Just in Time for Halloween – Oi Survey Finds that "No Leaks" is #1 Feature Women Want from Feminine Hygiene Products

Oi is a New Zealand-originated company focused on removing plastic, synthetics and chemicals from hygiene products.

Take the fear out of periods with Oi 100% certified organic tampons, pads and liners.

100% certified organic cotton feminine hygiene products break the fear factor about periods, leaks and the scary stuff in many of those tampons and pads.

“People with periods want products that are earth-friendly. But not at the expense of reliability and comfort. With Oi, you can have it all and do something good for your body and the environment.”

— Helen Robinson, CEO of Oi

LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 25, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — You know what’s scarier than ghosts and goblins on Halloween? Bleeding through your white mummy costume when you get your period. Halloween may come once a year, but every month women run the risk of an embarrassing “uh oh” moment not from fake costume blood, but the real deal. That’s why many women are “freaking about leaking” not just at Halloween, but every month.

Organic Initiative (Oi), makers of 100% certified organic cotton tampons, pads and a form-fitting cup, are here to break the fear factor about periods and to talk openly about the problem many women face. Women fear the dreaded leaking tampon and are haunted by the idea of wearing bulky pads that feel like diapers. Also, most women still don’t know what is in their tampons and pads. When they discover that most brands contain plastics, synthetics and chlorine bleach, many are shocked.

A recent survey of 560 women age 18 to 55 shows that the number one feature wanted from feminine hygiene products is assurance it won't embarrass them – especially if they are wearing light-colored clothing (like that ghost costume!). Assurance their hygiene products won’t leak was more important than even price or comfort. Yet, there’s a misconception that organic products don’t work as well as the ones with all the chemicals and synthetics.

This is as much a myth as black cats bringing bad luck.

In fact, cotton is one of the most comfortable and absorbent materials in the world – absorbing 27-times its weight in liquid. It's also naturally comfortable, soft, irritant-free and biodegradable. Most pads and tampons on the market are made with synthetics, won’t biodegrade and those that aren’t made with organic cotton contain a frightening amount of pesticides and herbicides. Tampons and pads contribute to thousands of tons of waste a year to the environment and they will still be here at least 500 years from now — talk about a scary thought!

“We know that a growing number of people with periods are interested in products that are organic and more earth-friendly,” said Helen Robinson, CEO of Oi. “People want to take simple steps to save the environment. But it can’t be at the expense of reliability and comfort. Step one for us is to educate everyone on how great today’s organic products are. Step two is to assure them they can have it all…comfort, safety, and an environmentally friendly product.”

Organic cotton is also non-irritating. Many women who are unable to use traditional tampons or pads made with chemicals and synthetics can easily tolerate certified organic cotton products and report what a game-changer Oi is for them.

“We understand that our customers need assurance that their period products are safe and effective,” said Robinson. “Organic cotton is one of the most naturally absorbent, breathable, and comfortable products on the planet. It’s an amazing fiber and a super effective and comfortable product for feminine hygiene.”

For smaller Trick or Treaters, there’s Oi Girl™ – a first-of-its-kind line of smaller products made from 100% certified organic cotton for girls starting their periods. So, no matter your age, there’s no “freaking about leaking.”

A wholly-owned subsidiary of New Zealand-based Organic Initiative Limited, Oi has seen unrivaled growth in the U.S. market since its launch in 2018, with availability via major online sites and now in more than 12,000 top retailers nationwide, including Walmart, CVS, H-E-B, and Amazon.

There are no tricks, only treats, when it comes to Oi. Check out our video to find out more. For more Halloween fun, take a listen to our Halloween Spotify list. For more information on Oi and Oi Girl, visit www.oi4me.com.

About Organic Initiative
Organic Initiative (Oi) is a New Zealand-originated company focused on removing plastic, synthetics and chemicals from hygiene products. Oi’s range delivers premium, organic, healthy, and yet affordable women’s sanitary products. Oi’s tampons, pads and liners are certified organic by BioGro and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and can be found in mass retail, drug stores and supermarkets, as well as online. For more information, see www.oi4me.com.

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No more freakin’ about leakin’ with Oi tampons, pads and liners

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