Strategist Lori Hamilton Continues her Series “The Art of Business Transformation”

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Lori Hamilton, Founder & CEO, Prosperity Productions

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Prosperity Productions, Delivering the Unexpected, Uncovering Secrets and Bringing Insights to Light

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Prosperity Productions

A monthly newsletter to help you transform your business

Part of giving back for me is to share knowledge based on some of the mistakes I've made over the years.”

— Lori Hamilton

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — Strategist and successful entrepreneur, Lori Hamilton, is sharing a series designed to help you transform your business. Her company, Prosperity Productions, is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs make the most of their creative projects and companies. With this goal in mind, Hamilton created, “The Art of Business Transformation,” a detailed approach to creating change within a company structure. The introduction to the beginning of the series can be found at

In the introduction to the series, Hamilton explains that the most important step in successfully transforming your business is discovering your motivation then sharing that passion with others. She said, “the secret about the art of business transformation is that people work with people.” In part one, she elaborates on this idea by sharing the process of “Tapping Into the Power of People.”

Part one can also be found at the website above and it includes:

Quick tips for success: understanding that everyone has something to teach you, being honest with the people, and thanking the people you are working with so they know the impact they made.

Actionable profiles of the types of people you may encounter and best practices to collaborate with them.

Key questions to ask the people you work with. The goal is to understand what their point of view is so you can better work with them.

Resources to help you set your vision of the future, become a more emotionally engaged leader, and better organize your transformation.

"Part of giving back for me is to share knowledge based on some of the mistakes I've made over the years," says Hamilton.

The series will continue monthly, and you can get it in your inbox once a month by signing up for the newsletter on her business site, Prosperity Productions. When you do register, you'll get a copy of The Business Transformation Checklist. In addition, she shares other valuable information about insights and strategy. Read her bio for her research company here.

About Lori:
As Founder and President of Prosperity Productions, Hamilton has worked as a marketing strategist, researcher, and creative consultant for more than 20 years. Her work has generated over $3 billion in incremental business for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Having worked across a wide range of categories and industries, her clients include Google, ConAgra, Intuit, Rubbermaid, Deloitte Consulting, CitiBank, MetLife, Accenture, Herman Miller, USG, Russell Athletic, Blue Diamond, Johnson Controls, Microsoft, Garanimals, Carter’s/Oshkosh, United Technologies, The Home Depot, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Novartis. Lori holds a B.A. in Linguistics from UCLA and has won 53 awards for creative and marketing excellence, including five Best of Shows and a Clio. Lori has taught Insights and Innovation at Columbia University’s Master’s Degree.

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Small Acts, Big Motivation

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Walking Portfolios: How SKINSINK Redefined Modern Streetwear to Create a New Niche In Art







SKINSINK Rallies Like-Minded Artists From Around the Globe to Create a Tangible Means of Sharing Art with the Masses

BERLIN, GERMANY, April 30, 2021 / — Oscar Wilde famously said, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.” Thankfully, there is no longer a need to compromise one for the other. Over the decades, fashion develops, trends come and go, but art never fades. SKINSINK, the premier t-shirt and hoodie company based out of Berlin, is bridging the gap between visual art and fashion through purpose-driven partnerships with artists from various countries, backgrounds, and styles. SKINSINK’s one-of-a-kind t-shirt, sweatshirt, and hoodie line feature artwork from talented painters, graphic designers, illustrators, pixel artists, and street artists to create a living portfolio seen walking the streets of our communities.

SKINSINK takes the traditional idea of fashion design and flips it on its head; taking art from the museum, and bringing it to the street. Each line is masterfully curated through careful collaboration with the artist, making sure that no aspect of their vision is lost in translation to the apparel. Designers and artists who partner with SKINSINK do more than merely create t-shirts and hoodies; they join a movement.

