Senja: 100% Waterproof Shoe Surpasses $50k on Kickstarter in First Week of Funding

Senja is a 100% waterproof all-terrain sneaker that is perfect for any season

Senja’s FlexForm fabric allows it to be permanently waterproof – no sprays required!

Senja is ultra-breathable so your feet can breathe easy anywhere you go

The all-season waterproof shoe, Senja, celebrates a groundbreaking first week of crowdfunding.

Senja’s waterproofing is built into the fabric of the shoe and is powerful enough to withstand full submersion.”

— Senja Shoe Company

HONG KONG, February 3, 2020 / — Senja is a new type of waterproof adventure footwear. It’s making waves on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter after topping 1000% of its funding goal in just 7 days. Senja is an all-season shoe that can be worn comfortably in any weather conditions and on any terrain, including underwater.

Senja is comfortable, durable, breathable, and lightweight, and it aims to replace backers’ overloaded closets with just one pair of all-purpose footwear. Senja shoes are also made with eco-friendly materials and are produced using sustainable manufacturing practices.

Senja launched on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter last week, and backers have responded with enthusiasm. In less than 7 days, Senja achieved over $50,000 in funding, and the campaign has weeks yet to go. “We know we have a great shoe here. It’s great for travel, sports, and work, and it’s great for the planet,” said a founder of Senja Shoes. “We’re thrilled that our backers believe in this product, and we know that once people have a chance to try Senja on for themselves, they’ll know that this is the future of footwear.” Senja Shoes is now accepting backers at, and limited early-bird perks are still available.

Senja’s unique features result from the type of wool used in their design. Merino wool is known as the most high-performance fabric of the 21st century. It provides unrivaled durability, comfort, and protection.

Unlike most wool, which is hot and itchy, Merino wool is as smooth as cashmere and regulates temperature. This is what allows Senja to remain comfortable all year round. They stay warm in snowy weather and promote cool airflow in the summer.

Merino wool is also antimicrobial and protects against bacteria, mold, fungus, allergens, and more. This means that Senja will not lead to athlete’s foot or other foot ailments caused by microbial life. It also means that Senja will stay odor-free forever.

Outside the Merino wool interior is Senja’s FlexForm outer layer. Made from 4 distinct layers of soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking, and waterproof material, this proprietary fabric keeps feet dry and comfortable in any environment—with our without socks.

Senja’s waterproofing is built into the fabric of the shoe and is powerful enough to withstand full submersion. Users are able to wear Senja in the shower, the rain, or while swimming without any moisture contacting their feet. Superior ventilation ensures quick drying, and wetness won’t cause blisters or rashes even when Senja are worn with bare feet.

Other notable features of Senja include:

• Slip-on comfort: Senja slip on and off in seconds and don’t require tying laces.
• Flexible: Senja are highly flexible and move with your stride for enhanced comfort and control.
• Shock-absorbant: Senja’s SoleCast cushioning absorbs shock; ideal for climbers, runners, and hikers.

Hundreds of backers have already taken advantage of early-bird pricing of more than 50% off the retail price of Senja. Find Senja at and become a backer today.

About Senja Shoes

Senja Shoes is a project by an international team of footwear enthusiasts and engineers. The founders realized that the vast majority of modern footwear had problems brought about by a stagnant industry. Most footwear is not suitable in most weather conditions and terrain, is made unsustainably, and can barely be worn for a 12-hour stretch without pain.

They knew that if there was an alternative to all the outdated designs, people would notice.
So, they brought together top designers, podiatrists, scientists, ergonomic specialists, and adventurers to create a new generation of shoe, and Senja Shoes was born.

After years of conceptual design, research, and testing and hundreds of prototypes, Senja Shoes had a developed an all-new type of footwear—one that could be worn all day, all year, and anywhere in the world.

Now, Senja Shoes is seeking funding to make their dream of sustainable and versatile footwear go worldwide. To help spread the word about Senja and to get a pair for yourself at over 50% off retail, become a backer today at

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Senja: All-Terrain Waterproof Sneakers

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