Mood Boards, Fashion Sketches, and More: LA Clothing Manufacturer's Key to Success

The fashion and textile industries are filled with talented, hard-working people”

— The Evans Group

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 1, 2021 / — A Los Angeles clothing manufacturer is doing its due diligence in crafting the perfect clothing line for established and emerging fashion designers.

The Evans Group (TEG), led by founder Jennifer Evans, aims to help fashion designers all over the country achieve their lofty fashion dreams by engaging in a unique design process.

Here are three critical ways that TEG sets itself apart from other Los Angeles clothing manufacturers.

3 Ways TEG Creates Couture

Jennifer Evans and her team of talented clothing producers do a lot to create catchy couture. Here are some of TEG’s proven methods of successful design.

Mood Boards

Mood boards are fantastic ways to envision what your bespoke clothing line will look like. Before getting hasty with ordering custom clothing, the TEG design and production team wants to ensure that the look and feel of your brand come through loud and clear. The TEG team goes on to explain exactly what constitutes a mood board for fashion design.

“[A fashion mood board can] include anything from magazine clippings of a certain style to color palettes you want to include in your brand. Think of something like a Pinterest board, and you’ll have a clearer idea of what a fashion mood board can be.”

Fashion Sketches

It may seem obvious that a good fashion sketch is essential to know what you want out of your very own clothing line. But TEG shows that committing your design to paper is much more than doodling.

TEG outlines the basics of a winning fashion sketch. You start by drawing a figure (called a croquis), following what’s called the ‘nine heads’ method:

“When sketching your fashion design, using the ‘nine heads’ template is crucial for success. ‘Nine heads’ refer to the proportions of the illustrated model: the croquis is nine heads tall, from the top of the head to the feet. It’s the ideal starting point for drawing multiple poses and angles.”

With these crucial tips, it goes to show that fashion sketches are more than just a bare-bones framework for your new clothing line. They’re the essential foundation for every clothing item in your brand’s collection.

Sustainably and Ethically Designed Clothing

If you aren’t aware, the fashion industry is notorious for creating a staggering amount of pollution. Jennifer Evans created a Los Angeles clothing manufacturing studio that stressed sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

On larger clothing orders, Jennifer Evans goes out of her way to hire Los Angeles designers and textile workers to staff her clothing manufacturing studio.

“The fashion and textile industries are filled with talented, hard-working people,” states a recent article.

“As such, these creative and dedicated individuals need to be treated with respect. That means engaging in the latest labor standards and laws. For example, a staggering amount of women in the Global South are exposed to unethical and exploitative working conditions.”

For her, it’s all about compassion, natural fibers, and making a dent in that grim statistic that the industry creates nearly one-fifth of all water pollution.

What Does This Mean for Independent Fashion Designers?

It means that Jennifer Evans and TEG are committed to laying the foundation for building your brand during the crucial planning phases. After extensive planning, the TEG team moves into production, lasting anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks (with rush orders available if you’re in a hurry).

With satisfied customers like Guess, Greg Lauren, Cosima, and the women-led Hiraeth, TEG proves that its methods work for everyone who wants to launch a clothing line.

About The Evans Group

The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers.

The Evans Group prides itself on being one of the few fashion houses in the United States with raw experience and talent. And primarily for independent fashion designers to benefit from.

With talented seamstresses, pattern makers, and fashion pattern drafters, TEG allows emerging designers the chance to start a clothing line.

Learn more about The Evans Group on its website:
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