Dedicated to empowering artists and soulful expression through tangible means, SKINSINK has crafted a business model that builds not only an online and living portfolio but a 50% share of the profits for each work of art sold. In 2021, artistic expression can tend to get lost in the noise of busy, tumultuous times; SKINSINK seeks to bring everyday patrons back to a state of expression, appreciation, and admiration for art through more modern avenues.

"SKINSINK supports independent artists like me, that especially now in challenging times, spur great motivation by promoting us and creating amazing apparel with our designs. Thank you very much!" – Cristina Vives, artist

"Working on SKINSINK is very rewarding. I feel so lucky being able to uplift artists and I am proud that we also make sure to give back to the environment and charitable causes." – Erla, Co-Founder

SKINSINK’s clothing is eco-friendly, sustainable, and unisex to fit bodies of all shapes, sizes, and identities. Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to supporting like-minded artists from around the world; SKINSINK’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

To learn more about SKINSINK, please visit:


SKINSINK is a modern streetwear brand fusing art with fashion to create a new niche of apparel that places artists at the forefront of the brand. Founders Erla and Nader, both with a rich background in art, design, and photography, launched SKINSINK in 2020 to create a tangible means of bringing art to the masses. Located in Berlin, SKINSINK redefines the one article of clothing everyone adores; the t-shirt. Through purpose-driven partnerships with international talent from around the world, SKINSINK’s exclusive line of unisex t-shirts and hoodies provides a platform for artists of all backgrounds to share their talents using a human portfolio. Each article of clothing is eco-friendly, with 50% of profits going to artists and a portion of profits going to charitable organizations from around the world.


Erla Riedel
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The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of New Mexico Endorses The Steinberg Law Group as the Best Mesothelioma Law Firm

The Steinberg Law Group is affiliated with doctors around the country.

We support our veterans.

The asbestos industry knowingly poisoned people for decades.

Inhaling just one fiber of asbestos is enough to cause mesothelioma decades later.


The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of New Mexico Endorses The Steinberg Law Group as the Best Mesothelioma Law Firm – Experience/Resources/Results

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, USA, April 29, 2021 / — The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of New Mexico is dedicated to providing the best possible legal and medical assistance to those stricken with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer. Anyone wishing to discuss their legal and/or medical options should call (888) 891-2200 to speak directly with an attorney from The Steinberg Law Group.

The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of New Mexico has endorsed The Steinberg Law Group because of their vast experience in handling mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cases. With offices in New York, California and Texas, The Steinberg Law Group has a national footprint that helps win the best possible financial compensation for clients.

Typically, asbestos exposure will have occurred sometime between the 1950s and the 1980s. Some of the most prevalent professions that encountered large quantities of asbestos include power plant workers, maritime workers, industrial workers, plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, mechanics, machinists, miners, railroad workers and construction workers, to name a few. Since the latency period for mesothelioma patients is approximately 40 years, most people diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer in 2020 were exposed decades ago.

New Mexico is home to many companies that are known for asbestos-containing products, including, but not limited to, energy production companies, manufacturing companies and industrial companies. New Mexico is also home to natural asbestos deposits, with the southwestern and central northern regions being the most potentially toxic.

Known jobsites, companies and locations with asbestos exposure in New Mexico include, but are not limited to, Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque and Cerrillos Coal Company, Columbia Asbestos Company, Bates Lumber Company, Kent Nowlin Construction Company, H.M. Public Service Power, Reeves Power Plant, Four Corner Power Plant, San Juan Powerhouse, Albuquerque Gas & Electric, Owens Corning Fiberglass, Phelps Dodge Mining, PNM Resources, Alta Vista Middle School and the University of New Mexico.

For the best possible medical treatment for mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 so a member of The Steinberg Law Group can determine which hospital/doctor in our network is most convenient for you.

States with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut, Florida, Texas and California. For more information about mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 or visit now.

