Mingle with the crème de la crème at the World Ski Awards

LONDON, UK, November 10, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mingle with the crème de la crème of the ski industry at the 4th annual World Ski Awards™ hosted at the fabulous A-ROSA Kitzbühel from November 18-20, 2016. The 3-day event includes a VIP networking program and activities with the red carpet awards ceremony taking place on the evening of November 19.

World Ski Awards™ is the only global initiative to recognize, reward and celebrate excellence in ski tourism.

Guests at the event will be invited to engage in private skiing, sight-seeing tours, and a host of other activities.

Highlights include a tour of the picturesque town of Kitzbühel, home of skiing and host to the World Ski Awards, while a visit to the historic city of Salzburg is sure to feature on many ‘to do’ lists.

Also on offer is a chance to experience an unforgettable day of private guided skiing on the slopes of the legendary Hahnenkamm. A gourmet lunch will be provided with special guests in attendance to ensure the experience lives long in the memory.

Throughout the weekend, World Ski Awards guests are also invited to indulge in a luxurious sensory experience at the multi award-winning SPA-ROSA.

The highlight of the weekend will of course be the glittering red carpet World Ski Awards Gala Ceremony itself on the evening of Saturday, November 19, when the winners will be officially announced.

Take a look at the full itinerary here: http://worldskiawards.com/ceremony

Voting closed at the end of September, with a record number of ballots cast by leading ski tourism professionals ahead of the event.

These will be tallied alongside the votes of hundreds of thousands of ski consumers from around the world, with the winners revealed during the formal presentations to in the legendary ski resort of Kitzbühel.

The event will be welcome industry leaders from around the world to Austria, with delegates from the Chinese ski community attending for the first time.

World Ski Awards Managing Director Sion Rapson said: “As we approach our fourth Gala Ceremony, World Ski Awards continues to develop into the leading arbiter of quality in ski tourism.

“With more votes than ever before it is obvious World Ski Awards has caught the imagination of the global ski tourism community and I look forward to welcoming its leaders to Kitzbühel in just a few short weeks.”

Tickets for the Gala Ceremony are in high demand.

For more information, click here: http://worldskiawards.com/

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inWhatLanguage ranks 13th in Utah’s 100 fastest growing companies

Cody Broderick and Gov. Gary Herbert

CEO, Cody Broderick, accepted the award for ranking 13th in the Utah 100 in behalf of inWhatLanguage, a language technology and translation company.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — inWhatLanguage, an innovative language technology company, was ranked the 13th fastest growing company in Utah for 2016 by MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN) at the annual Utah 100 Awards Program. The event took place on October 18th in the beautiful Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City.

inWhatLanguage’s CEO, Cody Broderick, said, "When I first started inWhatLanguage, I always dreamed of making the list of Utah's fastest growing companies. This year that dream became a reality and being recognized and awarded as #13 of the 100 fastest growing companies is a big milestone for us. I am grateful when I think about the amazing group of people that have made this possible and who continue to work so hard each day toward our long-term vision. I'm excited for what's to come. What a beautiful journey. What a great team win!"

The Utah 100 Awards Program recognizes the top 100 fastest growing companies across the state of Utah from thousands of candidates in all industries. MWCN also honored the 15 Top Revenue Growth and the Emerging Elite companies in Utah. ”Utah is a leading state both in the number of startups and the number of companies that survive their first five years,” Gov. Gary Herbert said. “This annual event is a great opportunity to celebrate those innovators, business owners, and entrepreneurs who keep our communities vibrant and strong”.

About inWhatLanguage:

inWhatLanguage is a full service translation agency, offering translation services in 180+ languages. Through UNIFY, a completely cloud-based management system, inWhatLanguage streamlines the translation process resulting in substantial cost and time savings, higher quality translations, and much faster time to market for business enterprises. UNIFY supports 50+ file types, has built-in integrations and APIs, making it easy to connect, translate, and localize all business content in one centralized location.

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Pets of the Homeless Has Holiday Wish of Helping

Pets of the Homeless seeks donations to assist homeless and their pets this holiday season

Pets of the Homeless’ mission is to feed and provide basic veterinary care to pets of homeless people in the United States and Canada.

