Value Growth Audit: A Suite Of Digitalised Management Consultancy Services

AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA, July 24, 2020 / — Value Growth Audit is a digital management consultancy platform for performing automated management audits and providing digital management services.

Value Growth Audit (VGA) is a recently launched digital management consultancy platform. In the modern business world, digitalization and automation are the growth builders for every industry. So VGA, a management consulting firm, has launched Value Growth Audit to digitalize and automate management consultancy services. VGA is created and designed as a platform that promises to analyze all aspects of the businesses- from function areas to the potential threats & risks. The audit is one of it's kind and stands out as a more advanced, more profound, and more analytical than a standard management audit.

VGA claims to be formed as a brainchild of many management consultants, who have come together to share their experience, knowledge, suggestions, and advice to develop this innovative and futuristic management audit. As several varied and different management heads have developed the platform, it promises to cover every big and small business activity, study them, calculate the risk, and provide an accurate future prediction of threats and losses or any current deviation. In simple words, VGA follows a value growth matrix, which consists of several models and matrices to cover almost every business aspect and management functions, to provide coherent and quantifiable strategies.

VGA is an innovative, dynamic, and pioneering step of digital transformation in the management consultancy industry. So the platform is managed by value growth auditors, who will be the company representatives for the clients. They are expert and experienced management professionals. VGA platform produces a very detailed report of the business analyses and possible solutions to business problems so that the auditors will communicate and facilitate every detail in the report to clients and suggest solutions apart from the report. Auditors also assist the clients in customizing the decided course of action as per their business requirements, situation, and industry trends.

"We perform on the idea that modern business problems need modern solutions. VGA is an all-round platform to serve every sector for every industry. Currently, we have mentioned twenty-seven industries, but we are also eyeing to add more in the future. For this, we have formed strategic business units in different parts of India. Another benefit of it is that we plan to maintain our quality, reliability, and accuracy to all our clients. We also follow a strict protocol while hiring value growth auditors and forming these strategic business units. We assure open, transparent, and clear communication with the clients and promise secrecy and security of the business information." A senior official from VGA quoted.

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