The Dubai based luxury fashion designer ANNA MORGUN will launch her first collection HAUTE CAUTURE

First Ukrainian fashion brand ANNA MORGUN that won the hearts of the most demanding emirati fashionista and celebrities will launch HAUTE COUTURE collection.

KYIV, Украина, December 29, 2018 / — ANNA MORGUN has become one of the first Ukrainian fashion designers who got overwhelming success among emirati fashionista and doesn’t lose her positions until nova days continuing to delight with new collections her most demanding clients. This season Creative Director and Founder of the brand prepared one more terrific statement and announced about launch of the first 20 piece HAUTE COUTURE collection by ANNA MORGUN that will be represented next spring in Dubai.

“I’m blessed and very grateful to Dubai and UAE citizens for their love to my creations. The biggest joy to every fashion designer is to see satisfied eyes of the client when she clothe your dress, that’s why I am as a creative director feel a great responsibility to make these eyes shine brighter. For the past years we’ve been working with many celebrities and tastes of our chosen ones becoming more and more demanding so it makes a sense that the question about creation HAUTE COUTURE is just a matter of time.” designer Comments.

First HAUTE COUTURE collection by ANNA MORGUN will see the world in April 2019.
20 pieces of exclusive dresses with handmade embroidery in combination with luxurious fabrics is already been developing in private studious of the brand in Dubai and Kyiv under the strict secret. Brand representatives promise unforgettable show and totally new ANNA MORGUN.

“The brand exists since 2014, I could never believe that one day I will have a possibility to work with HAUTE COUTURE. This is totally new experience for me as for the fashion designer and a new challenge, because I feel all the responsibility to all our clients. But meantime I’m very happy and grateful to emirati ladies for their choice and inspiration that they give to me as to the creator.” added designer.

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Travel alert! Victim of pickpocketing: Never again with the Truly Innovations Everyday Carry Shirt

The concept came from consulting with those in the everyday carry community who wanted an alternative clothing option specifically designed for their everyday items.”

— David Bowers, Founder & Owner

FRANKLIN, TN, USA, December 14, 2018 / — When you’re traveling for business or leisure, there are certain things you wouldn’t leave home without – your wallet, smartphone, passport, airline or train tickets – maybe even a small reading light, a pair of reading glasses or a phone charger. Those who travel often are at increased risk of being victims of petty crimes like pickpocketing. Tourists and locals alike should be wary of threats to personal space and safety during their commute, whether locally or abroad.

The loss of personal effects and credentials might seem relatively minor, but it can cause serious disruption to your vacation or business trip. In some cases, such thefts can result in confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

David Bowers, a U.S. veteran and former U.S. Department of State security officer, is the founder of Truly Innovations, headquartered in of Franklin, TN. Bowers and his team have developed a solution to keep you and your everyday carry items safe: The Truly Innovations Everyday Carry Shirt.

Truly Innovations has created an entire product line for those seeking a blend of concealment, comfort, accessibility and safety for those everyday carry items we don’t leave home without.

The Everyday Carry Shirt is a more comfortable and concealed option for carrying items such as knives, multitools, flashlights, or even a small handgun. It’s the most versatile everyday carry and anti-pickpocketing shirt on the market.

“The concept came from consulting with those in the everyday carry community who wanted an alternative clothing option specifically designed for their everyday items that would be comfortable and would keep their items accessible – yet wouldn’t scream ‘tactical’,” said Bowers.

Bowers specializes in global security issues and is an advocate for personal security and situational awareness. He noted, “During our market analysis, we found that many people want clothing that blends into their business and casual wardrobe without having to dress around their everyday carry items, use backpacks or shoulder bags or overload their pant pockets. We found that very few clothing options exist today for everyday carry gear, and we’re left having to adapt with traditional apparel. The product was constructed primarily with concealment and comfort in mind and offers tactical function without tactical style.”

The Everyday Carry Shirt, offered in a variety of styles, appears to be a normal button-up shirt on the outside but is constructed with a sewn in, lightweight, patent-pending mesh vest, that includes dual left and right padded pockets that are positioned like shoulder holsters. The front shirt panel includes traditional buttons with two faux buttons for quick and easy access to the pockets.

The pockets are accessible through Velcro flaps for quick access and are connected at the center of the chest with an adjustable connector. In addition to concealment, comfort was paramount in the design. The “game changer” for this product is the pair of adjustable positioning straps, which allow the user to customize and position the vest pockets in the underarm-torso cavity area that best fits the user’s body type. The product is not a one-size-fits-all and was designed for ultimate comfort while sitting or standing.

The Everyday Carry Shirt is available for order on the web at Truly Innovations maintains an active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube.