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SEEBURGER to Provide API Connectivity and Modernize Integration for MAGID

SEEBURGER is pleased to announce that Magid Glove & Safety will utilize SEEBURGER Integration as part of its modernization initiatives.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2021 / — SEEBURGER, global leader in accelerating business processes with business integration solutions, is pleased to announce that Magid Glove & Safety will utilize SEEBURGER Integration as part of its modernization initiatives. SEEBURGER’s API connectivity and B2B/EDI capability will help Magid to streamline and standardize API connections to B2B procurement platforms and other business-critical endpoints.

At the core of SEEBURGER Integration is SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS), which incorporates multiple integration scenarios in the cloud, on-premises and hybrid, to provide seamless flow of information between companies and across ecosystems.

For Magid, a modern integration solution is part of its goals to drive higher revenues and to gain market share.

“When we decided to update our aging EDI infrastructure, we looked for a platform that would provide more options for integration than just EDI,” said Bill Mathews, Vice President Information Technology at Magid. “The SEEBURGER platform will allow us to more rapidly onboard our customers with the flexibility to connect via API, EDI, or managed file transfer. It fits our needs perfectly for now and the future.”

“SEEBURGER understands that many customers in today’s digital marketplace must plan and execute new strategies to digitize, integrate discrete back-end systems and modernize legacy EDI systems,” said Brent Tisdale Vice President Digital Transformation Sales, SEEBURGER. “We are excited to work alongside Magid to assist them in meeting their hybrid integration goals.”

“We appreciate Magid putting its trust in our solutions,” said Axel Haas, Co-CEO, SEEBURGER. “We keep our platform on the cutting edge of integration technology, so that our customers are able to connect, integrate and accelerate their businesses.”

About Magid
Since 1946, fourth-generation and family-owned, Magid leads the safety industry with revolutionary innovations in PPE, a team of safety experts, skilled in-house manufacturing, and a worldwide network of suppliers. We source or develop everything you need to keep your workers safe at competitive prices. Providing true expertise and personalized service, we answer your questions, conduct onsite assessments, and tackle your toughest safety challenges. At Magid, safety isn’t just a job, it’s our legacy! For more information, contact us at 800-444-8030 or visit

SEEBURGER Integration accelerates business for our customers and partners. Our unified, agile, scalable integration platform, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS), networks systems and applications so that the right data, in the right format, gets to the right place at the right time, securely – within and between companies. BIS includes B2B, EDI, MFT, EAI and API integration functionality available on any cloud, as hybrid or on-premises deployments. Today, as companies across the globe depend on unobstructed data flows, SEEBURGER Integration delivers, for more than 10,000 customers in diverse industries and more than 50 countries.
© Copyright 2021 SEEBURGER AG. All rights reserved.

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Apples & Pears Launches for Women on a Weight Journey

Owner – Megan Zarick

Red Floral Blouse featured in first box

Teal Shoulder Top featured in first box

Whether losing or gaining weight, Apples & Pears has created a unique clothing subscription box to build women's confidence through every stage of her journey.

I just got my first box and OMG I’m in love!! You hit my style perfectly!! I’m seriously in love with everything and it all FITS!! I don’t know what kind of wardrobe wizardry y’all have but I like it!”

— Carla W

ANNANDALE, VA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2021 / — Apples & Pears, a clothing subscription box for women on a weight journey has launched. Founder and CEO Megan Zarick struggled with her own weight loss journey which inspired her to create a brand new niche within the clothing space. "When I lost 60 pounds I found myself with two options. First I could continue to wear clothing that was far too large or I could over invest in clothing that would be worn as a temporary size," she said, noting that on her weight journey she had gone through at least 5 sizes.

So how does this new clothing subscription work? Apples & Pears allows women losing or gaining weight to subscribe monthly and receive 4 personally curated, new pieces of clothing. The subscriber then has the opportunity to return the items in the following month to receive their next size down or even keep the items for a small fee if they've fallen in love. Shipping out twice a month (1st and 15th) customers begin their journey by taking an in-depth style quiz asking about personal style, sizes, and preferences. By creating a more sustainable cycle women on a weight journey have the ability to find and maintain higher levels of confidence in their body image.

