and SSO Announce Technology Security Partnership

Partnership links two top local technology providers to provide suite of Cybersecurity and Compliance services along with world-class hosting.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 31, 2021 / — has partnered with Secure, Smart Office (SSO) to offer a full suite of cybersecurity and compliance services to clients in their world-class data centers.

Collaboration between both companies began in 2017; in support of a mutual client’s specific security, compliance and cloud infrastructure requirements. From working on that project, both sides recognized how the combined skills of both organizations could provide clients with an overall more secure, compliant cloud solution.

Partnership services are now publicly available. All clients benefit with direct access to SSO’s expertise, capabilities, commitment to customer ‘delightedness’, along with their suite of security and compliance solutions. Existing clients will be contacted individually.

“Of everything I’ve seen in my 20 years at, no risk is greater than a client’s need for proper security. Working with Secure Smart Office was an eye-opener. This is something clients need more than they realize. Add to that, the detail and care Secure Smart Office has for their clients, we knew this was a good match. We’re very excited about the solutions now available to our clients!”
– Daniel McMillen, President of

“The cyber risk organizations face has never been greater, from both adversaries and regulations. As clients have Internet facing servers and services, they are front and center to all these risks. We are very excited to deploy SSO’s strong set of world-class security services and expertise available to help secure clients. When they work with to bring SSO on board, they will no longer have to rely on “hoping for the best” when it comes to protecting their business-critical data.”
– Rusty Sailors, CEO of Secure, Smart Office

We built our own data centers in San Diego, brought in the fastest fiber money could buy, and designed a customer service platform to systemize the delivery of your service better to you. Word got out and we grew, faster and faster, and we added services based on your demand. In came colocation cabinets and the latest Intel servers running any flavor of Linux and Microsoft Windows available. Backups and monitoring and virtualization and storage and every other service you could think of was built in to our growing list of offerings at a quality we could stand behind. And data centers were added – 7, to be exact – because you saw our desire to help you and your business Internet better.
“ is a service provider that renders IT invisible through software automation.”

SSO was built for the modern, distributed workforce of today – Scalable, easy to use in office and mobile remote worker solutions. Whether your company is designed to work in a traditional office space, full remote, or a hybrid of both, we know how to the best secured-IT configuration for your needs.
Leveraging decades of advanced research and development and intense operational experience in US DoD and Intelligence systems, SSO team members have focused for the last four years to develop and deploy secure solutions for small and medium sized businesses in the commercial market. The SSO team is dedicated to innovative solutions that provide visibility, analytics and security for network embedded devices. We have been working hard in the community for years researching, educating and guiding industry to take the cyber threat seriously. To learn more about Secure Smart Office, please visit

For additional information and press materials, please contact either:

Daniel McMillen, President
702 660-0350

Rusty Sailors, CEO
Secure, Smart Office

Sam Sailors
Secure, Smart Office
+1 858-848-5776
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COVID Vaccines & Pregnancy: Protection for you and your baby

While preliminary results are very promising, the WHO seeks to wait for further research and results before granting their seal of approval.

So far, vaccinated pregnant women have had antibodies found in their umbilical cords and breast milk. This allows for the passage of antibodies to a fetus.

Greater proportions of the public are being vaccinated around the world. However, should pregnant women be hopeful or hesitant regarding the vaccines?

It’s all reassuring… [but] all the studies have been small…[so] we can’t 100 percent determine safety until a lot more people have been vaccinated and it’s been reported on.”

— Stephanie Gaw – Fetal Medicine Specialist

CONCORD, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 31, 2021 / — A recent study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology has found that both the Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines are safe for pregnant women and their babies. This is welcome news for expecting mothers around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic placed stress, worry and anxiety on people everywhere, and for pregnant women this issue is only exacerbated. The immune systems of newborns are always prone to illness, it's why newborns can often contract colds, rashes, or infections. The threat of COVID and the harm it could cause a newborn is exactly what has led to expecting mothers becoming extremely worried about giving birth anytime soon.

