Fiber Protector by Mafi: A powerful option to disinfect the workplace during and after COVID-19

Mafi technicians applying Fiber Protector as a disinfectant option

Fiber ProTector by Mafi onsite application

Fiber Protector by Mafi is a viable  COVID19 disinfectant option

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Fiber Protector by Mafi is CleanSafe and WoolSafe certified

CleanSafe and WoolSafe certification

As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts us all, many businesses are scrambling to effectively disinfect their workplaces. Mafi International has a solution.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2020 / — As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts us all, many businesses are scrambling to effectively disinfect their workplaces. Especially challenging is disinfecting soft goods, such as chairs and carpets, without causing fabric damage. Mafi International, a local Seattle based company, has the solution.

What makes Fiber Protector so unique against COVID-19? According to Cyrus Mafi, president of Mafi International, Fiber Protector was initially created in Norway to protect high quality furniture and rugs from dirt and stains caused by normal everyday wear. The secret to Fiber Protector’s formula is the 99.9% high grade isopropyl alcohol used as its solvent base. This percentage far exceeds the 70% alcohol minimum noted by the Center for Disease Control’s recommended approach to disinfecting businesses and homes.

Unlike most common, harsh cleaning and disinfecting agents, Fiber Protector by Mafi was designed for use on all types of fibers, textiles and leather without changing the look and feel of the surface it's applied to. It has been used on the finest silk drapes, investment quality rugs, and the most expensive leather furnishings in the world.
Fiber Protector’s unique formula, when properly used on textile/fabric/leather surfaces, has been proven via third party testing to create a bacteriologic environment which inhibits the growth or reproduction of bacteria, mold and viruses. This bacteriologic environment results in an overall healthy indoor environment above and beyond the immediate related COVID-19 recommended disinfecting.

Click below for our test results and documentation.

Taken together, Fiber Protector’s high-quality disinfectant components along with the added benefit of superior fabric and leather stain and soil protection make it a needed solution for defending your work-space.

No other disinfectant agent has the ability to provide this added level of performance that will pay tangible aesthetic value to your COVID-19 related disinfecting service for years to come.

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