Waggoner Diagnostics Releases TestingColorVision.com, a validated, online color vision test solution.

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TestingColorVision.com Testing Page

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TestingColorVision.com Results Page

TestingColorVision.com is the ideal solution for identifying all three color vision deficiencies, genetic and acquired, from your own computer.

ROGERS, AR, USA, April 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Waggoner Diagnostics, an organization that develops, manufactures, and distributes medical devices for the ophthalmic industry, announced today that it has released the Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test (CCVT) via TestingColorVision.com that identifies all three types of colorblindness, technically referred to as color vision deficiencies. Test prices range from $2.00 to $29.50 per test depending on quantity purchased. Waggoner Diagnostics is offering one free test by signing up and using discount code, WAGGONER, until May 31st, 2019.

Waggoner CCVT is the world’s only US military-validated, extended color vision diagnostic application delivered online. The Waggoner CCVT has been validated by, and is routinely used at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute in Pensacola, FL (NAMI) to evaluate Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine, and Army applicants and aviators.

TestingColorVision.com allows one individual, or any size organization, to test as many people through our online platform or through integrations with their learning management systems. Waggoner Diagnostics is currently improving patient care with TestingColorVision.com in the healthcare industry by testing both patients and healthcare professionals. In patients, the Waggoner CCVT allows healthcare systems to identify both genetic (8% of males, .5% of women) and acquired (15% of general population) deficiencies, which helps staff identify health issues such as glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, macular degeneration, or optic neuropathies simply by testing one’s color vision. Healthcare professionals can then refer them to a local eye care professional to get the care they need. As for the healthcare professionals themselves, being colorblind could lead to poor patient outcomes because they may not be able to identify stage I pressure ulcers, rashes/irritations, blood in a patient’s urine or stool, and many other important health indicators. It is reasons like these that organizations like College of American Pathologists require color vision testing for new employees in the healthcare industry. To learn more about why color vision is an important aspect of healthcare, please watch the interview with Quint Studer, founder of Studer Group and/or take a moment to read this brief white paper, The Importance of Color Vision in Healthcare. Quint explains, "The more I continue to learn about the importance of testing color vision of nurses, doctors, and staff at hospitals, the greater importance I realize it is. By testing healthcare professionals, hospitals can reduce their liability and create an overall safer environment for their patients. I know healthcare professionals’ passion to provide the best of care. Once someone understands the value of color vision testing in the healthcare environment, it is not a matter of if to implement, it is how quick can we get testing in place."

“We couldn’t be more pleased to release a military-grade color vision diagnostic to the public that allows individuals to be champions for their own health and improving outcomes in hospitals, post-acute care centers, and other healthcare facilities,” said T.J. Waggoner, CEO of Waggoner Diagnostics. “Solutions in Low Vision couldn’t be more excited to work with Waggoner Diagnostics on distribution of the Waggoner CCVT to the post-acute care centers that we work with. We know that screening for all three types of colorblindness in post-acute care patients truly leads to better outcomes for the patient. We expect to integrate the Waggoner CCVT into 1000 post-acute care centers by the end of 2019. We offer this service complimentary to patients in post-acute care centers because we know it can make a positive difference in their lives.” Michael Wright, CEO of Solutions in Low Vision (https://www.solutionsinlowvision.com).

Waggoner Diagnostics now offers the Waggoner CCVT on Windows®, iOS, and TestingColorVision.com, in addition to its line of print color vision books such as the Color Vision Testing Made Easy and Waggoner PIP24. For more information regarding the line of Waggoner Diagnostics products, please visit www.WaggonerDiagnostics.com. You can also download your free 30-day trial of the Waggoner CCVT for your Windows computer from the site. Please contact Waggoner Diagnostics if you have interest in color vision testing by either emailing sales@waggonerdiagnostics.com or calling +1 (949) 396-1694 ext. 2.

We welcome communication from journalists, editorial contributors, and academic institutions that are interested in trying the Waggoner CCVT via TestingColorVision.com. Please feel free to email pr@waggonerdiagnostics.com or call +1 (949) 396-1694.

About Waggoner Diagnostics:
Headquartered in Rogers, AR, Waggoner Diagnostics develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative ophthalmic medical devices. Waggoner Diagnostics’ suite of color vision tests is the only cross-platform suite of color vision products available on the market today. We are able to satisfy anyone interested in performing color vision tests, both screening and diagnostic, by providing traditional booklets (PIP), computerized color vision tests (App), and Internet-based testing (Web). There is a product that aligns with each potential customer’s needs perfectly by providing high-quality medical devices at an affordable price. Waggoner Diagnostics also owns and operates www.ColorVisionTesting.com, a site for information regarding color vision, www.WaggonerDiagnostics.com, a site for purchasing color vision products.

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Quint Studer and T.J. Waggoner: The Importance of Color Vision in Healthcare Interview

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