Organization seeks donations to assist homeless and their pets this holiday season

During the holidays, giving human food to local food banks is great, but remember that Fido and Kitty need assistance too.

— Genevieve Frederick

CARSON CITY, NV, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — (Carson City, Nev.) – 3.5 million Americans are homeless. Between 5 and 10 percent of homeless people have dogs and/or cats. In some areas of the country, the rate is as high as 24 percent. During the holiday season, cold winter weather and loss of hope during a time of giving pose additional hardships for the homeless population. And for their pets living on the street, they will need the extra calories from food during the winter months to keep warm.

Homelessness continues to be a national issue. In 2006, Genevieve Frederick founded Pets of the Homeless, a volunteer-based organization that offers animals the food their owners cannot provide. The organization garnered nonprofit status in 2008.

Pets of the Homeless’ mission is simple – to feed and provide basic veterinary care to pets of homeless people in the United States and Canada.

Pets of the Homeless is busy promoting to veterinarians and pet-related businesses the importance of joining the organization as a donation site, and campaigning to food distributing organizations the importance of providing pet food to the less fortunate.

Since 2008, donations have surpassed 442 tons of pet food delivered to food banks via the network of donation sites across the country.

To reach its goal in 2016, Pets of the Homeless will need another 24,000 pounds of pet food donated and $43,000 raised nationally. They are actively seeking donations to assist homeless people and their pets.

“Eighty seven cents out of every dollar donated goes directly to our free programs,” said Frederick. “For homeless people with pets, many are forced to choose between their pet or a roof over their head. These pets are non judgmental, provide love, comfort and an emotional bond of loyalty. In some cases, they provide the homeless with protection and also keep them warm. During the holidays, giving human food to local food banks is great, but remember that Fido and Kitty need assistance too.”

In 2016 to-date, 384 pets have been treated for an illness or injury at a cost of over $78,000 to hospitals across the country. Pets of the Homeless’ emergency veterinary care program is the most costly, yet is offered free to homeless guardians of pets. In total, Pets of the Homeless has provided more than $418,000 in veterinary care to more than 14,000 pets of the people they serve.

There are more than 434 donation sites nationwide. To donate to Pets of the Homeless, visit petsofthehomeless.org.

About Pets of the Homeless:
Pets of the Homeless believes in the healing power of companion pets and of the human-animal bond which is very important in the lives of many homeless. They find solace, protection and companionship through their pets. They care for their pets on limited resources so they themselves have less. The task, nationwide, is to feed and provide basic emergency veterinary care to their pets and thus relieve the anguish and anxiety of the homeless who cannot provide for their pets. For more information, please visit petsofthehomeless.org or follow them on Facebook.

See the impact that Pets of the Homeless has on the homeless community, highlighted in Elite Daily.

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EquityBuild Finance Reveals How They Outsmart Scammers and Make Returns that Seem Too Good to Be True

Real Estate Investment Education on Using Scrutiny to Investigate Why Some Investors Feel Cheated by Their Choices While Others Make High Returns

PLANO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — EquityBuild Finance reveals how they pay double-digit returns on their low-risk, fully backed private mortgage notes. They give insight as to why notes that pay high interest rates aren’t a ripoff or too good to be true, and how EquityBuild Finance is able to pay such solid rates of return.

Private mortgage notes are an asset class that relatively few investors know about. EquityBuild Finance has decades of experience in real estate investing, and guides clients through the investment process, anticipating any issues or concerns.

“We get asked why would anybody turn to EquityBuild Finance as a funding source, since we offer such high rates to our investors, while other investments remain low,” said Shaun Cohen, vice president of EquityBuild. “At first glance it can seem like it could be a bad investment, that it’s too good to be true. We understand you're skeptical. Savvy investors are. That’s why we want to educate our potential clients to show them how we are able to pay such outstanding returns.”

There are two main reasons why real estate investors are willing to pay higher interest rates:

1) Access to Capital. Banks do not often make construction loans, and they are usually not willing to go to the trouble to lend on properties that require significant turnaround. Lending standards have become stringent between the lingering economic effects of the great recession and the increased regulation of financial institutions. EquityBuild Finance was created because of the need to fill that void.