Luckily, both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have been deemed safe for expecting mothers. Researchers and health professionals also believe that the antibodies generated by a vaccine are also passed to infants. While this is not confirmed completely, evidence suggests that antibodies are present in both a woman's umbilical cord and her breast milk, likely leading to children being born with immunity or some form of protection to the virus itself.

The jury is not totally out on whether or not pregnant women should receive the vaccine however. Some European nations, such as Germany and the UK, are still taking a very cautious approach regarding vaccination of pregnant women. Even the WHO is hesitant to greenlight vaccinating pregnant women too. The reason being a lack of statistical evidence to backup the claims being made by leading health researchers. To summarize, while the vaccine is most likely safe for pregnant women and their babies, not enough trials and tests have been done so far in order to merit a seal of approval from all governments or the WHO.

Despite this, optimism remains in the air about vaccinating pregnant women. From the handful of trials done so far, there has been no record of adverse effects for either a woman or her child. Suffice to say, nothing has gone wrong when a pregnant woman has been given a vaccine. Studies indicating the presence of antibodies is a very good sign for both mothers and newborns, but more research has to be done in order to conclude if enough antibodies are passed to guarantee immunity to a child. In any case, the presence of some form of antibodies would still present a child with a higher degree of protection than none at all.

There is still much uncertainty and anxiety among pregnant women regarding the vaccine, and this primarily due to misinformation. False narratives and ideas concerning the COVID vaccine have circulated across the internet. Conspiracy theories discussing possible adverse effects or health issues arising from vaccines are false and not backed with any scientific proof or data. While concerns have arisen over the AstraZeneca vaccine, and it’s link to blood clots, both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have not faced any such scrutiny. In fact most countries have temporarily halted the distribution of AstraZeneca, so it should not be a concern for any expecting mothers looking to be vaccinated.

Due to the risk of illness or harm concerning newborns, countries like Israel have gone as far as to place pregnant women on the priority populations list for vaccinations. Furthermore, becoming infected with COVID while pregnant greatly increases the risk of complications during childbirth and for the newborn. So far, this has led to both preterm births and the need for newborns to be placed in intensive care.

To conclude, both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines should be trusted by expecting mothers and administered to them. Ensuring that women are protected from the virus while pregnant eliminates any sort of COVID related risks while the child is still inside their mother. In addition, research seems to indicate that children born to a vaccinated mother are either immune or possess strong antibodies to the virus, making sure they are also protected from the virus.

At Seven Women, we care for the health and safety of our customers. It’s why we decided to implement virtual fittings and consultations through Zoom. A pregnancy is one of the most incredible, emotional, and important parts of any woman's life. As a business we wanted to ensure that women could still feel special during their pregnancy, despite lockdown restrictions and COVID fears. Maternity clothes are a part of any pregnancy, but we want to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers comes first. Expecting a child during a pandemic is far from ideal, but you can still savor and enjoy the moment. At Seven Women, we want expecting mothers to be safe, and still be able to feel beautiful.

Written by Nicolas Minardi of Mrkt360.

Nicolas Minardi
MRKT360 Inc
8882150005 ext.

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Xpedition and Voyado partner to help boost loyalty and retention for fashion brands

Xpedition logo

The collaboration will deliver faster time to benefit in an era of unprecedented change in fashion retail

The simplicity of the Voyado platform enables users to build customer loyalty fast, for increased revenues and certainly complements and enhances Xpedition's end-to-end offer for the fashion sector.”

— Dean Carroll, General Manager, Xpedition

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 31, 2021 / — Xpedition, the Microsoft Dynamics Gold partner and trusted solution provider to the fashion and apparel sector, is partnering with Voyado the committed CRM challenger and natural choice for retailers in the Nordics, to supply a powerful cloud-based platform that enables retailers to create strong brand loyalty. The collaboration builds on Xpedition’s broad portfolio of solutions that are designed for users across fashion who are working in one of the most dynamic and challenging retail environments seen in modern times. Together Xpedition and Voyado will empower fashion brands to forge a loyal following and increase revenues rapidly.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP), Xpedition offers customers an end-to-end, fully integrated business management solution.
With an enviable track record as a Microsoft Dynamics solution provider, Xpedition is ideally placed to implement the latest innovations into fashion brands who are facing the challenges of delivering the personalised, omni-channel buying experiences now demanded by discerning shoppers.

