From plastic waste to recycled fashion. The IKI collection by Smateria

Smateria announces the global launch of IKI – a new line of sustainable bags produced in-house with their cutting edge, recycled plastic-fusing method.

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA, January 26, 2021 / — Smateria today announced the launch of a new exclusive collection of women’s and unisex eco-friendly bags and accessories under the name IKI. The new collection consists of 14 products, including a range of stylish bags, sleeves, wallets and pouches made for work, play and life-in-general.

This product launch is a telling milestone for Smateria as it is the dazzling reward of many years of research and experimentation with the goal to achieve a plastic-fusing process that produces exceptional results. Their hard work has paid off tremendously in the form of a unique fabric to call their own. Using this new recycled fabric, the IKI line comprises articles of function and fashion that not only catch the eye but are also lightweight, extremely strong, user friendly and vegan.

“We are very proud of the Smateria journey so far. It’s gratifying to see more and more people living more consciously and embracing our work. With that said, this collection is like no other we have released before,” said Elisa Lion, co-founder. “The IKI collection marks a meaningful turning point toward evermore refined production techniques for making fashion items from recycled plastic. We are now achieving this on a level of high-quality textures that are water-resistant, incredibly sturdy and smooth to the touch. As Smateria continues to evolve, the value to our customer continues to increase and we’re over the moon about entering this new chapter,” she added.

In the coming days, Smateria will start rolling out the new IKI collection around the world. Customers everywhere will be able to enjoy the wholesome benefits of: 1) ethical purchases that reduce waste and protect the planet, 2) functional design and materials that are dynamic and long-lasting, 3) a trendsetter style and pleasure-touch textures that convey character.

“It goes without saying, our customers are very sophisticated. They value transparency and they want to know what goes into their products,” said Jennifer Morellato, co-founder. “For IKI, we were committed to producing a collection that our customers could clearly see is a noteworthy investment so everything about it had to symbolize versatility, grace and resilience.”

All IKI by Smateria products are designed by the founders themselves in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – where each piece is assembled by hand with a committed workshop team at Smateria HQ.
IKI is an exclusive experience that comes with a few extra special touches. Each item is fitted with a unique number tag telling you which number your bag is as well as the details of exactly how much plastic waste was used to create it and its environmental impact.

The IKI collection will be available for purchase from Smateria stores and distributors from 28 January 2021. Sign up for more info here.

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Source: EIN Presswire