2) Speed of Capital. Even if someone is able to get a construction loan, the transaction takes 45-60 days to process, and sellers seldom want to wait that long. Sellers typically sign contracts with buyers who can prove they have the cash to close quickly. EquityBuild Finance is able to provide that assurance and usually close a sale very quickly. This allows buyers to purchase properties that would have been sold to someone else, had they not had access to speedy capital.

Borrowers are often willing to sacrifice some of their future profit, through higher interest rates, rather than lose out on an opportunity completely. EquityBuild Finance carefully vets each borrower, along with each underlying real estate deal, to avoid any problems. This ensures that the property generates more than enough rent to cover the borrower's note payments, as well as all the property's operating expenses, and still return positive cash flow.

Hundreds of smart people have invested with EquityBuild Finance since the company began in 2008. So many of them are repeat investors, who spread the word to their family and friends about these double-digit returns. Go here to EquityBuild Finance or call 877-978-1916 to find out about private mortgage notes that are 100% backed with income-producing real estate.

EquityBuild Finance is committed to putting its extensive knowledge and unique Operational Mastery of the real estate investing process to work for regular people, maximizing their returns and minimizing their risk at every step. By doing this EquityBuild Finance helps its investors achieve financial freedom while improving neighborhoods and providing hard-working families with nicer, safer places to live.

Founded by father-son team Jerry and Shaun Cohen, this company gives people the freedom and time to pursue their passions with the people they love. EquityBuild Finance is ushering in a new era, making real estate investing more secure and reliable than ever. To find out more visit us at http://www.EquityBuild.com or http://www.EquityBuildFinance.com.

Company Contact:


EquityBuild Finance
EquityBuild Finance
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Soldi troppo in nero: una compagnia Europea paga a gli guerriglieri

KIEV, KIEV, UKRAINE, November 9, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Giornalisti contro la corruzzione e illegittimità” – un gruppo di giornalisti-investigatori Ucraini – ha comunicato dei documenti compromettenti che si sono trovati a loro disposizione e confermano la collaborazione della compagnia europea Flame SA con La Repubblica Popolare di Donetsk (RPD) – organizzazione a riconoscimento limitato che ha preso la territoria al Est d’Ucraina sotto suo controllo.
Il documento sopracennato è un contratto a consegna di 72 000 tonnellate di carbone tra Flame SA e la miniera “Jdanivska” che si trova nel territorio non controllato al Est d’Ucraina. Questo territorio, anche come tutte le imprese localizzate, sono conrollati dai ribelli filorussi della stessa RPD. Intanto, tali relazioni commerciali devono essere regolati proprio dalla legislazione Ucraina: l’impresa, anche stando al territorio non controllato, deve pagare le tasse al bilancio statale, poiché è registrata al territorio d’Ucraina e si trova li stesso.
Però, dopo l’inizio di azioni militari nel 2014, molte compagnie della regione hanno dichiarato della nuova registrazione, iniziando a pagare le tasse al bilancio della autodichiarata RPD.
Praticamente, questo è il diritto finanziameno degli guerriglieri. In mezzo a tali “sponsor” – la sopracennata miniera “Jdanivska” che a sua volta riceveva i soldi dalla europea Flame SA.
A quale base la Flame SA acquistava il carbone proprio in questa miniera e perché non ha trovato una fonte alternativa per le consegne di questa materia prima – resta l’incognita. I rappresentanti della compagnia non hanno risposto ne a una domanda dei giornalisti ucraini.
Tra le altre cose, il sito web della Flame SA è inaccessibile, per questo non risulta possibile avere dei commeti ufficiali della compagnia su quest’affare.
Il Servizio di Sicurezza d’Ucraina (SSU) si è già interessato del fatto del presente contratto – per adesso solo nella parte di rinvio a giudizio penale del direttore della miniera “Jdanivska”, il signore Ruslan Dubovskiy. È accusato di esecuzione delle operazioni illegali d’esportazione con Flame SA e una serie di altre compagnie allo scopo di “fininziamento del terrorismo” (clausola 258-5, parte 1 del Codice Criminale d’Ucraina). Al presente, l’indagine del SSU su quest’affare continua.
Ma non è l’unico “buco” della compagnia Flame SA. Secondo i dati dei giornalisti ucraini, la compagnia in violazione delle sanzioni internazionali ha dei rapporti commerciali con un’altra miniera – “Zarechnaya”, che si trova nella Federazione Russa. Questa miniera è l’attivo della compagnia “Uralvagonzavod” che a sua volta sta nella lista delle compagnie sottomesse alle sanzioni degli Stati Uniti e Unione Europea.
Flame SA e le sue filiali F-Chem SA e Brando International sono situati allo stesso indirizzo in Svizzera. L’attività principale della compagnia è la ricerca e consegna del carbone energetico, coke di petrolio e coke mettallurgico. Flame SA esercita commercio in tutto il mondo, il suo capitale impiegabile è 1 milione di franchi svizzeri. E non è una sorpresa, considerando i volumi degli acquisti e il profitto ricevuto.
Ovviamente, i fondatori della compagnia Alessandro Ballerini, Luca Ferrari e Fabrizio D'Adamo non vogliono perdere lo stato e la fiducia dei clienti, per questo non ostentano la sua attività commerciale non sempre legale. E le forze dell’ordine non faranno cerimonee con complici dei guerriglieri armati. Tali affari contraddicono non solo la legislazione ucraina ed europea, ma le basi morali e la concorrenza sana.
E per concludere. “Finanziamento dei guerriglieri” è un delitto, in questo caso – contro l’integrità d’Europa e l’Ucraina come sua parte. Certo, i limiti del onore e onestà nel mondo sono smarriti da tanto tempo, ma il carbone dalla RPD è una merce troppo “nera” e sporca che va lontano oltre i confini di questi limiti.

