Firma Energy Wear Partners with Healthy Eco Living to Distribute Their Consumer Superior Face Mask Made in North America

This is a photo of the package used in the retail chain for Firma Face Masks.

photo of the retail box packaging currently in stores across Canada

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Two Top Companies In the Wellness Industry Join Forces to Distribute a Face Mask Meant to Provide Protection At A Price Point Affordable by Consumers

Great opportunities grow from friendships that are nurtured over time. I always knew that Tammy-Lynn & I would be doing great things together. Happy that it's a business that allows us to give back.”

— Yvonne Hogenes, Founder Firma Energywear

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, May 14, 2020 / — What do you get when you combine two female leaders in the world of health and wellness during the Covid-19 crisis? A face mask that exceeds expectations in its ability to protect consumer and delivery to retailers at record speed.

When Television Host and Entrepreneur, Tammy-Lynn McNabb, had a meeting with her long time friend and sponsor of her TV show, Yvonne Hogenes of Firma Energy Wear, neither anticipated that their conversation would lead to the birth of a line of consumer face masks. Within weeks the two companies had a packaged product on retail shelves being worn by consumers across North America.

"Yvonne has been a loyal supporter of my television show, Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV for seven seasons and is a true sister in our desire to support local charities and women in business. When she told me she was thinking of converting part of her factory production from clothing into face masks, she had my attention," says Tammy-Lynn. Yvonne and her family run a company that manufactures a sports leisure line of clothing made with 'smart yarn,' a material that's embedded with ceramic crystals resulting in far-infrared skin benefits. The fabric, costly to manufacture, provides unique health benefits to the wearer and has a tight fabric density of 1200 filaments/mm2. "Tammy-Lynn has worked with and worn our Firma Energywear clothing for many years while travelling and spending long days on set. She was a perfect partner to help us take our newest project, Firma Face Masks, to the retail chain and commercial buyers. Tammy-Lynn knows our product, the material and its health benefits. It was a natural fit considering her extensive background in product development including her high-end hand sanitizer company and skincare line along with her distribution knowledge and relationships in retail." says Yvonne Hogenes, CEO of Hogenes Marketing Group.

Within 24 hours, factories changed direction, design of packaging for the product was under development and calls began to retail buyers. After two weeks of planning, product was being shipped to major retailers in Canada, and online sales started to grow.

So what makes this face mask so unique from the rest? Firma's fabric incorporates a Smart yarn technology utilizing bioceramics in the DNA of the material to give Far-Infrared health benefits to the wearer. This non-medical mask can reduce the chance of the wearer's respiratory droplets coming into contact with others or landing on surfaces. The face mask can be a physical barrier between a person's nose, hands and mouth while it's worn.

"It was a natural transition for us from leggings, tights, sock, and tops to producing our masks. Our clothing wicks away sweat from the body, creates cooling and breathable comfort for the wearer during intense physical activity and repairs muscles and joints by taking heat from the user's body, absorbing it in the biocrystals and reflecting only the far-infrared portion of the body heat to the wearer, leading to health and beauty benefits. The same system works for the user on their face only now, it is wicking away condensation from your breath, making it easier to breathe, and the far-infrared skin benefits are numerous. It's also UPF 50+' add Hogenes.

Aside from the protection that a mask must provide, breathability is critical. Some believe a good majority of masks currently on the market, won't make it through the summer. "I lived in Tokyo for over five years and didn't find it odd to wear a face mask in public. I do know that not all masks are created equal. Throw in heat and humidity and wearing a mask is going to be a difficult prospect for many," says McNabb. Firma Face Masks wants to be more than a one-hit-wonder, and they're betting that mask-wearing may be here to stay on some level or another. "If a mask isn't wearable for an extended period of time – in classrooms by students, on the job, at a mill or construction site, as a worker in a restaurant -then we are putting ourselves at risk each time we fidget and adjust our masks. Firma is an ultra-thin, comfortable and secure product that you can wear for hours at a time. That's how we all stay safe." says Hogenes. Wearability indeed is key to any mask user's success. Firma Face Masks are designed to wear 30+ times with a wash/rinse taking place after each use.

So what's next for this dynamic duo? "A lot of what Tammy-Lynn and I do together happens around charity work that we are involved in. We've donated to several organizations, and we're also giving through Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV's 'Gratitude Box' program – wellness boxes of the product donated to front line workers at several hospitals and Covid-19 Clinic Testing sites." says Hogenes.

The team at Firma also gives to charities with at-risk individuals, staff working in medical clinics, hospices, and home support agencies. Firma wants to reach those where access to approved personal protection equipment is limited. To date, Firma has donated masks to FTC Masks (Flatten the Curve Handmade Masks), Atira House in Langley, Urban Mission, Independent Seniors Retirement Homes in Tsawassen, Pivot Point Family Growth Center, Pivot Point Learning Centers Society and Kid Safe in Vancouver.

Day to day operations of Firma is managed by two of Yvonne's older sons- Mark and Lane Hogenes, who have been in the family business for quite some time. "My sons manage the company and are used to me running with new ideas. Their support and hard work continue to make our family business the success it is today," said Yvonne.

Healthy Eco Living is the official Master Broker & Distributor for Firma Face masks. The company currently sells its products to retailers and to companies for use by their customers and staff. Wholesale purchasing is available at

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