Dean Carroll, General Manager at Xpedition, said: “We are excited to partner with Voyado in the UK at this time of unprecedented change in retailing. The simplicity of the Voyado platform enables users to build customer loyalty fast leading to increased revenues and certainly complements and enhances our end-to-end offer for the fashion sector. With more than 630 successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects delivered, our own highly skilled in-house team bring deep understanding and experience of complex all-in-one projects, which will now also encompass the Voyado offering.”

Founded in Sweden in 2004, Voyado’s key differentiator is the simplicity of its solution that has been designed specifically for retailers, and embeds the drive for customer loyalty and retention into all areas of fashion organisations. Voyado provides a more agile way of bringing targeted campaigns to market efficiently, speeding the time to spectacular results. Customers receive the same carefully curated brand experience regardless of which channel they choose to use.

Jennie Gerum, Chief Marketing Officer at Voyado said: “This strategic collaboration with Xpedition will help support existing customers and attract new users keen to build customer loyalty following with Voyado solutions. Our unified customer database provides insights to buying departments and merchandisers, tracks and predicts customer behaviours through the use of powerful AI. Our automated marketing capabilities enable retailers to build customer loyalty and significantly increase revenues. With Xpedition as our partner, we can more rapidly implement and bring the benefits of our solutions to UK fashion retailers at a time of tremendous change and opportunity. To say we are excited at the possibilities is an understatement.”

Fashion and apparel businesses that are able to provide one-to-one marketing to their customers with a consistent, omni-channel approach stand to be the winners as retailers once again open their doors after the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown.

Andreina West
PR Artistry
+44 1491 845553
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Start-Up Apparel Company Partners with Local Artists to Provide Platform, Profits Amid Pandemic

Socie-tee Creator King Banks

Socie-tee Creator King Banks

Socie-tee Creator Kelley Chan

Socie-tee Creator Kelley Chan

A socially conscious clothing company, is supporting local artists while elevating poignant awareness and reform messaging through the artwork of D.C. creators.

I wanted to provide a platform that will give a voice to young artists”

— Tomeka Evans

WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 / — Socie-tee Apparel, a socially conscious clothing company, is supporting local artists while elevating poignant awareness and reform messaging through the artwork of D.C. creators.

Tomeka Evans, founder and owner of Socie-tee Apparel, combined her love of the arts, passion for social justice, and interest in providing financial support to underserved communities by establishing an apparel company that performs all three.

Evans carefully selects young, promising artists from across the D.C. area for an opportunity to earn extra income through Socie-tee Apparel’s custom-designed clothing.

“I wanted to provide a platform that will give a voice to young artists,” said Evans. “I also wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to earn money without the logistics and start-up costs of launching a business.”

With a focus on low-income and marginalized communities, these artists are given a portion of the products’ profit.

“I was raised in a low-income neighborhood in Norfolk, V.A.,” said Evans. “I know that any extra income would have helped my mother tremendously with food, gas, bills, childcare expenses, and even leisurely activities. My goal, through this company, is to provide supplemental payments to artists in order to improve their quality of life, thereby contributing to the community as a whole.”

Diversity in the creators’ backgrounds and culture, each with unique perspectives and art styles, translate into unforgettable creations, shining spotlights on matters of widespread interest. Dubbed ‘shirts with a purpose’, recent pieces address concerns surrounding anti-violence, unity, and equality.

Evans is on a mission to give a voice to the voiceless, while providing financial opportunities, in an uplifting and encouraging environment.