In addition customers can browse through "The Orchard" to find lightly, loved pieces in various sizes to supplement their own closet needs. The flexibility provided by Apples & Pears various methods of shopping brings much needed relief to women who struggle with "temporary" sizing.

"Our goal is to help women feel good and find happiness in the small victories during their weight journey." – Megan Zarick

Megan Zarick
Apples & Pears
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Dresses that Adapt to Urbanites’ Needs; Latest Looks from Effy By Design Fashion Collection

'Accountable', office wear and business fashion flexible collection from Effy By Design

‘Accountable’, office wear and flexible business fashion from Effy By Design

Executive Apron ~ An elegant two-sides reversible office dress from Effy By Design

Executive Apron ~ Two-sides reversible office dress

The Coffee Percolator ~ Brown holed dress with colorful interchangeable inner layers to kick up your look

The Coffee Percolator ~ Holed dress with interchangeable inner layers

Fashion brand Effy By Design unveiled today a surprising collection of office wear with flexible designs, that evolve to fit both the office and after-hours.

Days are too busy to overthink, especially style…”

— Effy H ~ Effy By Design head designer

SHANGHAI, CHINA, April 29, 2021 / — Fashion brand Effy By Design unveiled today a surprising collection of office wear with flexible designs, that evolve to fit both the office and after-hours.

“Days are too busy to overthink, especially style… yet the pressure is high to always project the right look for the right occasion, and office hours aren’t the same as a dinner with clients. That’s why I designed this collection, to save time with style”, said Effy H, head designer and CEO of Effy By Design.

As a result, the new range of dresses from the ‘Accountable’ collection offers two or more looks, switching between office wear and city life, and adapting to the need of the moment.

The versatile ‘Agile Collars’ proposes standard interchangeable collars to snap on and off, as well as an online platform to design and create personalized collars. The ‘Executive Apron’ uses buckles to quickly reverse between office dress and silk gown. The ‘Coffee Percolator’ is a holed dress with inside hooks that allows the wearer to remove and change the inner layer, with eight different color options to play with.

A virtual showroom of the full collection is available on Effy By Design’s website. The new collection is available through Effy By Design retails partners in Australia, Europe (U.K., France and Germany), and the United States; or worldwide through the online boutique.


About Effy By Design:
Effy By Design is an atelier created in Shanghai by fashion designer Effy H. Effy By Design focuses on flexible clothing for women, with daring and elegant clothes made to last. Previous collection includes ‘Mauving On…’ or ‘Industrial Latex!’. Creations are available worldwide through distribution network, or on Effy By Design online shop at .

Guillaume Maximin
Effy By Design
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Un Laboratoire Canadien Démontre que le Masque TrioMed Filtre 500% Plus de Virus Vivants Comparé aux Autres Masques

Boîte de 50 masques anti microbiens Triomed

Boîte de masques anti microbiens Triomed

Les masques TrioMed démontrent une efficacité supérieure au niveau de la filtration des virus de 500% à 3600% par rapport aux masques N95, FFP2 et de procédure

MIRABEL, QUEBEC, CANADA, April 29, 2021 / — i3 Biomedical inc., le fabricant canadien de masques chirurgicaux actifs TrioMed, annonce aujourd'hui que des tests scientifiques exécutés par le laboratoire certifié ISO, GAP EnviroMicroBial Services Ltd., ont démontré que la filtration des virus vivants par le masque actif TrioMed était supérieure de 500% à 3600% par rapport aux respirateurs et masques de procédure actuellement disponibles en Amérique du Nord et en Europe.

Utilisé depuis une dizaine d'années, le masque actif de TrioMed a été testé par de nombreux laboratoires externes, qui ont scientifiquement prouvé son efficacité pour désactiver divers virus et bactéries sur sa surface externe, et ce en l’espace de quelques minutes.

