Dime Bags® Gives Away Exclusive $10,000 Bag

Dime Bags Exclusive $10,000 Custom Bag | Limited Edition Bag | Sticker of the Month Bag Lining

Dime Bags Exclusive $10,000 Custom Bag

Dime Bags Exclusive $10,000 Custom Bag | Limited Edition Bag | Sticker of the Month Bag Lining

Limited Edition Sticker of the Month Bag

Dime Bags Logo | Dime Bags

Dime Bags Logo | Dime Bags

Limited Edition Sticker of the Month Bag One of Ten

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Industry leader in eco-friendly hemp bags, Dime Bags®, rewarded one lucky fan the most exclusive Dime Bag on the planet, a backpack with custom interior lining, priced at $10,000. Only ten of these bags are in existence; they feature the sticker artwork that debuted throughout 2020 as Dime Bags’ Sticker of the Month. The winner, long-time Dime Bags fan Jayne M., posted all 12 stickers on her Instagram profile showing off the exclusive collection.

In 2019, Dime Bags began the Sticker of the Month contest, where if you collect all 12 stickers, post on your Instagram profile, and use the appropriate hashtag #DimeBagsSlaps and tag @DimeBags you could win an incredible, exclusive prize. In 2019 it was a $1,000 shopping spree, while in 2020 the prize became the sticker artwork itself, as it is featured throughout the interior satin lining of a Dime Bags backpack. The 2021 reward has not been announced yet, but fans of the brand can rest assured that another great prize will be rewarded to a dedicated fan in early 2022.

Although 2020’s grand prize was the backpack featuring artwork from Spencer Pankratz, Dirk Hays, and Marissa Favazza, runner-ups still got rewarded with a smell proof Omerta Boss with Lock in either Camo or Green, the newest bags Dime Bags has recently dropped.

What’s great about the Dime Bags Sticker of the Month contest, is that any fan can become part of the inner circle that collects them all. Each month, a new sticker debuts that will go out with every single purchase made at DimeBags.com. But the stickers are limited, so Dime Bags does run out before the end of the month, encouraging people to purchase earlier for a guaranteed slap. The stickers do become available to purchase once back in stock at $4.99, but increases by five dollars every month after.

Dime Bags is excited for the Sticker of the Month contest to continue to grow and offer a great prize each year. Anyone can enter the 2021 contest, all they’ll need are all 12 stickers and an Instagram profile. The grand prize will be announced in the upcoming months, but Dime Bags can guarantee that it’ll be another great reward!

About Dime BagsⓇ: Dime Bags is recognized in the hearts of hemp fans around the globe for our innovative solutions to the modern smoker’s needs which include superior glass protection, carbon-filter smell proof technology, and a full line of handbags, backpacks, and accessories made with hemp. Dime Bags isn’t just for the smoker community anymore though, with stylish lifestyle bags made from eco-friendly methods and elements, anybody can feel great about owning a Dime Bag. A variety of Dime Bags have been featured in the media, from FXX’s Dave to HBO’s Silicon Valley. To learn more about Dime Bags, visit DimeBags.com or call 1-888-520-8808.

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