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Acuitive Solutions Recognized for Excellence in 100 Great Supply Chain Partners Survey

Company named to annual list compiled by Supply Chain Brain honoring leading technology and service providers

We’re thrilled to be honored with recognition founded in the integrity of our customer’s experience, and how we help them balance advance planning and supply chain agility for global transportation.””

— Phil Marlowe, founder, president and chief logistician, Acuitive Solutions.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, December 13, 2018 / — Acuitive Solutions, which provides cloud-based software for complex international transportation management to the world's best-known retailers, announced that it has been recognized among 100 Great Supply Chain Partners for 2018 by SupplyChainBrain.

The research survey considers hundreds of potential candidates. The annual list of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners features a select group of companies whose customers recognize them for providing outstanding solutions and services. It’s the fourth time that Acuitive has been recognized in the annual survey, which is in its 16th year.

"This recognition is the direct result of a customer stepping up and sharing their experience with our platform, it’s integral role in their supply chain strategy, and the value we deliver,” said Phil Marlowe, founder, CEO and chief logistician of Acuitive Solutions. “We’re thrilled to be honored with an award founded in the integrity of our customer’s experience, and how we help them balance advance planning and supply chain agility for multi-mode international transportation.”

SupplyChainBrain assembles the list after conducting a six-month online poll of supply chain professionals who nominate vendors and service providers whose solutions have made a significant impact on their company's efficiency, customer service and overall supply chain performance.

"For 16 years running, SupplyChainBrain has published our much-anticipated list of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners," said Brad Berger, publisher of SupplyChainBrain. "This year's nominees were competitive and inspiring – coming from all sectors of supply chain management.”

ABOUT ACUITIVE SOLUTIONS — Charlotte, NC-based Acuitive Solutions deploys a cloud-native global TMS platform that helps reduce cost and bring unprecedented efficiency and responsiveness to global supply chain management operations. Founded in 2002, Acuitive has built a portfolio of integrated, Web-based software tools and workflows that facilitate real-time collaboration and provide an extraordinary degree of control and agility for businesses, their local and global service providers and suppliers to manage the complex process of international air and ocean freight shipping. Acuitive serves leading companies in the home improvement center, premium fashion, retail, home and office décor and apparel markets. Our focus is on what we do best: superior, truly global transportation management solutions. For more information, call (704) 321-4992, email us at, or visit us on the web at

Gary N Frantz
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TIDDOX Launches 1000 Sheet 3-Ply Jumbo Paper Towel Roll

Tiddox image

Targets Industrial, Automotive, Painting, Mining, Food & Medical Markets

Introducing the new European manufactured 3-ply 1000 sheet Jumbo Paper Towel Roll”


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, December 11, 2018 / — TIDDOX a leading wipes, cloths and rags specialist, today announced the introduction of its new European manufactured 3-ply 1000 sheet Jumbo Paper Towel Roll, which has applications in the industrial, automotive, painting, printing, mining, food service, hospitality, and medical markets.

The focus of the design and development of this product was to provide professional users with a cost-effective, quality-manufactured paper towel roll incorporating the latest innovative technologies of micro-embossed synchronized lamination. The result is high tech 3-ply, glued wipers that are stronger, more absorbent, tear resistant and have extra wet strength. These features enhance the durability and effectiveness of the paper towels, making them suitable for industrial and commercial cleaning.

Each 350m roll contains 1000 sheets of 3-ply glued micro-embossed mixed cellulose blue wipers (36.5cm width) that are solvent resistant, capable of heavy-duty applications involving oils, grease, lubricants, paints, inks and absorbing other viscous liquids. The rolls are an economical, general purpose solution in workshops and factories, and can be dispensed from either floor or wall metal dispensers.

Due to their near lint-free performance, these non-scratch blue towels can also be used for delicate cleaning tasks such as cleaning glass, polishing sensitive equipment parts and wiping down surfaces.

Given the disposable nature of these single-use towels, they are increasingly popular in hygienic environments to dry hands and clean surfaces, and strong enough not to tear or break apart easily.

With 1000 perforated sheets on each roll, they are a cost-effective, cloth and rag replacement that is more easily transported and stored.

More and more businesses are switching from unhygienic, increasingly expensive cloths and rags, to these cost-effective, disposable wipers. With their good wet strength, high absorbency, tensile strength, and affordability, it is not hard to see the appeal of this product over traditional cloths and rags.

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Source: EIN Presswire introduces New Trendsetting men’s underwear products.

Brief Buy Mens Underwear

Breif Buy Cool Cloze

Brief Buy Cool Cloze Logo for Men's Underwear

Brief Buy Cool Cloze Men’s Underwear

Brief Buy online men’s underwear store is now featuring new trendsetting men’s underwear brands Nth Degree, Bamboo and Cool Cloze.

Bamboo Silk. It’s made from Bamboo, but get that picture of a Panda eating a tough stalky plant out of your mind. Bamboo Silk is soft as a baby Panda’s fur.”