For additional information, or to support these local artists, you can visit Socie-tee Apparel’s website at

About Socie-tee Apparel

Founded in August 2020, Socie-tee Apparel is a black, woman, and veteran-owned small business located just outside of Washington, D.C. in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The line includes custom-designed t-shirts, sweatshirts, and face masks. For more information on Socie-tee Apparel and to see the artists’ work follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

This press release is issued through – the global newswire with press release distribution services. For more information, go to

Tomeka Evans
Socie-tee Apparel
+1 202-743-0318
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Finding the Perfect Match in Intimate Apparel

Rhonda Shear embraces diversity, expands inclusivity with skin tone intimates and expanded sizing

Rhonda Shear launches Perfect Match skin tone collection. Tune in to HSN on April 1st 2021 for NEW styles on her Today’s Special!

Find your Perfect Match with bras and panties from Rhonda Shear's new skin tone collection

Every woman deserves to be comfortable in her skin; start your wardrobe with skin tone intimates that embrace curves and boost confidence.

Intimates that fit and flatter should smooth you out and keep you comfortable all day long

Smooth out lumps & bumps and eliminate lines and show through with Rhonda Shear intimate apparel

Designer Rhonda Shear, known for award-winning Ahh Bra, Cosmo's top Underwire Bandeau, & HSN expands collection with added skin tone options, sizing XS-5X.

foundation is where fashion starts”

— Rhonda Shear

TAMPA, FL, USA, March 31, 2021 / — Every woman deserves the comfort and confidence that comes with finding foundations that fit perfectly, no matter their age, shape, size, or skin tone. When shopping for intimates, customers are often greeted by a sea of white, black, and “nude” (which is typically a light tan/sand tone), but for so many women that department store “nude” is not the color they see in the mirror. Brands like Rhonda Shear are leading the charge to embrace diversity by offering shade options that work for all skin tones. Break free from blah with fashion colors, fun seasonal prints, and the perfect nude to create a wardrobe that works, starting with the right foundations. No more panty lines. No more lumps & bumps. No more show through from wearing a “nude” that isn’t for you. Each and every woman is beautifully unique and deserves intimates that celebrate and conform to her, not the other way around.

Designer Rhonda Shear has been creating comfortable intimates for women around the world for nearly twenty years, becoming an industry leader by designing flattering styles that work for ever-changing bodies, while using the very latest technology on the market. With inclusivity at the forefront of the design process, the Rhonda Shear line is expanding its new “Perfect Match” Collection from 5 to 7 skin tone color options in 2021 and is broadening sizing from 3X to 5X in top selling silhouettes. Get the world-famous infomercial sensation Ahh Bra, her award-winning Underwire Bandeau Bra, or HSN favorites including her Body and Pin-Up Collections, all in the perfect shade of nude. Every item in the line is created with high quality yarns, fabrics, dyes, and trims to give customers baby soft details, rich no-fade color, and 4-way stretch styling for easy Shop Your Top sizing.

Always looking for ways to expand the line, Rhonda takes a personal and solution focused approach to design by working with breast cancer survivors, young ladies looking for their first bras and an incredible customer base from shopping channels and online retailers around the world. Listening to needs and implementing ideas with each addition to the line means more items work for more customers. Over the last several years the Rhonda Shear line has developed dozens of bra styles featuring pockets that comfortably fit a prosthesis, added pockets (that are actually big enough for a phone) in all upcoming Retreat Loungewear styles, created the “Perfect Match” skin tone collection to give all women a neutral option that matches seamlessly, and expanded general sizing from XS-5X. Underwear is the first thing we put on and as Rhonda says “ foundation is where fashion starts”, and with the Rhonda Shear line customers can comfortably and affordably enhance assets and embrace curves with smooth intimates that fit like a glove.

It’s 2021 and it’s about time for every woman to finally feel comfortable in her own skin. Shop soft and supportive stretch intimates by Rhonda Shear or learn more about how Rhonda gives back at!