Fonte: www.prukraine.com/chernaya-pribyl-za-chto-evropejskaya-kompaniya-daet-dengi-boevikam

Andriy Shevchenko
Giornalisti contro la corruzzione e illegittimità
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2,500 Event Professionals Expected To Gather At BizBash Live: The Expo, New York On November 15

In its 16th Year in New York, BizBash Live Returns With New Thought Leaders and Event Innovators, Featuring Speakers from Google, Samsung, iHeartMedia and more

NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 10, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — On November 15, BizBash Live: The Expo will return to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center with a new roster of industry all-stars, ideas, and inspiration for event organizers. The renowned Event Innovation Forum returns as part of the lineup with presentations from some of the top names in events, including Amanda Matuk from Google, Natasha Eno of iHeartMedia, Candace Montgomery from Essence, Michael Blatter from Mirrorball, Zach Overton from Samsung 837, and David Monn.

Amanda Matuk, executive producer of the hugely popular I/O developers conference at Google, will share how her team stays innovative, giving a behind-the-scenes look at how she reconfigured the Google I/O conference. Natasha Eno, vice president of events and venue partnerships at iHeartMedia, will give insights on how to create valuable experiences for event sponsors, ensuring they return year after year. Renowned designer David Monn will discuss the core principals of design, exploring the rites, rituals, and protocols behind events and drawing on his work with the most respected brands and individuals in the world. Jean-François Bouchard from Sid Lee will explore the philosophy of how we engage as humans, and how to target the right people at events.

Also at BizBash Live, the Workshop Series will open the day with hands-on learning from industry influencers, covering topics that include social media, career building, and strategy. The Over-the-Top Luncheon will debut with special guests, Donald Albrecht, curator of architecture and design at the Museum of the City of New York, and Michael Cerbelli, C.E.O. and president of Cerbelli Creative. Throughout the day, the BizBash Exhibit Floor will showcase the latest and most inspiring event and meeting trends and technologies from more than 200 companies.

The full list of speakers, topics, and registration information can be found at www.bizbash.com/expony. For media coverage, email gmohren@bizbash.com.

BizBash is the largest media source for both event professionals and “hidden planners” with nearly 225,000 monthly users. Events serviced by the BizBash suite of products include: exhibitions, conferences, meetings, training and learning, marketing and PR, fund-raising and galas, celebrations and weddings, incentive, travel, government and ceremonial.

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Delightful Mom Food Launches High-Quality and Affordable Muffin and Cupcake Pan

Baking enthusiasts and holiday shoppers will be thrilled as this pan attests that it is possible to have the highest quality baking pan at an affordable price.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Delightful Mom Food has announced the launch of their new pan which is a non-stick silicone muffin and cupcake pan. This bakeware enables bakers and chefs to easily prepare an endless variety of delicious muffins, cupcakes, tarts, and much more. The muffin pan is currently available at an extremely affordable price on Amazon. And for the holiday season they are also offering a discount if you purchase more than one.

