfort

When you choose Crown Goose bedding, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for quality. Crown Goose appreciates your high standards and pristine design eye. The thought and care that you put into your new home should be meet with the same standards from the products you select for your ideal home. With Crown Goose down products, you are sure to turn your house into a home. Now, you no longer have to sacrifice value for quality either! While the package deals alone are a great way to save money, Crown Goose is offering a discount code for new customers. All you need to do is use the code 2018FIRSTORDER at checkout and receive 10% your entire order. There has never been a better time than now to build that perfect oasis of a bed. So, get out there and tackle the rest of your to-do list because now you have the perfect place to recharge at the end of the day.

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International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) Opens Applications for Scholarship

$2,500 annual scholarship accepting applications through November 15, 2018

The annual scholarship in the amount of $2,500 is open to all college undergraduate students preferably enrolled in majors geared toward a Safety and Health career”

— Charles Johnson, President

ALEXANDRIA, VA, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Charles Johnson, President of the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) is proud to announce applications are being accepted for the $2,500 annual Daniel K. Shipp Scholarship. Mr. Johnson and ISEA recognize the ambition, drive and dedication of those entering the Health and safety field. They also know the expenses associated in choosing this educational and career path. ISEA, actively working to enhance the field and entry of college students into the fields of occupational health and safety, developed the Daniel K. Shipp Scholarship Fund in 2017.

ISEA instituted the Daniel K. Shipp Scholarship as a legacy program to encourage new generations to enter the Safety and Health profession, and to help defray educational costs to eligible candidates as they pursue a career in the field of environmental and occupational health and safety. It was created to recognize the contribution that Mr. Shipp has made to ISEA and the safety and health of American workers during his 25 years as President of ISEA.

Mr. Shipp established ISEA as the “Voice of the Safety Equipment Industry.” He skillfully melded the hard work of ISEA members, to develop and implement the association’s benchmark of standards making, government relations and knowledge-sharing strategies. The positive impact on the industry is undeniable, and the health and life-saving impact for workers is inspirational. Mr. Shipp has rightfully established himself as a pillar of this industry.

The annual scholarship in the amount of $2,500 is open to all college undergraduate students preferably enrolled in majors geared toward a Safety and Health career, (such as, but not limited to, Environmental Science, Fire Protection, Health Physics, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Safety) who are currently registered as full-time students in North America. A full-time student is one who is carrying 12 credit hours per semester, trimester or quarter. Applicants must have at least one full year of study remaining in their degree program students who share our vision to protect others.

This scholarship is awarded based on academic and extra-curricular achievement and financial need, and the recipients are selected by an independent review panel unaffiliated with the ISEA. Interested applicants can download an application form at https://safetyequipment.org/resources/isea-scholarship-fund/daniel-k-shipp-scholarship/, review the required information and the selection criteria or got to the ISEA website and click from the links below in the “Scholarship Resources” section. Completed application package must be digitally postmarked by 11:59 pm, November 15, 2018 and sent to DKS2018@veer90.com.

ISEA is the association for personal protective equipment and technologies – equipment and systems that enable people to work in hazardous environments. For more than 75 years, ISEA has set the standard for personal protective technologies, supporting the interests of its member companies who are united in the goal of protecting the health and safety of people worldwide.

ISEA is a recognized leader in the development of safety equipment standards, in the U.S. and around the world. It works with Congress and government agencies to consult with policy makers whose decisions affect the industry. It is a forum for information sharing and industry action, providing market insight and advocating for the use of personal safety equipment to keep workers safe.

Tanya Bronson
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Acuitive Solutions Founder and CEO Set to Speak at Major Logistics, Footwear Industry Conferences This Week

Chief Logistician Phil Marlowe shares insights on key global freight trends at JOC Inland Transportation, Footwear Distributors and Retailers Conferences

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Acuitive Solutions, which provides cloud-based software for complex international transportation management to the world's best-known retailers, announced that Phil Marlowe, founder and CEO, will present key industry insights as a speaker at two major industry conferences this week.

