Standing with Science: How GetVVX Clothing Brand is Uniting a Nation Through Vaccination Pride Apparel

Featuring Shirts, Hats, and Masks, GetVVX Communicates the Ultimate Message: Stronger Together

ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2021 / — The past year has quite frankly torn the nation in two. From the Coronavirus to social injustice, elections, and everything in between; Americans are ready for some good news and unity. As vaccines continue to roll out across the nation, everyone is sharing photos of their vaccine card, but what if there was a more practical and fashionable way to show support and solidarity with science? Launched as a means to show vaccination pride, GetVVX offers an exclusive line of apparel to promote the positive message of unity and strength as the world continues to wage the war against the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than a brand, VVX is a social movement designed to provide the public with a symbol to rally behind based on love, facts, and vaccines. Founded and designed by Hooshmand Nightingale, an emergency medical physician, the message of VVX is far larger than the individual. Caring for COVID patients daily, Hooshmand sought an innovative approach to keep not only patients safe but the public as well.

Thus the vision of VVX began. While the controversy surrounding vaccines and science presses on in the media, VVX is dedicated to presenting the facts while providing a positive means of solidarity and pride used in everyday life. Featuring top-tier fabrics, VVX is fashionable, unisex streetwear that emphasizes the power of “We > Me”.

At its core, the VVX logo is a beacon of bravery and a tribute to the collaborative efforts of frontline workers and the public in fighting the pandemic. The two V’s in the VVX logo represent the COVID 19 vaccines. The first “V” represents vaccinating to protect ourselves. The second “V” to protect loved ones. Together, they form a “W” and two hearts, for WE.

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to science as a solution; Get VVX’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition by bringing communities all over the nation together as a united front.

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About GetVVX

GetVVX is a clothing brand designed to create a world where facts matter and science are respected and used to solve problems. Founded in 2020 by Hooshmand Nightingale, VVX features exclusive t-shirts, hats, and masks to showcase the unity and collaborative efforts as it pertains to vaccinating the country. VVX is more than just a brand to show others that vaccines are safe and effective. VVX is a movement about WE, not ME. The two V’s in the VVX logo represent the COVID 19 vaccines. The first “V” represents vaccinating to protect ourselves. The second “V” to protect those we love. The two VV’s join together to form a “W” and two hearts, for WE. Once vaccinated, customers can show others with pride that they have done their part to protect not only themselves but others as well.



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