Marie Crane
Shear Enterprises, LLC
email us here
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Rhonda Shear NEW Item Launch on HSN April 1st 2021 Perfect Match Underwire Moisture Wicking Seamless Bra 2pk

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Shoessee Announces New Loafers and Boots Collection at The End of March

Shoessee releases new and discounted casual shoes and boots collection. The new products have new design, style, and it also got another discount of up to 50%.

HONG KONG, CHINA, March 31, 2021 / — Like last year, Shoessee also renews its shoes and boots collection by adding new products. As for the first quarter of 2021, this store adds many products of loafers shoes, and flat boots. These new products bring new looks to its collection. The bright and natural color choice for the new product creates a strong spring vibe for the customer to buy. As usual, Shoessee also gives several discount offers for each of these products up to 50%. All these offers once again show how this store tries to keep its reputation as the destination for everyone who wants to find fashionable footwear at affordable prices.

One of the Shoessee representatives said, "We always try to fulfill our customer wishes for the latest fashionable footwear. Of course, we want to make it special, so we launched the product at a special moment as well. This time, we choose the early spring as the right time to increase our shoes and boots collection. Our new loafers and flat boots will surely make our customers happy. They have many beautiful, cute, stylish and fashionable products they can pick from our store. We did this to reach our goal, which is creating the best online store for footwear, especially women's footwear. And, we plan to keep doing this in the future."

Shoessee has one of the complete collections of fashionable footwear. Its collection is available in various categories, such as high heels, sneakers, loafers, flat shoes, sandals, flat boots, and many more. All of them are the top pick of women's fashionable footwear. However, this store also has a special section where men also can find a collection of fashionable men's footwear. The event that this store is holding right now has become its trademark. Customers will have a chance to buy the product at more affordable prices and with more discounts.

About Shoessee
Shoessee is the leading company in apparel, especially the women's footwear products. This store started its business in 2014. Since then, it keeps growing and improving, which puts it into the top position of the online global apparel store that customers can find today. With so many discounts and promo events, Shoessee also is well-known as the best place to get affordable footwear with the best materials and quality.

Media Relations
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BerryLook Launched New Spring Flat Shoe Collection

This time, customers can find a new product on the flat shoe collection with various designs, styles, and colors they can wear in spring.

HONG KONG, CHINA, March 31, 2021 / — To welcome the spring season, BerryLook decided to launch a new series of products for flat shoes. These new products bring new looks and designs to its collection. The bright and colorful spring color has become its main theme, making it a perfect choice to wear during that season. Moreover, this store also includes many products from this collection in their clearance sale events. Customers will get discounts starting from 40% to 70%.

Furthermore, each product is also available in different sizes and colors. This store has kept its mission and service that focuses on the customer’s convenience. That allows them to be one of the popular shopping destinations for this year’s spring.

The representative of BerryLook explained, “Our customer always wanted a new product to commemorate or welcome a specific event. With that knowledge, we launched the new collection of flat shoes for this spring. We realize that this event will make our customers happy, and that’s all that we need to see from our customers. Moreover, this is like our tradition. We always add more and more new products every year, so our customers will have more options and items they can buy. After all, we aim to be the best place where everyone can find various fashion items that they need. Not only have the flat shoe, but also other products.”

BerryLook offers various fashion items for men and women. The main focus of this store is the women’s fashion items, where customers can find anything from top-wear, dresses, footwear, accessories, skirt, and more. It has a small section for men’s products that also offers various types of items.

One of the elements that make BerryLook famous is its affordable price. This store uses the factory price, plus many discounts and promo events that allow customers to save more budgets for fashion items. Because of that, this store is also known as the place to get cheap shoes online.

About BerryLook
BerryLook is a global online fashion store where women can satisfy their needs of the latest and trendy fashion items. It has various products from top designers and brands. They value their customer, making BerryLook the best destination to shop for the best quality fashion item.

Media Relations
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Emerging Leader Dexter Morrison of Property of America to be Featured on Close Up Radio

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 / — Dexter Morrison is the founder and CEO of Property of America, which specializes in political and social justice messaging merchandise to raise money for Joe Biden’s victorious 2020 presidential campaign.