Today, Monday, October 22, Marlowe, Acuitive’s chief logistician, will discuss current trends and developments, and technology’s increasingly critical role in global air freight pricing and capacity management. The Future of Air Freight panel, part of the FDRA’s annual conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach, begins at 10:25 a.m.

The FDRA’s annual three-day meeting is the longest-running and largest footwear conference of its kind in the U.S. It draws nearly 200 of the industry’s top footwear executives, traffic and distribution specialists, customs experts and service providers. The event is focused on learning from, and connecting with, industry leaders, experts and service providers. The full agenda can be viewed here.

On Wednesday, October 24, Marlowe joins a panel at the Journal of Commerce’s 2018 Inland Distribution Conference in Oak Brook, IL. The discussion, starting at 9:45 a.m., is titled “What Problems Can Technology Really Solve.” In this interactive forum, the panel will address questions from shippers about the most severe challenges and problems they face in their North American supply chains, inviting panel members to propose how they would solve them.

Technology providers will then face a panel of shipper judges in the first of a two-part “innovation jam” to discuss proposed solutions selected by shippers before the conference. Attendees will hear about a cross-section of the most promising logistics technology, and the judging panel will vote on the solution that most convincingly resolves the pain point it addresses, with the winner announced at the end of the jam. More information about the JOC Inland Distribution Conference, being held at the Doubletree by Hilton Chicago in Oak Brook, can be found here.

ABOUT ACUITIVE SOLUTIONS — Charlotte, NC-based Acuitive Solutions deploys a cloud-native global TMS platform that helps reduce cost and bring unprecedented efficiency and responsiveness to global supply chain management operations. Founded in 2002, Acuitive has built a portfolio of integrated, Web-based software tools and workflows that facilitate real-time collaboration and provide an extraordinary degree of control and agility for businesses, their local and global service providers and suppliers to manage the complex process of international air and ocean freight shipping. Acuitive serves leading companies in the home improvement center, premium fashion, retail, home and office décor and apparel markets. Our focus is on what we do best: superior, truly global transportation management solutions. For more information, call (704) 321-4992, email us at info@acuitivesolutions.com, or visit us on the web at www.acuitivesolutions.com

Gary N Frantz
Acuitive Solutions
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Linda Sepeda of Violet's Valentines to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Shopping for bras and bathing suits is an experience that most women dread. Even with stores filled with these items, many women can’t find anything to fit. One of the first things many women do after coming home is take off their bra.

Linda Sepeda is the founder and owner of Violet’s Valentines. Her mission is to eliminate the frustration and discomfort.

“Wearing a well-fitting bra is important for every woman,” says Linda. “Your outer clothing fits better, which can provide a boost in confidence, and also in how others perceive you.”

Linda took a professional bra fitting class for custom bra makers after dealing for several years with the asymmetry caused by a mastectomy, even after having had reconstruction. She had been sewing since junior high school and decided to make bras for herself. She discovered that she was far from alone! Of the four basic body types, as far as bra fitting goes, only one is well-represented in the commercial bra market. She was inspired to start her business using her skills to help anyone who wants a comfortable, well-fitting bra. She has since taken additional courses to design and create mastectomy bras and prostheses.

“A custom bra provides proper support that can avoid future back issues for women who wear a large cup size,” says Linda. “It can also avoid other uncomfortable or painful conditions, such as a wire that pokes them, sometimes to the point where a scar is created. Using the straps to provide support can affect circulation. Eighty percent of the support should come from the band and lower cup.”

Creating a properly fitting bra requires meticulous work. At least three fittings are required to achieve perfection. Linda does bra fittings at the client’s home, using a set of tester bras to determine the proper cup volume, breast diameter, and back band. Then the required customizations are noted. Very few women are completely symmetrical. Some have health issues that cause more obvious asymmetry, or may need more extreme design changes.

A trial custom bra is created, incorporating all the customizations. The fit of that bra is fine-tuned before the final bra is made.

Because of all the time and work required, a custom bra starts at $300, with a $50 from the fitting fee, bringing the cost to $250.