Récipiendaire de la médaille d'or 2020 par Canadian Manufacturing, le masque actif TrioMed a récemment fait l’objet d’un test visant à mesurer spécifiquement l'efficacité au niveau de la filtration de virus vivants et durant lequel cette dernière à été comparée à d’autres modèles de masques populaires en Europe, au Canada et aux États-Unis.

« Les résultats obtenus au bout de 30 minutes ont révélé que la performance au niveau de la filtration virale de la membrane du masque TrioMed est nettement supérieure à celle des autres masques testés (N95, FFP2, masques chirurgicaux de type IIR et ASTM3, masques de procédure), et ont établi une efficacité de filtration virale améliorée entre 500% et 3600% par rapport aux autres masques testés. Ces résultats sont le fruit de plusieurs années de travail de l'équipe TrioMed et démontrent non seulement l’aboutissement de notre approche scientifique mais également un savoir-faire inégalé dans le domaine de la filtration des virus aérosolisés », a déclaré Pierre Jean Messier, Président Exécutif.

Pour tout complément d'information sur les masques TrioMed Active, veuillez consulter le site ou envoyer un courriel à l'adresse

À propos d'i3 BioMedical Inc : i3 BioMedical est une société canadienne spécialisée dans les dispositifs médicaux, axée sur le développement et la fabrication de produits antimicrobiens novateurs intégrant la technologie TrioMed Active.

À propos de GAP EnviroMicrobial Services Ltd. : GAP EnviroMicrobial Services Ltd. (GAP), créée en 1996, respecte la norme ISO/CEI 17025:2005 avec l'accréditation de l'Association canadienne pour l'accréditation des laboratoires (CALA), qui est reconnue par près de 60 organismes d'accréditation dans 40 pays à travers le monde.

Pierre Jean Messier
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Laboratorio Canadiense Demuestra que la Mascarilla Triomed filtra mejor los virus vivos que la competencia por un 500%

MASCARILLA TRIOMED - Caja 50 unidades

MASCARILLA TRIOMED – Caja 50 unidades

MIRABEL, QUEBEC, CANADA, April 29, 2021 / — i3 Biomedical inc., El Fabricante Canadiense de la Mascarilla Activa Quirurgica Triomed anuncio el día de hoy que pruebas cientificas realizadas por el laboratorio certificado ISO, GAP EnviroMicrobial Services Ltd. Ha demostrado que la filtración a virus vivos de la Mascarilla Quirurgíca Activa Triomed fue superior entre un 500% – 3600 % al ser comparada con respiradores y mascarillas actualmente disponibles en Ámerica del Norte y Europa.

Durante la última década, la mascarilla activa Triomed ha sido probada por numerosos laboratorios externos contra diversos microorganismos, comprobando científicamente que la mascarilla activa TrioMed desactiva los microbios en su superficie externa en minutos.

Ganadora de la medalla de oro 2020 por fabricación canadiense, la máscara activa TrioMed fue probada con respiradores y máscaras norteamericanas y europeas para medir específicamente la eficacia de filtración del virus vivo.

“Después de comparar por 30 minutos de filtración de virus vivos en el material de filtro de los respiradores (N95 y FFP2), máscaras médicas (ASTM 3 y CE clase IIR), máscaras de procedimiento y la máscara activa TrioMed, se demostró que la máscara TrioMed es claramente superior, lo que demuestra una eficacia de filtración de virus entre 500% -3600% superior que todos los respiradores y máscaras probados. Los años de trabajo del equipo de TrioMed han demostrado una vez más una destreza científica y un conocimiento inigualable ”, dijo Pierre Jean Messier, presidente ejecutivo.”

Para obtener más información sobre las máscaras faciales TrioMed Active, visite o envíe un correo electrónico a
Sobre i3 BioMedical Inc: i3 BioMedical es una empresa canadiense de dispositivos médicos, centrada en el desarrollo y fabricación de nuevos productos que incorporan tecnología activa TrioMed antimicrobiana.

