Marcoahz announces new trends and talks about fast fashion

Marco Antonio Henrique Moreno

Marco Antonio Henrique Moreno

Marcoahz in the news

Marcoahz in the news

Businessman and philanthropist Marco Antonio Henrique Moreno set to open new stores in Manchester and London

LONDON , UK, June 11, 2020 / — MARCOAHZ plans to open new stores in Manchester and London, England, this will hopefully be open to the public as soon as there is some resolution to the current COVID-19 crisis. MARCOAHZ was already experiencing success with their brand in the UK. This innovative fashion company originated in Gijon, Spain, but has since expanded to be a much loved and respected brand throughout the world. The owner of MARCOAHZ said in a recent press conference 'we are delighted to announce that we are continuing to expand our business and that we will open one of our stores in the great city of Manchester. This is a city rich in culture with a great history and I am looking forward to the day, hopefully in the near future, where we will be allowed to open up this store to the public.

This sent social media crazy, with many people excited that they will be able to shop in a MARCOAHZ store near them. The company has in no time built themselves a strong reputation for the quality of the clothes they produce. If you are familiar with their clothing line i'm sure you wouldn't need any help from me to explain why they have garnered this reputation. So, shall we expect anything different with this new store? Well, according to MARCO 'new and innovative clothing lines will be coming with continued regularity, we aim to satisfy all of our customers needs with innovative designs and keeping true to our core value that fashion matters' This will no doubt get many of us fashion lovers wondering what they will bring out next.

The UK however is not the only place you can expect to see one of their stores. Marco has spoken of his desire to start businesses in Bubai and Dubai, two places he has a big connection with through his travels and two places of course known for their luxurious shopping experiences. If you follow Marco on social media you can see his love for jet skiing in these glorious destinations as well as all things travel.

Marco, is the owner of several well performing and trendy brands, check out his instagram page, if you would like to see all of the impressive brands he has under his name. Please check out novucollection to explore what they will be dropping this summer. Here is an exclusive quote from Marco himself 'This summer we will drop highly requested and beautifully designed shirts that will make you stand out from the crowd' storeahz is another super cool brand that offers free shipping worldwide. Based in Manchester, this store sells a wide variety of trendy clothes for its customers and anyone here should simply click the link to explore what they have on offer.

It's no surprise that many trendsetters are using the clothes of MARCOAHZ. If you follow them on any of their social media sites you will be able to see how good their models look in these clothes. The passion they have for their products is clear to see for anyone who works within the fashion industry. The clothes are meticulously designed and they know how to answer and respect the demands of their consumers. There will undoubtedly be something that interests you here, regardless of your gender or age. The clothes on sale here are undeniably cool. This can probably go towards explaining why these shirts are selling like hot cakes, even in these financially difficult times. Marco said recently in an interview that 'I have a simple love for fashion and just want to share my passion with the world, I love the clothes I sell and couldn't be more excited about the places we are heading towards in the near future'. It's easy to share this sentiment. Their new line is killer and I for one can't wait to see what else they've got hidden up their sleeve.

Marco is a very impressive businessman, despite only being 22, he already has quite the portfolio. He has undertaken several business adventures and has developed the reputation of quite the fashion mogul. He is clearly a bright, ambitious man who has spoken of his desire to use his influence for positive change in the world. He claims to have started his business life at the age of 11 and immediately found success as an online retailer. His ambition can only be applauded and his humanity and life philosophy lauded. His brand of MARCOAHZ looks set to grow and grow, so we should get used to seeing a lot more of their products hit the streets very soon.

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