Linda says, “This often sounds outrageously expensive to a prospective client. I ask how many bras have you bought that don’t fit and are just lying uselessly in your lingerie drawer. If the woman can go into a store and buy a bra, then she doesn’t need my services unless she needs a very special design, but of course I will make her a bra if she wants one. Once that first bra is made, they can request another just by a phone call, text, or email. The cost is $250 if no design changes are requested, and I still deliver them personally. Design changes, such as lace, a plunge front, or a strapless bra, can be made, and the resulting bras fit as well as the original.”

“Most people are unaware that custom bras exist, and confuse “custom bra” with bra measurements taken at a store. I build a bra around a client, so the fit is truly unique.” says Linda. “When they try on their first made to measure bra they are thrilled with the beautiful fit, which makes their clothing fit better. Once the bra fits properly, we can design a custom swimsuit that includes a built-in custom bra.”

Linda also teaches classes where women learn to sew their own custom-made bras and finds it rewarding to see the students’ happy faces when they successfully finish their bra.

“Wearing a bra shouldn’t hurt,” says Linda. “I help my clients feel and look better and feel beautiful inside and out.”

CUTV news will feature Linda Sepeda in an interview with Jim Masters on October 19th at 1pm EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have any questions for our guest please call (347) 996-3389

For more information on Linda Sepeda please visit www.violetsvalentines.com

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Crown Goose Art Bedding

A unique art bedding design inspired by the boundlessness of sleep

Crown Goose has been involved in a number of unique art projects and collaborations.

Crown Goose duvet and design collaboration.

Crown Goose displayed its art bedding titled Oblivion at an auction featuring luxury brands, unique paintings/artworks, and rare antique collections.

Crown Goose is more than goose down bedding. It believes in luxury, and luxury should be unique—and what better way to pursue this than art?”

— Crown Goose

DOWNEY, CA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Crown Goose Art Bedding
Project Oblivion displayed at a luxury auction

Crown Goose displayed its art bedding titled Oblivion at an auction featuring luxury brands, unique paintings/artworks, and rare antique collections.

Project Oblivion was planned and organized by the Crown Goose Art Foundation. Although a goose down bedding brand, Crown Goose has been involved in a number of unique art projects and collaborations. Their art projects include installation art such as Vertical Hotel, which displays the ideal luxury bed vertically—offering a new perspective on sleep. Their projects also give rise to new ideas, and in several cases develop into new cover designs.

The auction included historical treasures such as 19th century violins by Emile Mennesson as well as modern and contemporary artworks by various artists. The auction also featured a Swiss made special edition Portofino Chronograph from IWC Schaffhausen. The brand is currently celebrating 150 years of history and excellence.

The Crown Goose art bedding uses royal navy blue as a color base and harmonizes a multitude of colors that act as a metaphor of the wonders and mysteries of sleep. Using translucent silk organza, the batik acrylic painting offers added depth to the display and reflects the boundlessness of sleep. Over 100 hours were used in producing the painting. The mastery of the artist is reflecting in the fluid melding of colors and fine details.

Crown Goose describes its Art Foundation as “projects that create new movements in the world.” According to a representative from their marketing division, “Crown Goose is more than goose down bedding. It believes in luxury, and luxury should be unique—and what better way to pursue this than art?” The marketing representative also mentioned that everyone has “the power to make the life change” through art, and that this is the reason Crown Goose views the artistic in such high regard.

Although a luxury goose down bedding brand, Crown Goose differentiates itself from other bedding brands through unique collaborations with artists and other luxury brands. Project Oblivion was also featured in a collaborative project with Hästens, the official bedding purveyors to Swedish royalty.

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Crown Goose – Luxury Goose Down Bedding

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BriefBuy.com announces the introduction of the Cool Cloze brand, bringing new innovative blends to men’s underwear.

Maybe i shold try something New BreifBuy Cool Cloze men's underwear

Still wearing what your mother bought you in high school?

BriefBuy Cool Cloze Logo for Men's Underwear

Cool Cloze Trendsetting men’s underwear at BriefBuy

BriefBuy.com now offers Cool Cloze men’s underwear brand. The Cool Cloze brand brings new and innovative yarn blends and fabrics to men’s underwear drawers

Cool Cloze offers Luxurious Comfort for Everyday Wear at Every Day Prices”

— Krzyston, President Ready To Buy, LLC

HINSDALE, ILLINOIS, USA, October 16, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brief Buy announced the introduction of Cool Cloze men’s underwear brand. The Cool Cloze brand brings new and innovative yarn blends and fabrics to men’s underwear drawers.