Delightful Mom Food, a health oriented food blog which is run by baking and cooking enthusiast Danielle Fahrenkrug, proudly introduces their muffin/cupcake pan specifically designed to help make baking simple, fun and hassle free. The Delightful Mom Food Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Pan is sturdier, heavier and more durable than most other silicone pans available in the market today, and is made of the highest quality BPA-Free food grade silicone, easily exceeding FDA standards, and meeting much stricter LFGB (German) standards.

Speaking to Danielle, she said, “We wanted to take what we offer a step further for our visitors and create a product line of superiorly designed bakeware to take any guesswork out and further aid people in preparing healthy recipes quickly and conveniently” She further added “As baking enthusiasts, we have used our fair share of muffin and cupcake pans and we realized there was nothing out there that was great as far as quality and affordability, so we wanted to fill that void and after a lot of time and research we did just that, and so far our customers will attest to that as the feedback and reviews have been absolutely amazing. This is the future of baking.”

The pan is extremely versatile, non-stick, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and oven safe up to 450 degrees. Baking enthusiasts can use the pan to prepare their favorite cupcake and muffin recipes within minutes and without hassle, and never have to worry about burning, sticking or scrubbing. As a bonus, they will also be providing its users with a free recipe eBook consisting of eleven easy to prepare, delicious and healthy muffin pan recipes. The company is so sure you will love the pan that they offer a lifetime warranty and full money back guarantee. Users who are not satisfied with the product can choose to return the same and claim their money back, no questions asked. The muffin pan is currently available at an affordable price on Amazon’s website where you can buy it risk free today to start making healthy and delicious recipes by visiting https://www.amazon.com/Delightful-Mom-Food-Premium-Muffin/dp/B01CHO9S54

About Delightful Mom Food: Delightfulmomfood.com is a premier food blog that offers a host of exciting, fun and delicious recipes to its readers. The blog was created by Santa Barbara, CA based Danielle Fahrenkrug and specializes in unique, healthy and easy to prepare, budget friendly and gluten-free recipes for cooking and baking enthusiasts.

Danielle Fahrenkrug
Delightful Mom Food LLC
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Muffins and Cupcakes Made Easy!

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Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI) Wins MSED Platinum Award For Excellence In Marketing And Sales

CPI: putting civilians and veterans to work for more than 34 years

Veteran Owned CPI President,Jim Cowper and CPI Marketing Analyst, Kristie Lohmeier Win MSED Platinum Award for veteran hiring marketing plan.

WATERFORD, MICHIGAN, USA, November 10, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI) President, Jim Cowper and Marketing Analyst, Kristie Lohmeier were honored to accept the Platinum Award for excellence in marketing and sales from the Marketing & Sales Executives of Detroit (MSED), on behalf of CPI.

In its 22nd year, the MSED Evening of Excellence is an annual event, which is designed to support and foster the values of the sales and marketing profession in Metro Detroit. Emceed by Rod Meloni, Business Editor, WDIV-TV, the awards were conferred in front of more than 150 business and community leaders at the Masonic Temple in Detroit.

“We are profoundly grateful to be awarded the MSED Platinum Award and we are honored to be in the company of such distinguished and accomplished professionals,” said Cowper. "This award highlights the work we are doing to find every veteran in our country a job, which accentuates the functional and leadership skills unique to the military."

There were multiple nominees for the Platinum Award. The MSED narrowed down the semi-finalists to include four very deserving teams. The HELLA team also took home a Platinum Award.

In addition to the Platinum Award, the MSED awarded Bill Kozyra, President, CEO & Chairman, TI Automotive with the 2016 Herb Everss Lifetime Achievement Award. The MSED also honored Julie Fream, President & CEO, Original Equipment Suppliers Association with the Executive Leadership Award and Pashon Murray, President & Co-Founder, Detroit Dirt, LLC was honored with the Trailblazer Award.

Kristie Lohmeier
Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI)
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Brazil MVNO launches advanced roaming services by Roamability.

