Westport Big & Tall Gears up for the Holiday 2018 Season with New Luxury Collection

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the busy Holiday season approaches, Westport Big & Tall’s catalog will update its Luxury collection with fresh merchandise and new offerings for the big and tall gentleman. Building on its reputation as a retailer specializing in higher-end extended size menswear, Westport first introduced the Luxury section in its catalog to showcase merchandise that went above and beyond its classic offerings in terms of style, materials, and quality – as well as price.

The original Luxury collection was initially released during the Holiday season of every year, starting right before Thanksgiving and running all the way through Christmas. It featured items such as rich cashmere sweaters, leather and shearling jackets, sportcoats, and some Italian-made dress clothing. It was met with resounding success, and quickly became a mainstay of Westport’s Holiday catalogs in years to come. The Luxury collection’s success seemed to show that there was a void in the big and tall menswear market for top-tier products, which had always been available in regular size stores.

It wasn’t long before Westport’s Luxury section was expanded to showcase products all throughout the year in the spring, summer, and fall. The Spring and Summer Luxury sections still featured the best of the best in extended size menswear, but were now updated to include the relevant styles for warm weather wear such as swimsuits, lighter-weight knits, and short-sleeved sportshirts. The merchandise collections were also updated to feature brighter color palettes to match the vibrant fashion that the warm weather season is known for.

Along with expanding to offer top-tier merchandise all year long, Westport created its own private-label luxury brand: Westport Black. This line was conceived and specially curated by Westport’s buyers to offer products that mainstream vendors did not carry in extended sizes due to manufacturing minimums or general risk aversion on the design and financial sides of the business. The success of the Westport Black label proved that there was indeed great demand for upper-tier goods within the big and tall marketplace.

Westport’s knowledge of its customers’ discerning tastes gave it the expertise to be able to implement a clothing collection for the luxury buyer. Throughout the years, Westport’s buyers have gained plenty of experience with different product silhouettes, color stories, models, and trim packages – so now they are able to predict what their customers would like to see in their luxury garments. And as always, the general themes of excellent workmanship, creative daring, and exclusivity still apply.

Westport Big & Tall works to provide high-caliber, stylistically relevant, and aesthetically appealing menswear to big and tall customers with discerning tastes. The Holiday 2018 Catalog will be released in mid-October, and the merchandise collections will be available for viewing and purchase on Westport Big & Tall’s website. Please also visit Westport’s Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Instagram for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage, or read the Westport Big & Tall Blog for specialized knowledge and articles pertaining directly to dressing the big and tall gentleman.

By Stephan Belov

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