Jeremy Lott on the Future of Working From Home

Jeremy Lott

Jeremy Lott

Jeremy Lott on the Future of Working From Home

SEATTLE, WA, USA, July 29, 2020 / — Jeremy Lott, Seattle president and owner of SanMar, has always expressed pride in how his team members handle challenges. Without a doubt, COVID-19 provides one of SanMar’s biggest challenges ever. Long-term planning has become difficult as companies like SanMar decide how to provide a safe and productive work environment. Jeremy Lott and his team are developing plans to protect both the company and its employees through careful research.

Jeremy Lott Mercer Island Executive on Evolving Remote Viewpoints

Jeremy Lott’s Seattle headquarters has always been ahead of trends in workplace technologies. Long before the pandemic, key workgroups were already working remotely, including critical teams such as the credit and inside sales departments. This fact helped tremendously with the transition to working from home full-time. Team members already felt comfortable with the technologies used to be productive in a virtual environment.

During the summer months, Jeremy Lott supported SanMar’s efforts to ensure all employees who could, were able to work remotely. Several departments within the company implemented new processes to ensure critical tasks get handled promptly. Most specifically, the legal and finance departments worked to transform processes that relied heavily on physical documents, and the marketing team transformed how they proof print catalogs. Jeremy Lott and SanMar integrated new digital tools to navigate these departmental changes. Whether digital workflow and routing tools or relocating key equipment to employee’s homes, the majority of corporate team members have been able to work remotely with success.

What to Expect from Jeremy Lott SanMar

SanMar and Jeremy Lott are consistently revising and reviewing long-term plans. As the country plans to opens back up for business, Jeremy Lott isn’t reverting entirely to the previous workplace model. Instead, departments and team members are evaluating on a team by team basis. There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for every department.

Collecting feedback from staff is part of the planning process for Jeremy Lott. In most cases, team members who historically felt the need for in-person meetings are finding remote collaborations constructive. Many staff members feel productive levels surge since they no longer have to face the busy commute. Home offices can sometimes provide a quiet and distraction-free area to focus, but balancing childcare when schools are remote is another consideration that SanMar is working through with employees.

Jeremy Lott Seattle Company Background

Jeremy Lott has been a key figure in his family-owned and operated Mercer Island business from the very beginning. As the cover star on Sanmar’s first catalog, he has worked for the company in one capacity or another his entire life. Today, the MBA graduate is the president of SanMar and has aimed to expand Sanmar’s industry reach.

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