14 Product Photography Solutions to Present Merchandise Online or in Print

Staged product photography for cosmetics using a props, Photoshop vignette, bokeh, and shallow depth of field

Staged product photography for cosmetics using a props, Photoshop vignette, bokeh, and shallow depth of field

Toronto Lifestyle Cosmetic Product Photographer

Staged product photography for cosmetics using

Markham Toronto Mississauga Lifestyle Product Photography

Markham Toronto Mississauga Lifestyle Product Photography staged by Jules Design

Good product photos help vendors sell & customers buy. Here is a list of 14 product photography solutions we do to communicate the value of your merchandise.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jules Design is now offering a full lineup of commercial photography products, Our commercial imaging service serves merchants in the cosmetics, food, furniture, B2B, B2C and GEM sectors,

Because good product photos help vendors sell, and customers buy, here is a list of product photography solutions we offer to communicate the value of your merchandise.

14 Product Photography Solutions by Jules Design to Present Merchandise:

• Conventional Product Photographs are product photos on pure white. These pictures are what Amazon calls the main image in their typical product listings. They often include a clipping path to create a pure white or transparent background. To make these, we careful stage and edit the item. The image may also include a bottom shadow or reflection for added realism.

• Bulk Product Photography is a term we use for projects with lower incremental costs due to achieved economies of scale. They are typically associated with larger projects with simple workflows needing minimal staging and editing. The quality is excellent and suitable for most catalogue applications.

• The Hero Shot or the Staged Product Photo is product art. Use these product shots to promote your image with impact on websites, billboards and other prominent places.

• The Package Photo. Packaging adds value to the product for a myriad of reasons. Photograph the product package (if applicable), so the customer can see it.

• What’s in the box photos. The customer wants to know what they are buying. To manage customer expectations, we give them a picture to show what they will receive with their purchase.

• Infographics Product Photos are images with text and They are informational visuals to help the customer grasp a product’s attributes. Use infographics to communicate your product’s features and benefits.

• Lifestyle Product Photos are product photos with contextual realism. Demonstrating the product in use with a model or in a real-life setting renders more credibility and elicits more trust-to-buy from the customers.

• Explosion Diagrams are schematic images that present the assembly order of an item. Use these images to demonstrate hidden product features or to market parts available for sale.

• 360 Rotating Product Photography allows the customers to interactively see the merchandise from more angles than a single photo. 360 Product photos need special software to and HTML code to insert onto a web site.

• Food Photography. Manufacturers, restaurants and takeout operations sell food as a prepared product, in components, and in packaging. They use our food photography in sell-sheets, databases, digital menu boards, menus and editorials. Sometimes we use a food-stylist to increase the aesthetic appeal of the items.
Fashion Photography

• Ghost Mannequin Photography present garments with the noticeable absence of a model. It is a visually exciting method to present clothing in a minimalist fashion without demographic bias. This image format is more expensive than most photography methods as each image is time-consuming to produce.

• Laid-Flat Garment Photography is comparable to how stores merchandise clothing. This method is an attractive method to present textiles inexpensively.

• On-Model Fashion Photography is a popular, attractive and cost-effective method to present clothing. We can photograph the garment from many angles including a detail shot at a low incremental cost per image. It is a highly effective merchandising method because good-looking people project these attributes in the clothing they wear.

• Cinemagraphs are animated photos or mini-movies; usually in the form of an animated GIF. They can be designed to attract attention to your product, demonstrate value or information.

There are endless permutations of product photography available. This list is only a brief list of the various forms of product photography possibilities. For your next Toronto commercial photography project, contact Jules Design to consider your creative options. 647-997-2793 info@julesdesign.ca

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