Hercules Tire & Auto Repair Embarks on Its Second 40+ Year Stint in Tulsa–Broken Arrow as Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair

Hercules now Shamrock

Hercules now Shamrock

Tulsa Oklahoma DT

Tulsa Oklahoma DT

A Great New Name – Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair to Offer the Same Highly-Trained Service Teams, 5-Star Service, Low Price, High-Quality, and Convenient Locations

TULSA, OK, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Formerly Hercules Tire & Auto Repair – It’s not “goodbye.” It’s “hello,” to a great new era for all your automobile tire and repair needs: Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair is revising, revamping, and re-positioning itself for major growth, innovative improvements, and head-to-head competition against the biggest national brands in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Tahlequah, & Wichita areas, and beyond.

To bring itself and its services to the next higher level, the company proudly announces a unified re-branding of its Tulsa and Wichita locations from “Hercules Tire and Auto” to Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair, in order to create a bigger, better-recognized, more professional footprint across the Midwest.

As these automotive professionals have always done when servicing your car, Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair now aims to excel at providing this higher level of service, applying this extra depth of know-how, and competing harder than anyone else for your business.

Their objective is simple: to retain all their current customers, and win over a great many new ones – people just like you!

To do this, Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair has a simple, straightforward plan:

The newly renamed company is going to offer automobile owners in the Tulsa – Wichita region the same highly-trained service teams that automobile owners have known for decades as “Hercules Tire and Auto”: the same five-star bumper-to-bumper services that have been bringing customers back time after time; the same low prices, fast turnarounds, and special offers that leave more dollars in their customers’ pockets; the same high-quality products that keep every car they work on running smoothly and reliably for years; and the same convenient locations that literally generations of men and women motorists have come to recognize and trust.

This means motorists in the Tulsa – Wichita area can now look to the newly rebranded Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair for best-in-class, full service maintenance, repair or replacement of air conditioning systems, batteries, belts and hoses, brakes, wheels, and tires, as well as oil changes, tune-ups, routine tire rotation, and all the rest.

And all this superb automotive service is available via the company’s super-convenient “online price request” system.

To help drive home the value and expertise they routinely provide, the company is combining its various business names into a single, highly memorable brand – Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair – which will quickly and permanently change the way people think and feel about obtaining professional, convenient, and affordable automobile service and repairs.

Under the name “Hercules Tire and Auto”, Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair has already logged 42 years of excellent service and customer satisfaction in and around the Tulsa – Wichita area. Now it’s embarking on a series of ambitious and exciting plans to complete another 42 year run – and this time, they’ll be even better, faster, and work even harder to earn and keep your business!

The result is that customers can now obtain significantly better care of their vehicles at memorably low prices with total convenience and trust just by looking for the Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair brand.

For more information, an estimate, or a free evaluation, customers may contact:

Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair

Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair
10130 E. 51st St.
Tulsa, OK 74146

Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair
2140 South 129th E Ave
Tulsa, OK 74134

Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair
805 W Kenosha
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Shamrock Tire & Auto Repair
3001 S Broadway St
Wichita, KS 67216

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