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— Andy Finch

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2021 / — Chief Executive Mick Davis announced today that space for a new manufacturing facility has been leased for a joint venture that will produce the Bullet Barrier ™ products.

The Ballistic Barrier Products (BBP) facility improvements and equipment installation began in early June followed quickly by sample products for internal ballistics range testing. The first two rounds of testing concluded in early July.

Additional equipment is being delivered in Q3 of this year to complete the high-volume production line of ballistic resistant window and door coverings. The facility is in Johnson City, TN. “Johnson City leaders have been very supportive of the new business", said Ron Egres, partner in Ballistic Barrier Products, Inc. “We are fortunate to have access to skilled labor in the area from the textile industry”.

On other matters, the Astra Veda executive team provided OTC Markets the required financial disclosure information to meet the S.E.C. Rule 15c21. We empathize with the tremendous task that OTC Markets has to help clean up their OTC Pink Sheets listing service. Despite being willing and able to provide financial disclosures before the deadline, OTC Markets stated they are unable to accept our information until after our Corporate Action has been completed by FINRA.

The Company has also supplied additional historical documentation requested by FINRA to complete our “Market Name” and “Ticker Symbol” change. The requirements were painstakingly researched and provided, despite the numerous requests and lack of response from the former Board of Directors, the former founder, his attorney and CPA.

The Company has remediated the last of the previous CEO’s securities defects, validating all accredited preferred shareholders and providing notice to those ineligible investors. Individual offers of a settlement in compromise are being sent to unwitting participants in this unscrupulous behavior.
The Company will continue to engage in legal action holding the previous governance body accountable, adding parties who willingly participated in defrauding shareholders. There will be no compromise or settlement to discount the bad acts of the previous leadership and expect a trial date sometime in Q4 2022.

Long term shareholders are expecting and demand a full accounting of where their investment funds were expended. We are grateful not to be dependent on trading equity of our public company for operational sustainment. We are focused on revenue production activities first and foremost while rehabilitating the public company.


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Source: EIN Presswire