— M. Alexander Krzyston

HINSDALE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2018 / — now features Trendsetting Men’s Underwear from exciting new Brands Cool Cloze, Nth Degree and Bamboo. So what makes these brands so trendsetting?

Fabrics. Cool Cloze and Bamboo use fantastic new fabrics that feel luxurious on your skin, and are healthy too. One of these advanced fabrics is Bamboo Silk, yes, made from Bamboo. The qualities of Bamboo Silk make it perfect for products that go next to skin, like luxury sheets, towels and even clothes soft enough for babies. Bamboo Silk is softer than cotton, breathable, wicking, cool, quick-drying and anti-bacterial, making it ideal for men’s underwear.

Design. The Nth Degree Boxer is a modern take on the traditional Boxer thanks to Nth Degree’s patented Suspension Pouch that delivers great support–and amazing comfort! The perfect balance between support and freedom, the anti-microbial mesh pouch keeps everything where it should be. Nth Degree’s innovative new Boxer design provides the freedom of a Boxer with the support of a Brief.

These brands go beyond traditional cotton to deliver exciting Trendsetting products with awesome new fabrics and designs. BriefBuy is dedicated to giving customers choices from the traditional as well as the new genres of men’s underwear. is owned and operated by Ready to Buy, LLC

Michael Alexander Krzyston
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The Job Auction and the Facilitation of Freedom

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, December 5, 2018 / — As a global brand, The Job Auction knows the importance of freedom and maximising the potential of each of its users and clients when it comes to finding gainful employment is the sole focus. Anticipating the needs of those who choose to use it is what a site like The Job Auction does best.

At its core, it is a jobs board, an online marketplace to barter for work and make connections with other professionals. The Job Auction can be used to host any number of positions from every industry imaginable. You will find what you want as long as you know what you want.

The site provides freedom for its users to achieve in any sense they want. The platform is there to make sure that any limits are set only by the users themselves. The role of the auctioneer is, in a sense, rendered pointless on this platform. There is no mediating force that tells you what you can and cannot bid for or accept. It’s all down to you.

Posting listings for tasks or even advertising your own skills are free for the first two weeks and the packages you can pick are made specifically to cater for the needs of everyone economically. Non-profits can list themselves and whichever tasks or jobs they would like for free, now and forever because The Job Auction doesn’t believe in making a profit out of non-profits.

The levels of influence and therefore aid you can get from The Job Auction team is entirely up to you, meaning freedom to achieve is on offer as is freedom from constraints.

The CV Clinic, a place where you can have a team of experts advise you on how to tweak your CV for public consumption and the blog and its multiple articles on every nook and cranny of the jobs market are there for any advice you might need before venturing off into the world of job auctioning.

The way TJA defines its options is also a critical component to its success. The options of ‘Tasks’ and ‘Skill Auction’ make it so the pathways are widened and what constitutes work is entirely up to the user. The other users can then bid on the auction. The prime selling point of the platform is that with an auction nobody goes any higher or any lower than they are willing to go. Nobody is strong-armed into doing something they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Just like a regular jobs site, employers can fix the rate at which they are willing to pay and as such the functions users are used to can be put in place in the concept of auctions aren’t to their liking. In a sense, The JA has everything you could need from a jobs board. It bestows power ergo freedom to the users if that’s what they choose and if not they can use its more traditional settings.

The Job Auction Team
The Job Auction
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Modern Textiles Joins Evans Garment Restoration

Franchisee Nick Ramirez

Modern Textiles has announced that it has joined a growing family of premium restorers of textiles affected by floods, fires, and other disasters.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2018 / — Modern Textiles has announced that it has joined a growing family of premium restorers of textiles affected by floods, fires, and other disasters. The Franchise, led by industry leader Evans Garment Restoration, provides premium restoration services for clothes, drapes, furs, linens, leather and suede, rugs, and specialty textiles that have been exposed to water and smoke.

The high-tech but gentle process can only be completed in specialty restoration plants by specially trained staff using Evans quality management system. Evans Garment Restoration is one of a few in the entire United States with the demonstrated ability to deliver by using Artificial Intelligence, data, and the most innovative patented processes. The company will provide service to Southern California and Las Vegas using the franchise tag Evans Garment Restoration of Southern California.

“Modern Textiles brings to the Evans Garment Restoration family their unique knowledge with servicing primarily “High net worth” customers. With Modern Textiles experience with providing premier service, combined with Evans patented processes for restoring textiles, Insurance companies will have a turn-Key solution for their customers in Southern California” said Joel Lyons, President of Evans Garment Restoration. “California with its density and demographic needs premier textile operators and now Evans Garment Restoration of Southern California is one of the most high-performance cleaners in the region. ”

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