“When I started this in 2017, my goal was to make a difference in 2020,” says Morrison. "Property of America represents the people of America."

Prior to launching Property of America Morrison was known for inventing one of the first light-switch plates emblazoned with NFL and NBA team logos. Motivated by his desire for change, Morrison combined his expertise in packaging, marketing, sales and distribution with his talent for silk-screening t-shirts to create Property of America and support the campaigns of Joe Biden and all Democratic candidates.

“Everybody wants to point fingers, but nobody wants to offer any solutions to the problems,” says Morrison. “We’ve got to change that. When Trump criticized the great Elijah Cummings and Baltimore, calling it rat-infested, that’s when I knew we were in trouble because he didn’t offer a solution. He just wanted to point fingers. I tell my kids, ‘When you’re right, you don't have to make excuses.’”

Morrison was a mainstay on the campaign trail, known for his outstanding t-shirts with designs for the moment.

“Candidates are looking for that t-shirt moment,” says Morrison. “When Kamala said, “That little girl was me” in the first debate, within 24 hours they had a t-shirt on the website generating money for her campaign.”

Morrison traveled to South Carolina the night before the primary, which would decide Biden’s chances for securing the nomination.

“I went to South Carolina with a plan to show Joe Biden what I was doing with my merchandise campaign,” recalls Morrison. “I knew I had to get his attention, so I yelled, ‘I traveled 3,000 miles to get a picture with you Joe Biden!”

And Joe Biden turned around.

“I showed him my design: ‘We welcome you Biden, but we miss you Obama,’ and he got a big smile on his face,” recalls Morrison. “He told his aide to get my information. That gave me confidence to know I was on the right track.”

With Biden now sworn into office, Morrison has shifted his focus to improving the lives of black youths through his One Building Project, bringing hope back to the community.

“I raise money through my products to reinvest in my community,” says Morrison. “I want my legacy to be that I always looked out for kids, and not just my kids. My family has lived the American dream, and I want to make sure other kids have that same opportunity.”

Close Up Radio will feature Dexter Morrison in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on March 31st at 3pm EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information, visit

Lou Ceparano
Close Up Television & Radio
+1 631-850-3314
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NordShield®’s strong efficacy against SARS-CoV-2

NordShield® has proof that its disruptive, wood based antimicrobial technology has over 99.9% efficacy against SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing Covid-19.

ESPOO, FINLAND, March 29, 2021 / — The NordShield BioLayr® antimicrobial textile treatment technology has been successfully tested for antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19. The tests have been conducted according to ISO 18184:2019 by a third-party laboratory, the Virology Research Services in London, UK. The test material displays more than 99.9% antiviral efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 after a contact time of 2 hours, the standard testing time according to ISO18184:2019. Further, shorter contact time, antimicrobial tests are in the pipeline.

In earlier tests, NordShield BioLayr® has already been dermatologically tested with the highest grade “excellent”, and proven over 99% efficacy against MVA, a surrogate virus for enveloped viruses (e.g. SARS, MERS, Hepatitis and influenza viruses), as well as up to 99.9999% efficacy against bacteria.

NordShield BioLayr® is a non-biocidal, biodegradable and natural based antiviral and antibacterial treatment for textiles outside of the medical area. The solution is applied on the fabric in the manufacturing process and keeps its antimicrobial efficacy for a min. of 30 washes.

