OXXO Care Cleaners Brings Ozone-based Cleaning Process to Stores

OXXO’s ATM-Style Pick Up & Drop Off Service

Eco-friendly, innovative franchise offers cleaning system that eliminates smells, germs, and pathogens while aiding social distancing

HOLLYWOOD, FL, USA, March 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — OXXO Care Cleaners®, the leading environmentally-friendly garment cleaning franchise, today promoted the timeliness of its recent adoption of ozone and ultraviolet (UV) light treatment for clothes cleaning. OXXO recently implemented ozone and UV in its processes as a method for removing odors and germs from particularly troublesome garments, such as gym clothes. Fortunately, the same techniques that defeat bacteria, fungi, and protozoa in clothes can also inactivate viruses, including the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that results in COVID-19.

Ozone and UV: proven approaches

For decades, ozone (O3, comprised of three oxygen atoms) has been used to sterilize objects and environments. This isn’t surprising since ozone exists in the same chemical family as chlorine, although ozone doesn’t leave toxic chemical residues. Ozone breaks apart the chemical bonds that create molecules we perceive as scents such as smoke, mildew, decay, gasoline, and even skunk stench. With viruses, ozone damages the viral protein shell and impairs the virus’s reproductive cycle. This antiviral action is why ozone was widely evaluated for combating SARS, proved effective against poliovirus, and is now being assessed as a tool for fighting SARS-CoV-2.

Because SARS-CoV-2 can persist on surfaces for more than two weeks , its very understandable that people would want their clothes sterilized in the midst of a pandemic. However, the benefits of ozone can be increased by doubling down with UV lamps, which have been used to sterilize pathogens since the 1800s. Researchers have used UV light to defeat MRSA (“superbug”) bacteria and the H1N1 flu virus.

OXXO uses ozone and UVC to deliver a double punch to all pathogens in client’s clothes.

“We started using ozone and UV for gym clothes but find that it is extremely relevant now to help calm fears and deep clean clothing in the face of today’s outbreak situation,” said Salomon Mishaan, CEO of OXXO Care Cleaners. “We are taking COVID-19 very seriously and thought that a solution like this was very timely. Our customers can rest assured their clothes will come back more sanitized than ever.”

An ideal system for social distancing

One of the standouts in OXXO’s list of industry innovations is its ATM-style system of 24-hour garment drop off and pick up. As can be seen in OXXO’s Instagram video, users need only open a street-facing machine slot and slide in their bag of clothes. When the clothes are cleaned and sterilized, they can return, pay for their order by card at the kiosk, and fetch their finished garments a moment later from the automated dispenser.

At a time when many people can only go outside their homes for essential services and face-to-face interaction is discouraged, OXXO’s system is the most hygienic, socially responsible dry-cleaning system available for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Looking Forward

Ozone and UV sterilizing is only the latest technology Salomon Mishaan enthusiastically mentions to showcase how OXXO works to address customers priorities. Previously, OXXO rolled out the ability for busy customers to track their orders with the tap of a phone app. Home pick-up and delivery are also available. Better yet, those two services may soon overlap with real-time, Uber-style route driver tracking so that clothes need not be left unattended and at risk on customers’ doorsteps.

To address environmental priorities, OXXO’s 100% eco-friendly GreenEarth® silicone cleaning process combines with state-of-the-art equipment (100% harmless to clothing). OXXO dispenses with the energy-wasting steam boilers of traditional dry cleaners and shows its commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction by hand finishing all garments.

About OXXO Care Cleaners®

OXXO CARE CLEANERS® is a leading environmentally-responsible dry-cleaning franchise based in the U.S. with international presence. OXXO was founded with our “WE CARE” philosophy and commitment and has applied it to every aspect of our business. We care for our customers’ health, appearance, garments, community, and environment, as well as our employees. At OXXO®, customers experience the ultimate in garment care through our use of environmentally safe GreenEarth solvents, unlike with other dry cleaners that use Perc (Perchloroethylene). OXXO® also now uses TOP Terra for laundered garments, 24-7 ATM-style pick up service, the most technologically advanced European manufactured garment care equipment, and traditional hand-ironing. All garments are cleaned right the first time and personally inspected by OXXO® garment care specialists to ensure superior finishing and meticulous attention to detail. Visit www.oxxousa.com for more information and the OXXO® nearest you. For more information about the OXXO Care Cleaners® franchise opportunity, call 1.866.462.6996 or visit www.oxxocarecleanersfranchise.com.

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