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NORTH AMERICAN MADE, Firm Face Mask Co launches industries alternative to the PPE disposable mask crisis with a certified, reusable PPE.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 14, 2020 / — Firma is proud to announce that the company has launched a Medical Grade ASTM Level II, Reusable Mask for the consumer market. This medical-grade mask has been tested and certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials as a PPE-level Medical-Grade mask.

The new mask is the industry's only true reusable medical-grade mask available to consumers and the retail industry. It has been created without the need for an additional filter, though the design allows the user to insert a filter into the pouch if desired. The mask will provide the user with the same protection level as an ASTM Level II medical-grade disposable mask without competing with masks manufactured for the medical industry.

Firma Face Mask company is a clothing manufacturer with 20 years of experience creating smart tech fabrics that provide therapeutic aspects to the wearer. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization converted one of their highest grade fabrics into a line of consumer mask products. With the assistance of the marketing and distribution team at Healthy Eco-Living, Firma launched into mainstream retail within weeks of the pandemic and is now one of the industry's top brands trusted by consumers and professionals alike. During the initial launch, the company simultaneously created a higher grade mask to fulfill the medical-grade niche. Research and development included extensive testing of its efficacy by industry official testing and certifying bodies.

As the market's only true reusable, medical-grade mask, the user will save money on disposable PPE masks and help reduce the ecological impact by reducing or eliminating the need for disposable PPE consumer products. This ASTM-rated Medical Mask features PPE-level protection in a washable, comfortable design that offers 'one-size-fits-all' sizing, keeping the mask wearer and those around the user as safe as possible.

The mask is designed with adjustable ear straps allowing a secure fit by a wide range of faces types. Firma masks have a convenient tie behind the neck strap enabling the mask to hang like a necklace when not being worn, thus lowering potential contamination.

Understanding ASTM Face Mask Performance Levels:
Along with the ASTM II certification, Firma masks also carry the "Confidence in Textiles" label that goes with the certification, which stands for responsible textile production, safety and transparency. It represents additional reassurance for factory employees, retailers and consumers. It also guarantees that the products are free from harmful substances and safe for the consumer to use.

Medical face mask materials covered under ASTM specifications are designated as one or more of the following performance levels based on the barrier performance properties of the materials used. To qualify as an ASTM II PPE mask, the following standards must be met or exceeded (which the Firma Medical Grade mask has):

FLUID RESISTANCE represents the mask’s resistance to penetration by synthetic blood under pressure (mmHg). It measures a mask’s material construction ability to minimize fluids from travelling through the material and potentially coming into contact with the wearer. The higher the fluid resistance (filtration), the better the protection.

BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) represents the percentage of aerosol particulates filtered at a size of 3 microns. It is the measure of the efficiency of the mask in filtering bacteria passing through it.

PFE (sub-micron Particulate Filtration Efficiency) represents the percentage of submicron particulates filtered at 0.1 microns. PFE is the measure of the efficiency of the mask in filtering particles passing through it. The size of the particles filtered is critical.

DELTA P (Differential Pressure) represents the pressure drop across the mask or resistance to airflow in mmH2O/cm2. This determines breathing resistance – the higher the Delta P, the less the breathability, but the better the filtration.

FLAME SPREAD is a ranking derived by laboratory standard test methodology of a material’s propensity to burn rapidly and spread flames.

BFE – ≥98%
PPE, @0.1 micron – ≥98%
DELTA P, H2O/cm2- <5.0

SOURCE: ASTM Standard specification for performance of materials used in medical face masks – F2100-2019 Standard

About Firma Masks
Unlike many masks in the market, Firma Masks use high-grade polyamide yarn embedded with ceramic crystals. This high tech polyamide yarn is engineered to reflect far-infrared body heat back to the wearer for therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. The company manufactures and distributes as a proud, North American Made Product. Firma masks are the softest, most breathable mask on the market that is washable, non-allergenic and reusable up to 30 times.

All Firma medical-grade facemasks are sold across Canada and the US and online through major retail chains including Save On Foods, Buy-Low Foods, Nesters, Choices, Meinhardt, Natures Fare, PriceSmart, Pomme Natural Markets, Nation Wide Natural Foods Distribution, and thousands of retailers across North America.

About Healthy Eco-Living
With a track record of over 18 years in the health and wellness production and distribution market, Healthy Eco-Living acts as the Master Broker/Distributor of all Firm Face Masks products. Extensive product development, marketing and sales experience, the company and its team of veterans work closely with clients to successfully launch exciting health and wellness brands for the consumer market.

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