The Flabelus: eco-friendly Venetian inspired shoewear goes viral

Sample design of Flabelus Spring - Summer collection 2020

Sample design of Flabelus Spring – Summer collection 2020

Flabelus in Venice

Flabelus in Venice

Initial colours

Initial colours

Flabelus take the traditional XIX century design of Venetian Friulane to the worldwide fashion sphere. The company has just launched its pre-orders campaign.

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 21, 2020 / — Simplicity and elegance. Chic. Traditional. Eco-friendly. Versatile. Light. Resilient. Unisex. Colourful. Venetian inspired. Have you ever wished to find shoewear complying with all those features? then, you are lucky, as the Flabelus are those and much more.

The Flabelus are inspired in the design of the Friulane, which traditional origins date back to the XIX century in Friuli (Venice, Italy), the shoes protecting the Friulian people from tough winters. They were later adopted by the gondoliers and used after the II World War.

With a super versatile design, Flabelus adapt to the shape of any feet, making them the ideal fit for men and women of all ages and for all uses (from the comfort of your living room to a lavish party or to just elegantly avoid the infamous high heels at the office).

Flabelus are made from velvet material, synonymous with chic elegance, will leave all of your friends wonder where they can get theirs.

Light, resilient and comfortable, they weigh less than 0.225 kg, being the best fit to the most difficult suitcases. Definitely they are the ideal travel companion to Generation Z light travellers. Plus, it feels like walking on cotton!

Last but not least Flabelus are eco-friendly, they are made from recycled bicycle wheels and recycled cotton together with velvet. With this combination of materials, Flabelus give you the ideal luxury look while you are still wearing a vegan-friendly product! And obviously the variety of combinations of colours for every occasion will make you want to have not only one but many pairs.

As a newly created brand, we can’t even imagine how other businesses more stablished in the market than ours are suffering from this crisis. As members of de los Mozos family, we are seeing how people we love get sick and end up in the Unity for Intensive Care or are isolated during days or weeks. As global citizens, we see the pain of others and the fight against the virus of our doctors worldwide, the supermen and superwomen who risk their life and those of their beloved ones daily to save others. This is not an easy period and from the newly formed Flabelus team we want to send all our strength and prayers to all these brave citizens, trying to keep the economy, their employees, their businesses, their patients and their families healthy and safe. We hope the colors of the Flabelus slippers help you all distract a bit and feel the warmth of our dearly summer rays. We started with a lot of energy and motivation 4 months ago, launched the pre-orders campaign two weeks ago, and today we need to try and keep going, wishing that in 3 months’ time the Flabelus join your smiles and dances, being one of the proves that together we are stronger.

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