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Logo Entre 2 Rétros

Logo Entre 2 Rétros

Toilet Bag - Entre 2 Rétros

Toilet Bag – Entre 2 Rétros

Brief Case - Entre 2 Rétros

Brief Case – Entre 2 Rétros

Do you know Entre 2 Rétros, this French brand that has existed for almost 9 years? E2R takes up the challenge of combining fashion, durability and design

PARIS, ILE DE FRANCE, FRANCE, November 19, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Do you know Entre 2 Rétros, this young French brand that has existed for almost 9 years?

Bold, timeless, this brand has taken the challenge of collecting automotive fabrics and transforming them into functional and elegant bags.

For durable and smart bags!

"Starting from existing materials, giving meaning to creation, combining beauty and functionality, this is the DNA of Entre 2 Rétros that drives us every day to reinvent ourselves…"
This is the credo of the founder of Entre 2 Rétros, whose idea for the brand came from an opportunity.

Coming from a family of automotive entrepreneurs, Virginie meets an automotive fabric manufacturer with huge stocks of fabrics.

These fabrics being technical materials, robust with multiple qualities, the idea comes to her to reuse them and transform them into useful and beautiful accessories.
In addition, the designer finds leather scraps from large leather goods companies, and seat belt scraps.

Reusing products initially destined to be thrown away and transforming them, Entre 2 Rétros was born!

Entre 2 Rétros takes up the challenge of combining fashion, durability and design by transforming industrial materials into bags and accessories.

The act of recovering materials and giving them a second life different from their initial vocation is called upcycling.

Created almost 9 years ago, the brand is one of the pioneers of upcycling, a concept that is now emerging as one of the answers to overproduction.

Creativity at the heart of the business

What differentiates Entre 2 Rétros from another brand of accessories is its creative process: instead of creating its models, then sourcing the materials to manufacture them, the models are designed from the recovered materials and according to the specificities of each.
A thick fabric will not have the same look as a thin fabric, they will not be adapted to the same product.

As soon as a fabric is exhausted, it is necessary to rethink the models and renew them. The creative process is much more complex because it has to deal with each material and its quantities in stock.

In terms of design, the brand is inspired by the automotive world of the 1950s and 1960s and gives its models a retro feel.

The bags are designed for today's mobility and to provide the most convenience: the lightweight fabrics give real flexibility of use, the addition of shoulder strap on all models different types of wear, many pockets, specific formats for air travel….

Limited edition bags

You will have understood it: these recovered materials make it possible to produce random quantities: the models are produced in limited edition. The collections are renewed according to the seasons and your bag is unique!

Your satisfaction, our priority

The products are designed to stand the test of time, in all journeys. The ones for a day, the ones for a weekend, the ones for a lifetime.
This requirement is reflected in the choice of technical and resistant fabrics, sublime leathers, in the care taken in manufacturing, with irreproachable finishes, but also in the choice of partners, suppliers and craftsmen.

She animates the brand up to the follow-up of our customer relations, our after-sales service and beyond….
Because your satisfaction and your attachment to the brand are at the heart of our priorities.

A commitment to sustainable development

By recovering waste fabrics for disposal, the brand does not spend any natural resource or additional energy to design and manufacture the products.

The creations are handcrafted in a traditional way in a workshop on a human scale, respectful of its craftsmen. This workshop is also involved in the circular economy by reusing its waste, saving energy…

Why choose a product Entre 2 Rétros?

Buying a product Entre 2 Rétros is like buying a new one

A unique model, combining fashion and commitment with an original design made of high-tech materials (resistant, light, water-repellent…)
With finishes to the standards of luxury leather goods brands, functional and well thought out to meet everyone's daily needs

Entre 2 Rétros is a good answer to your needs of functionality and sustainibility.

If you are looking for an ethical and original gift, we have what you need: don't delay in visiting our website

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