Fantasy Fashion Week, World’s First Fashion Week Game, is Breathing New Life into Industry Reeling from Pandemic

The brand-new fashion game is using gamification to help the coveted industry get back on its feet.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 9, 2020 / — New York, NY –COVID-19 continues to decimate industries around the world, and Fashion Week is no exception. Fortunately, an innovative and engaging new game, Fantasy Fashion Week, has arrived to revitalize the industry through gamification.

Fantasy Fashion Week is the first online fashion tournament with fashion enthusiasts competing with one another to predict the top runway looks. The immersive gaming experience is played on a mobile or desktop device and enables users to compete by ranking two runway styles at a time.

“Since COVID has forever changed Fashion Week, designers are adapting to this new normal by redefining their wholesale relationships, improving their direct-to-consumer channels, and moving away from traditional fashion calendars,” says Vid Čibej, co-creator of Fantasy Fashion Week.

As Čibej explains, designers are increasingly looking beyond trade and editorial stakeholders to directly engage their consumer audiences, and gamification is being used to maximize people’s excitement and participation around the fashion week.

“Instead of sifting through a catalog of runway looks that are traditionally available to audiences to enjoy after the show, we have developed a more exciting and fun way to explore new collections,” Čibej continues. “We’ve collected data through our first-of-its-kind Recleau platform and can see that gamification increases both the number of touchpoints (7-10x more) and the time spent with the runway content (4x more). Now, more than ever, designers need to adapt to the changing industry. Fantasy Fashion Week, powered by Recleau, is the ultimate way to stay abreast of these changes.”

In the Fantasy Fashion Week tournament, fashion enthusiasts compete in predicting top runway looks by submitting one bracket of 16 looks per designer. Each player can submit one bracket for every designer. The more popular a user’s choices are, the more points they score. Players are therefore putting their own personal sense of taste to the test. The winner of Fantasy Fashion Week is the player with the highest score.

After completing the game, players can explore a curated list of designer products featured in their favorite looks, socialize them with their friends, and explore their favorite items in real time.

The game will feature 36 designers. Most have been namestays at NYFW, but several brands from other markets like Paris, Milan and London are being included. Opening Day for this season’s Fantasy Fashion Week tournament is September 8, 2020.

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Fantasy Fashion Week is an online gaming tournament which enables users to stay connected to their beloved fashion designers, even during the global pandemic. FFW enables fashion designers to showcase their new runway collections, engage their audiences, and feature their products through the game’s platform.

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