The current Cool Cloze lines offered at BriefBuy.com includes products crafted from Lenzing Modal, Milk Silk and Bamboo Silk. These modern blends are ultra-soft, lightweight, and luxurious on the skin. Also highly air permeating and moisture-wicking – all a perfect fit for men’s underwear. These fantastic fabrics are better known internationally than in the US, but they are becoming more and more popular here because of their great qualities, luxurious feel and advantages over cotton.

One important advantage the have over cotton is that they are more flexible because of a 4-way stretch (vs. the 2-way stretch of Cotton). This 4-Way stretch means that the new materials comfortably stretch – all ways — around contours to create a personalized ‘3-D’ fit. This is unlike traditional underwear which attempts to accommodate all shapes with a handful of standardized sizes.

Modal, Milk Silk and Bamboo Silk also handle moisture better than cotton since they are lighter weight and quicker drying so they don’t hold moisture in the same way cotton does. Their lighter weight also makes them more air permeating, which means they are cooler than cotton.

Cool Cloze selected these materials for the current line at BriefBuy.com in order to bring their luxurious comfort to everyday wear, at every day prices.

BriefBuy.com is owned and operated by Ready To Buy, LLC

Brief Buy
Ready To Buy, LLC
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Westport Big & Tall Gears up for the Holiday 2018 Season with New Luxury Collection

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the busy Holiday season approaches, Westport Big & Tall’s catalog will update its Luxury collection with fresh merchandise and new offerings for the big and tall gentleman. Building on its reputation as a retailer specializing in higher-end extended size menswear, Westport first introduced the Luxury section in its catalog to showcase merchandise that went above and beyond its classic offerings in terms of style, materials, and quality – as well as price.

The original Luxury collection was initially released during the Holiday season of every year, starting right before Thanksgiving and running all the way through Christmas. It featured items such as rich cashmere sweaters, leather and shearling jackets, sportcoats, and some Italian-made dress clothing. It was met with resounding success, and quickly became a mainstay of Westport’s Holiday catalogs in years to come. The Luxury collection’s success seemed to show that there was a void in the big and tall menswear market for top-tier products, which had always been available in regular size stores.

It wasn’t long before Westport’s Luxury section was expanded to showcase products all throughout the year in the spring, summer, and fall. The Spring and Summer Luxury sections still featured the best of the best in extended size menswear, but were now updated to include the relevant styles for warm weather wear such as swimsuits, lighter-weight knits, and short-sleeved sportshirts. The merchandise collections were also updated to feature brighter color palettes to match the vibrant fashion that the warm weather season is known for.

Along with expanding to offer top-tier merchandise all year long, Westport created its own private-label luxury brand: Westport Black. This line was conceived and specially curated by Westport’s buyers to offer products that mainstream vendors did not carry in extended sizes due to manufacturing minimums or general risk aversion on the design and financial sides of the business. The success of the Westport Black label proved that there was indeed great demand for upper-tier goods within the big and tall marketplace.

Westport’s knowledge of its customers’ discerning tastes gave it the expertise to be able to implement a clothing collection for the luxury buyer. Throughout the years, Westport’s buyers have gained plenty of experience with different product silhouettes, color stories, models, and trim packages – so now they are able to predict what their customers would like to see in their luxury garments. And as always, the general themes of excellent workmanship, creative daring, and exclusivity still apply.

Westport Big & Tall works to provide high-caliber, stylistically relevant, and aesthetically appealing menswear to big and tall customers with discerning tastes. The Holiday 2018 Catalog will be released in mid-October, and the merchandise collections will be available for viewing and purchase on Westport Big & Tall’s website. Please also visit Westport’s Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Instagram for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage, or read the Westport Big & Tall Blog for specialized knowledge and articles pertaining directly to dressing the big and tall gentleman.

By Stephan Belov

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