Sobre GAP EnviroMicrobial Services Ltd.: GAP EnviroMicrobial Services Ltd. (GAP), establecida en 1996, cumple con la norma ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 con la acreditación de la Asociación Canadiense de Acreditación de Laboratorios (CALA), la acreditación CALA está reconocida por casi 60 organismos de acreditación en 40 países de todo el mundo.

Pierre Jean Messier
i3 Biomedical Inc.
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AGC Georgia’s Young Leadership Program Hosts 22nd Annual Golf Classic Tournament

Sold out event seeks additional sponsors

ATLANTA, GA, USA, April 29, 2021 / — The Associated General Contractors of Georgia’s Young Leadership Program (YLP) is hosting its 22nd Annual Golf Classic Tournament on Wednesday, May 5 at Flat Creek Country Club and Braelinn Golf Club in Peachtree City. The monies raised will fund YLP’s interior build-out of the Community Assistance Center in metro Atlanta.

“We’re excited to have sold out the golf participation spots; however, we are still raising funds to assist the tournament’s beneficiary Community Assistance Center,” said Tournament Director Machell Harper. “The Center connects volunteers interested in helping community members in need. By building out the facility, the organization will be happy to assist many more people.”

Companies and individuals are still able to help YLP raise funds for the construction project by sponsoring the tournament through a sponsorship or by hosting a Hospitality Tent. During the event, specialty contractors, supply firms and service providers who provide professional services to construction firms will benefit from this opportunity to network with industry leaders.

Sponsors can host a branded table on a hole at one of the two host courses, receive two tickets to the awards banquet, and receive recognition in the tournament program and AGC Georgia’s newsletter,. YLP offers 501c3 non-profit status to its event sponsors, event participants and organization donors.

AGC Georgia is the leading, statewide professional trade association representing the commercial construction industry in Georgia. For more information please reach out to Machell Harper at or visit

# # #

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Shoessee Launched Its Latest Collection of Dress Sandals Cute Shoes Designed for Fashionistas

The latest collection of dress sandals is here at the store and it’s already set women talking.

HONG KONG, CHINA, April 28, 2021 / — As a reputed ecommerce platform for women shoppers based globally, Shoessee has displayed generously its latest line of dress sandals. The choice of footwear has increased over the years and this is one of the new categories that women have indeed taken a liking to. Apart from these sandals, the company will continue with the sale of new manufactured shoes that adhere to the latest in fashion and trends.

Focusing on the present day needs of women, the company has checked for the materials and quality before declaring this sale. “We did not think of launching this new collection at this time. The company has few set ideas and how it intends to get them implemented. But there’s no better time to announce the arrival of this new launch than this, since we do not have any upcoming sales now. Our usual collections in loafers, sandals, boots and pumps will continue to be under the respective categories at the website and customers can take their picks, if they like,” added one of the senior members of the R&D team of the company.

Shoessee has something for everyone- be it rich or poor or old and young; the collections suit everyone. The incredible collections that the company has at present are by far few of the best ones that the footwear industry contains. “The display at our site is truly eye-catching. At least, new shoppers who haven’t tried our shoes yet will be stunned seeing the plethora of designs and most importantly, the nominal pricing of each pair,” added the member.

In regards to the services, the CEO of the company said, “Our shoes are sustainable and manufactured and produced exclusively by us. We deal in some of the best vintage and retro looks as much as the modern designs. Nowhere in the world have we had any brick and mortar outlet, but our online presence has reached most women. Keeping in mind the varied mindsets of shoppers, we have all such cute shoes crafted by some of the most hard working and meticulous shoemakers in the factory, who have excelled at their tasks.”

About the Company
Shoessee is a reputed online company for shoes that has garnered the appreciation globally.
To know more, visit

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