NFT art specialist Strata.Gallery premieres pioneering, interactive art event & sale from renowned artist Héctor Falcón

Strata.Gallery’s distinctive approach to NFT art – that physical and digital art are mutually rich – heralds a new age of art creation, collection & investment

GLOBAL, June 8, 2021 / — Strata.Gallery today unveiled a world-first interactive NFT artwork event and sale: ‘Whole Picture’. The sale of 1200 unique NFT artworks, which runs for a month, is the digital continuation of Héctor Falcón’s renowned work, Constructive Modular Extraction, a series of physical paintings where Falcón slashes through his own multi-layered canvases to reveal the images that lie beneath.

Whole Picture is interactive so, after the sale is over, owners co-create their 4-layered digital artwork, guided by choice and chance. This unparalleled art experience results in a truly collectible NFT artwork that is both an investment and an evolving project: the opposite of more typical ‘one-and-done’ NFT transactions.

To Strata.Gallery, NFTs are an evolving medium or form of artistic expression that can bridge both the physical and digital and honour an artist’s work. Strata.Gallery has set out to challenge and shatter ‘old school’ perceptions of digital art being at odds with physical artworks. Strata.Gallery’s vision is that the extension of popular collectible art onto the digital platform can bring greater interactivity, depth and joy to the whole art experience, as well as increased investment value.

Strata.Gallery has leveraged the unique capabilities of the blockchain to bring its vision to life. The process starts with the sale of 1200 NFT artworks from Falcón over the month of June. When the sale ends, the ‘Whole Picture’ event begins, and this is where the interactive experience takes the art to another level: beautiful, playful and new, giving both long-term value and enjoyment.

“Taking this project into the NFT system seemed very natural,” said Falcón.” It is a collaborative artistic experience that challenges some of the dogmas of traditional art by giving birth to a new level of artistic expression. In making these pieces, I wanted to combine the work of the artist with the actions of the person who consumes the art, without either of the two being wrong or out of place. It is not about buyers making an image that I have to like. The idea is that in this digital dimension, a user can play a sort of game – between my artistic proposal on the one hand and their wishes or preferences on the other. What results is a unique artwork, born from a playful and dynamic act.”

This first event is one of a series of art projects planned by Strata.Gallery, made possible by blockchain technologies. Strata.Gallery will be working with modern artists, helping them gain a new audience and ultimately bringing art alive in a way that was never previously possible. Strata’s collaboration with Falcón to create ‘Whole Picture’ is, Strata.Gallery believes, the future of art investment, collection, curation and creation.

‘Whole Picture’ bridges the physical and digital in multiple ways. Notably, once Falcón’s artworks are slashed and punctured, the circular canvas cutouts become collectable pieces in their own right. As part of the event Strata.Gallery will randomly allocate 50 of these cutouts to those owners with matching digital canvases, framed and signed by Falcón.

The NFT art
The 1200 digital artworks are based on 50 canvases that Falcón has hand-painted and then punctured. Each NFT represents one artwork made up of 4 ‘stacked’ layers revealed during the month-long art event. Upon completion, the four layers can be arranged and rearranged: the owner collaborates with the artist to create their own bespoke digital artwork. Every NFT is unique and of varying rarity: some of the 50 canvases appear frequently, some a few times, and some only once.

The sale
Strata has devised a unique three-tiered pricing structure that allows every type of NFT art buyer to participate in this time-limited sale. It also limits the disparity between opening and final prices associated with earlier NFT pricing models. Whether a buyer is an enthusiast or an expert crypto or art investor, the model is designed to balance utility and cost, offering differing value propositions to suit all levels of investment. The sale is limited to the month of June.

The event
When the sale concludes, the art event commences. This is where the whole ‘experience’ of Falcón’s art is taken to a new level that only blockchain technology can facilitate. The canvases of each artwork are revealed over time, determined by a combination of choice and chance.

Every 4,444 blocks added to the Ethereum blockchain (circa 18.5 hours), owners are shown a canvas.
If the owner likes the canvas, they can lock it or they can wait 4,444 blocks for another choice.
There are 5 chances to lock a canvas- after that the latest canvas is automatically locked and the first canvas of the next layer is revealed.
This process repeats for all 4 layers.
After 88,880 blocks (4,444 blocks x 5 chances x 4 layers), the event is complete. All artworks will consist of unique arrangements of four stacked canvases.
The owner views their completed canvas in the ‘Whole Picture’ digital art viewer, where they can arrange and rearrange their canvases and even automate them, so they appear from differing perspectives.

About Héctor Falcón
Héctor Falcón is an award-winning, critically acclaimed Mexican artist. He has more than 35 individual and 140 collective exhibitions to his name, and his highly collectible work has been shown at leading art fairs such as Frieze, The Armory Show, Art Basel and Volta.

About Strata.Gallery
Strata.Gallery is a pioneering online art gallery with an unconventional approach. It wants to change how art, artists and audiences interact and collaborate, and to showcase the pinnacle of digital and physical art. It is the gallery that the NFT art world and its growing number of investors need.

Strata.Gallery has a long-term vision: to bring together a community of art and crypto enthusiasts who will become the 21st Century patrons of a new age of art investment. Strata.Gallery is not turning ‘real-world’ art into pixels. It is discovering and collaborating with artists who want to use the possibilities and opportunities that the blockchain provides as a new medium. This is art creation and evolution.

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