Copper Linens, Antibacterial Bedsheets, Scores $30k in First Week of Funding

Copper Linens’ self-cleaning, antibacterial bed sheets can help with a good night’s sleep

Each thread is infused with copper, which has natural anti-bacterial properties

Sleep well, knowing that your sheets are super clean, every single day

Copper Linens is currently accepting backers on Kickstarter. The antibacterial Egyptian cotton bedding promises to make beds cleaner and more comfortable.

Copper Linens can protect you from bacteria & viruses, which makes it a wonderful product for your family. It also keeps you cool, revitalizes your skin, and is more comfortable than standard bedding”

— Copper Linens

HONG KONG, March 27, 2020 / — In a time when keeping clean and germ-free is more important than ever, the crowdfunding campaign for Copper Linens' self-cleaning antibacterial bed sheets has experienced a surge in backing. The luxury bedding is spun with pure copper and benefits from the element’s antimicrobial properties. Copper Linens are able to eliminate 99.9% of microbial life on contact. This includes bacteria, mold, mites, fungus, and even viruses.

In its first week on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Copper Linens generated over $30,000 in backing, doubling its initial goal. The antimicrobial bedding is likely benefiting from a heightened demand for products that block the spread of disease. But the founders are confident that Copper Linens is a great product regardless of current global circumstances. “Copper Linens can protect you from bacteria and viruses, which makes it a wonderful product for your family,” explains one of the founders. “But, our bedding also keeps you cool, revitalizes your skin, and is just more comfortable than standard bedding. That’s what makes this a great product and a winning campaign.” Copper Linens is now accepting backers at

Copper Linens is not the first self-cleaning bedding of its kind, but it claims to be the most comfortable. Unlike other antimicrobial bedding, Copper Linens features pure copper spun into each fiber of the fabric. Other linens are made by coating fabric with copper or silver, but this gives it a rough and stuffy feel. Copper Linens bedding is smooth and breathable, providing exceptional comfort while staying completely clean.

The copper alloy in Copper Linens is spun with Egyptian cotton, known to be the softest cotton available. Its fibers are longer and finer than other types of cotton, which render the bedding silkier and more durable. The resulting copper/cotton fibers are woven using the percale weave method—the same method used in luxury bedding found in 5-star hotels. This weaving technique counters resistance to the skin and gives the bedding a smooth feel.

Copper Linens has a 600-thread count. The more threads that can be woven into a square inch, the softer the resulting linen. Copper Linens has 3x the thread count of standard bedding and 2x that of high-end bedding. A higher thread count also renders a sheet more durable.

Copper Linens’ copper fibers do more than just kill germs. They also eliminate allergens and odors. Moisture and dead skin attract microbial life like mites, fungus, bacteria, and other intruders. These are common causes of daytime allergies as well as odors that can seep into your sheets and mattress. Copper will keep these intruders out of your bed permanently.

Copper is also good for your skin. It has anti-aging and anti-acne effects that make skin smooth and clear. Copper has been shown to fight infection and to boost the production of collagen and elastin in the body (necessary elements for healthy skin).

Despite being infused with a natural metal, Copper Linens bedding is light and breathable. Its signature weave and fine cotton allow for optimal airflow and heat diffusion, guaranteeing a cool night’s sleep. The bedding also features a slight stretch, so the sheets move with the body when changing positions.

Copper Linens is machine washable, though the sheets don’t need to be washed as often as other bedding due to their antimicrobial properties. This can benefit busy families and help save on water and electricity costs. The bedding can be washed over and over without fading, thinning, or losing its silky feel. And the antimicrobial power of copper is impossible to wash out or fade with time.

Learn more about Copper Linens and become a backer today at Early bird perks are still available for new backers.

About Copper Linens

Copper Linens was founded by a team of textile industry specialists and artisans. Their story isn’t exciting—they simply wanted to sleep on bedding that was clean, cool, and comfortable. When they found this to be nearly impossible (without paying absurd prices), they decided to make their own.

Copper Linens isn’t complicated or high-tech. It’s just bedding the way it should be: clean and comfortable. Thanks to artisan suppliers and newly developed techniques for spinning copper and cotton, Copper Linens can be available to everyone at an affordable price. All that’s needed is support from backers like you to begin production.

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