“The NordShield BioLayr® technology has been designed to give consumer textiles antiviral and antibacterial properties. Proving that this technology is also active against SARS-CoV-2 specifically, in addition to inactivating other enveloped viruses and influenza viruses, is in the current pandemic naturally a great USP and added value for brands that use NordShield BioLayr® for their textiles. We are delighted that they can, referring to our technology, now make this SARS-CoV-2 claim directly.”
Stefan Sandås, Head of Technical Services at NordShield®


About NordShield®
Nordic BioTech Group, branded as NordShield®, is the world leading supplier of natural based antimicrobial solutions. NordShield® as a commercial technology was born after more than 10 years of researching, developing, testing, verifying, certifying and patenting. The result is a revolutionary technology with a unique combination of naturality, power and efficacy. This highly scalable technology enables the strongest protection with highest naturality – a creation as unique and powerful as nature and one that leaves nothing but goodness behind. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Espoo, Finland, NordShield® is disrupting the field of antimicrobial technology through a durable, natural based and safer alternative for antimicrobial protection that can be utilised across applications and industries.

For more information, visit

Contact to NordShield®:
Emmi Kavander, Chief Communications Officer / NordShield®

This document may contain statements related to Nordic Biotech Group Oy’s future business and financial performance and future events or developments that may constitute forward-looking statements. Nordic BioTech Group Oy does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or updated status of any such statements. Nordic Biotech Group neither intends, nor assumes any obligation, to update or revise these statements in light of developments which differ from those anticipated. Nordic BioTech Group Oy and its affiliates are not liable for any decision made or action taken in conjunction with the information and/or statement in this document or for any related damage.

This document contains statements that are only applicable within the European Union and this document is intended only for distribution within the European Union. Nordic BioTech Group Oy does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or updated status of any such statements and is not liable for any such statements.

Emmi Kavander
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NordShield® introduction

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STC Certification Body in the Baltic and Nordic Region Adopts BeVeg Vegan Certification Program

First Brand for Vegan Products and Services Certified Under Accreditation - Beveg

First Brand for Vegan Products and Services Certified Under Accreditation – Beveg

BeVeg Vegan Certification: globally accredited vegan trademark

BeVeg Vegan Certification: globally accredited vegan trademark



STC enrolls in the accredited BeVeg vegan program, and now manages BeVeg vegan certification audits in the Nordic-Baltic countries.

Vegan labels can be misleading. BeVeg is the world's ONLY ACCREDITED Vegan Standard, and the only reliable vegan trademark to trust. BeVeg auditors assess supply chains and factory production lines. ”

— STC Certification Body


STC certification body officially enrolls and adopts the internationally accredited BeVeg vegan certification program for the Nordic-Baltic regions. The Nordic-Baltic region consists of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden, and surrounding areas. STC is headquartered in Latvia and equipped with BeVeg trained and competent auditors in the field for the Nordic and Baltic countries.

BeVeg is the first ISO 17065 ACCREDITED Vegan Standard and is recognized to be in accordance with ISO 17065 and ISO 17067 as a conformity assessment program. BeVeg is headquartered in the United States, and is the only accredited vegan certification standard on the global market, making it the most reliable benchmark for companies and brands that wish to warrant vegan claims with integrity and transparency. BeVeg is a vegan certification program accredited by the National Accreditation Center (NAC). ISO is the International Organization for Standardization that publishes international standards. BeVeg only authorizes ISO accredited certification bodies with trained and experienced auditors to carry out the vegan scope, as defined and required by the technical standard. BeVeg is recognized by the world accreditation community for its accredited vegan standard. For a list of the most up to date authorized certification bodies to carry out BeVeg vegan audits, visit

STC auditors are trained on BeVeg, ISO, and food safety standards to handle vegan certifications for: food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, additives, cosmetics, textiles, furniture, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, household and other consumer products, as well as restaurants, hotels and other business services.

The BeVeg vegan standard has traceability controls, food defense mechanisms, and demands the separation of vegan products from products of animal origin during packaging, mixing, unpacking, storage and production to ensure that there is no animal contamination and a "free from animal material" or "vegan" claim has integrity.

Visit STC official website to learn more:

BeVeg is recognized by the world accreditation community for its accredited vegan standard. For a list of the most up to date authorized certification bodies to carry out BeVeg vegan audits, visit

Leva Lāce
STC Certification Body (ISO 17065/17025/17020)
+371 64130013
Visit us on social media:

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