Vinmori turbocharged fan innovates beyond tradition with the premiere of stylish workwear




The high wind pressure promotes the flow of air to the collar cuffs, reduces the air backflow and reduces noise.

TOKYO, JAPAN, February 1, 2021 / — Exclusive turbocharged fan launched online globally
In 2021, Vinmori's summer air-conditioning clothing will be fully upgraded, subverting the traditional DC-type air-conditioning clothing fan with the new turbocharged design. The Vinmori FTL-A5 turbocharger fan has the advantages of strong wind pressure, low noise, and thin thickness. It has completely addressed the shortcomings of traditional air-conditioning clothing fans. The high wind pressure promotes the flow of air to the collar cuffs, reduces the air backflow and reduces noise. It eliminates the vicious circle of traditional fans constantly increasing the speed and bringing high noise and high energy consumption.

Vinmori product manager Max said: "The birth of air-conditioning clothing can protect workers from high temperature or heat stroke. As a leading brand in the air-conditioning clothing industry, Vinmori has been consistent with its principle and has been investing heavily on technology research and development such as “Pressure air conditioning clothing fan "," the world's thinnest air conditioning clothing fan "," lowest noise emission air conditioning clothing fan "," integrated with USB control switch "" spray air conditioning clothing "and other technological patents. The company's air purification air-conditioning suits will soon be released. Our technical team is composed of top members such as large household electrical appliances senior engineers, university research professors and other subject matter experts, all with experiences exceeding 20 years. We have an independent mold development plant and a complete production supply chain. With excellent support for OEM and ODM.

Product introduction
The air-conditioning suit is an environmentally friendly product that installs a small fan on the top of the jacket, absorbs the heat of the human body surface through the evaporation heat of the sweat, thus preventing heat stroke. With global warming, air-conditioned clothing has become a phenomenon product that is popular in Asia, creating a market of nearly 100 million US dollars a year in Japan.

Air-conditioned clothing product features
The air conditioning suit is matched with a special rechargeable lithium battery pack or adapter for power supply, which is convenient, comfortable and cool.
Unique style design, environmental protection and energy saving, comfortable and cooling
DC 3.2V-7.2V ultra-low voltage design, safe and reliable, will not cause any harm to the human body.
Humanized thoughtful design, power supply, fan assembly, etc. can be easily disassembled, easy to clean, easy and safe to operate.

Suitable Users
Outdoor athletes (fishing enthusiasts, hikers, mountain adventurers, golfers, etc.).
Outdoor working groups (traffic police, forest guard police, border guards, oil field workers, railway workers, warehouse handling operations, places where air conditioning cannot be installed, high-temperature workplaces, etc.) daily home life (cleaning, courtyard field work, hot day walk shopping, etc.)

Product structure features
Double boost, ultra-low noise
Vinmori turbo air conditioning suit, with the new FTL-A5 fan for enhanced air pressure is designed to form a higher air pressure to promote the flow of air to the neckline and cuffs, reduce air backflow and noise level (55-60db). It solves the problem that traditional air-conditioning clothing has difficulty in ventilating the neck in time due to the low peak pressure of the critical pressure, resulting in air leaks and loss of cooling effect and greater noise.

Ergonomic design to prevent waist-level overcooling
FTL-A5 is installed in a 360° lateral position, which avoids direct blowing of permanent human body part for a long time, greatly improving the wearing comfort.
Product Specifications
Weight:115g Measurement:Diameter 106mm,Thickness 36mm
Rated Voltage:5V Rated Current:0.6A
Maximum Speed:3300RPM(3300revolutions per minute)
Maximum wind shaft:0.91CMM Maximum Air Pressure:99.5Pa
Battery Life: Using 10000mA batteries to power 2 fans,High @ 6 hours,Medium @ 10 hours,Low @ 17.5 hours.
Lifespan:> 1500 hours
Noise: about 55-60dB, unnoticeable when used in an office environment

About Vinmori
Vinmori is a wearable clothing brand developed by Shenzhen Mori Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is a young technology company with its headquarters in Shenzhen, China. In just two years from 2018 to 2020, Vinmori obtained 15 patents in China, 3 patents in Japan, and several patents in the remaining eight countries (mainly in the United States and Europe, etc.). The patents are mainly used in heating apparel and Cooling fan. The company invests 30% of its revenue each year in new product development, aiming to provide consumers with innovative products that meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

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