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Finally a Shoe Brand for the Urban Fashionista Who Doesn't Shy Away from Color or Vivid Patterns

My line fills a definite gap in the international shoe market. Designing it brought me back to every country I have ever visited. It definitely pays homage to the world.”

— Anita Davenport

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Description

Fashion designer and startup entrepreneur Anita Davenport is launching her new shoe brand, Mina Baddour, in partnership with Alive Shoes. Anita Davenport designs clothing and fashion accessories that are known for their unique flair and independent spirit. The Mina Baddour brand will also reflect Anita’s bold aesthetic while celebrating the global influences that underscore each shoe style.

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Why Alive Shoes?

Alive Shoes was founded by Luca Botticelli, a member of the celebrated Botticelli family that is nearly synonymous with Italian-made shoes. The Botticelli family began designing shoes shortly after WWII, helping to create and promote the ‘Shoe Valley’ region of Italy–Le Marche. Anita has wanted to give her shoe line the launch it deserves. To that end, she looked for an experienced footwear manufacturer and found it in Alive Shoes. Alive’s founder has more than two decades of industry experience that includes manufacturing, logistics, a network of reputable suppliers, and more.

Made in Italy, Sold Worldwide

Some of the world’s best shoes hail from Le Marche, and many of today’s most respected brands like Prada, Fendi, and Chanel can trace their footprints back to this renowned region that is famous for fashion. While Mina Baddour shoes will be produced in Italy, Anita will sell these shoes on various ecommerce sites that she has developed for her fashion lines. Customers will be able to purchase Mina Baddour shoes on websites like Whimzy Tees as well as on the Mina Baddour website.

Homage to Mina

Anita chose to name her shoe brand after her former mother-in-law Mina whose maiden name was Baddour. For Anita, the name conjures Morocco and Algeria (Mina’s homelands), family, and evocative global style. Anita was married to Mina’s son for eight years before the couple divorced amicably–so amicably, in fact, that her ex-husband Aziz continues to work with her, providing advanced tech support for her ecommerce sites. As soon as Anita learned of her new mother-in-law’s name, she knew she would one day develop a line of shoes and clothing to celebrate the allure of global fashion.

Look for Mina Baddour Shoes Online

Alive Shoes is working with Anita to develop an international ecommerce site for Mina Baddour Shoes (See minabaddour.shoes to preview the entire collection or aliveshoes.com/brand/minabaddour for the mini-collection). You may also find some initial designs on Anita’s family of fashion websites that include Whimzy Tees and That Hoody Shop. Anita currently owns eight businesses related to fashion and skincare. Anita has a background in tech consulting as well as fashion. She is thrilled to launch the Mina Baddour line, a dream that has been long in the making.

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