Fake Quality: AMCA To Decline Companies Using Bogus ISO 9001 Certificates

Fake ISO Certificates

The country's only pro-American quality certification program will not certify companies using invalid ISO registrations

Industrial buyers need to ask for additional documentation when verifying an ISO certification. They can't just rely on the certificate itself in today's world of ISO counterfeiters”

— Conrad Bailey

BOSTON, MA, US, September 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — AMCA (http://amcacert.com) is once again making noise in the quality community with its decision to not certify businesses with questionable ISO certifications. The pro-American quality over-seer said in an announcement this morning companies using 'mail order certificate mills' will not be approved for AMCA quality recognition without a full on-site audit by performed an independent ISO auditor or consultant.

According to AMCA spokeswoman Maria Santos, the company's decision is based primarily on its mission to be the 'Gold Standard' in quality recognition for U.S. manufacturers. “There are two types of companies that purchase bogus ISO certification. One is naive their certification is questionable at best. The other is unethical, because they are knowingly duping their own customers on their so-called ISO achievement,” said Santos.

AMCA President Don LaBelle said AMCA does not have ISO's unfortunate problem of bogus certifiers because all AMCA registrations are easily validated on the company's official website. According to LaBelle, the most disturbing aspect of fake ISO certifications is the growing number of 'certificates' sold online for aerospace, medical, environmental and other standards of critical, health, risk and safety matters.

“There's a saying in the manufacturing community about ISO certifications, valid or invalid 'if you got the money, you get the cert' said LaBelle. He added, “Accreditation bodies is not the solution to counter the flood of inauthentic ISO certifications because accreditation is non-compulsory as per ISO's requirements.” LaBelle concluded, “Companies buying from manufacturers certified by AMCA are comfortable in knowing the supplier has been thoroughly vetted. Further, the manufacture's quality certification can be verified in minutes.”

US-based manufacturers, machine shops, distributors, exporters and other industrial suppliers can submit an application for AMCA quality certification at https://amcacert.com/get-quality-certified/

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AMCA (American Made Customer Accredited) is the first pro-American quality certification for the U.S. manufacturing sector. Being AMCA certified ensures your company is recognized for quality and integrity independent of ISO's foreign certification schemes. Companies certified to AMCA standards are over-seen and accredited by their own customers… making AMCA the only truly impartial accreditation in quality certification. AMCA is the 'Gold Standard' of American quality in the manufacturing sector. Learn more at http://www.amcacert.com

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Source: EIN Presswire