‘Asia Industrial Hemp Association’ (AIHA) launches as regions Hemp market heats up

Asia Regional Hemp industry body sets up in Hong Kong

AIHA has been set up as an independent Not For Profit association to support countries across Asia looking to legalise and industrialize Hemp as a new industry.”

— Glenn Davies

HONG KONG, August 26, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Founders of Asia’s fastest growing Hemp company CannAcubed, have launched the ‘Asia Industrial Hemp Association’ or AIHA with its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Rising awareness about the benefits of industrial hemp, increasing legalisation to cultivate industrial hemp in many countries throughout Asia, and the rising application of industrial hemp in diverse industries such as textiles, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, personal care, construction & material, furniture, and paper is driving the market for industrial hemp in the Asia region.

The ‘Asia Industrial Hemp Association' President Glenn Davies said, “AIHA has been set up as an independent Not For Profit association to support countries across Asia looking to legalise and industrialise Hemp as a new industry. Our mission & goal is to work with private companies, industry bodies, government organisations, NGO’s & Institutions to educate, support and help liberalise the hemp industry in Asia. Some countries in the region have already set up trade associations to support the sector such as India, Japan & Thailand, and we hope many more countries follow suit and join us on our quest.”

Ronny Weisz, a Co-Founder of CannAcubed and Board Director of AIHA believes that Hemp will play a major role throughout several Asian countries in the coming years. He says the region already has a substantial hemp textile industry, and a growing CBD market which is poised to explode when consumers become more familiar with the product’s versatility. “Asia’s booming beauty industry, is beginning to see Hemp CBD-infused cosmetics enter the market, and once Hemp & CBD personal care products establish their niche, they could become must-have items among billions of consumers across Asia.” Mr Weisz stated.

The launch of AIHA follows a strong global trend around the legalisation and support for the liberalisation of the Hemp industry. Several countries have already taken the step to set up similar associations including the ‘European Industrial Hemp Association' (EIHA), the 'National Hemp Association' in the USA, & the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance. Closer to home, India has the ‘Indian Hemp Association, and the Hokkaido Hemp Association launched as far back as 2013 in Japan. There are even industry specific bodies such as 'The International Hemp Building Association' (IHBA) which is a knowledge sharing group with members in 25 countries.

AIHA Board Secretary Mark Roberts commented; “We’ve been rolling out a major Hemp project in China for over a year now and we’re seeing how fast the industry is moving. Governments and private companies are looking for support, industry data, working models and expertise as they consider regulating and legalising Hemp as a new growth sector, and we see AIHA playing a key role in helping to educate and provide this information”.

CannAcubed’s China CEO Mr Jacky Huang will also form part of the Associations key executive team. “We’re proud to be pioneering the Hemp industry in China & in Asia, and we believe the region is positioned to dominate world hemp production for years to come. Asian markets have the potential to provide for some of the world’s greatest consumers of hemp and CBD goods; And understanding the unique market dynamics and regulatory landscape is essential for investors or prospective market entrants looking to capitalise on the opportunities there.” Huang stated.

The Asia Industrial Hemp Association head office will sit in Hong Kong and first ‘in-country’ office will sit in Yunnan’s capital Kunming.

The organisation is now looking to appoint additional Board members and recruit new country members to support the regions push into the booming Hemp industry.

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Source: EIN Presswire