Dynamic Multi-IMSI (DMI)

Roamability provides Advanced Sponsored Roaming Solution, for mobile operators who want to expand roaming abilities for their existing subscribers

“Now, our subscribers can utilize great roaming services, with greater coverage of countries, creating a better experience for customers who are traveling internationally”

— Tiago Galli, Head of Porto Seguro Conecta.

SãO PAULO, BRAZIL, November 10, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — ***
Porto Seguro Conecta, an MVNO from Brazil, selected Roamability’s Dynamic Multi-IMSI (DMI) over an existing solution from a different vendor. “Now, our subscribers can utilize great roaming services, without having to change APN. This will improve the international roaming service, with greater coverage of countries, creating a better experience for customers who are traveling internationally”, says Tiago Galli, Head of Porto Seguro Conecta.

As the first and only Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) to operate in Brazil, Porto Seguro Conecta has over 420,000 lines for cell phones, residential alarm systems monitoring and M2M communications, tracking cars insured by Porto Seguro, the largest insurance company in Brazil. Porto Seguro Conecta started operation 4 years ago and was the first mobile network operator to offer unlimited voice plans to the Brazilian market.

Roamabilty’s Dynamic Multi-IMSI platform introduces a revolutionary STK, small in size and easy to deploy with existing SIM cards. With the Dynamic Multi-IMSI (DMI), the user experience is dramatically changed. It is totally seamless to the subscribers with no action required from their side. Yehi BenShoshan, the founder and the president of Roamability says: “We are proud to help bring roaming services to operators of any size, anywhere”.

In partnership with Comfone’s Key2roam Platform, Roamability makes the integration with the mobile operators fast and easy. The Signaling, Data Roaming, Data Clearing and Financial Clearing services data are transferred between Roamability, the customer and the rest of the international roaming community and are all processed and delivered via Comfone’s Key2roam Platform. This setup facilitates complete integration, transparency and consolidation of all service layers and roaming data.


For more information on the Dynamic Multi-IMSI (DMI) or any of the other roaming technologies from Roamability., visit roamability.com or call + 1-702-552-0002


About Roamability, LLC.
Since 2009, Roamability has offered comprehensive, high-quality, global roaming solution, to MNOs / MVNOs of all sizes with core network infrastructure. Through its pre-negotiated contracts, the company partners with high-profile operators and sponsors covering more than 700 networks and 195+ countries. Leveraging this global network, Roamability in-turn enables operators – regardless of their size – the ability to provide competitive global roaming packages to their customers. www.Roamability.com

About Porto Seguro Conecta
Launched in August 2013, Porto Seguro Conecta (www.portoseguroconecta.com.br) is the first operator of virtual mobile telephony (MVNO) to operate in Brazil. The MVNO model allows Porto Seguro to operate in the mobile telecommunications segment using the infrastructure of a traditional operator and to provide the service through its own customer service channels, sales and marketing team. The carrier operates in the regions of Santos (area code 13), Campinas (area code 19), Rio de Janeiro (area code 21), São Paulo (area code 11) and the Paraíba Valley (area code 12). In total, it has 420.000 active lines, including the company's corporate mobiles and M2M connections used in tracking and residential alarms. https://www.portoseguroconecta.com.br/

About Comfone,.
As a Roaming Services Provider, Comfone provides Swiss quality, precision and personalised service, the three attributes on which Comfone has built the foundation for providing a complete portfolio of first class roaming services. Comfone’s service offering, unique to the global roaming market, encompasses Signalling, Data & Financial Clearing, Hubbing, GRX, IPX backbone and Roaming Management services, all of which are provided through the Key2roam Platform, a true one stop roaming shop. www.comfone.com

Yehiel BenShoshan
Roamability, LLC
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Award-Winning Documentary "From the Kill Pen" screens at New York’s Equus Film Festival

Award-Winning Documentary "From the Kill Pen," Exposing the Horse Slaughter Pipeline in America, screens at New York’s Equus Film Festival

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 10, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sila Productions is proud to announce the screening of the award-winning film, “From the Kill Pen," at the upcoming Equus Film Festival in New York. The much-anticipated film is scheduled to screen on Friday, November 18th at the Village East Cinema, 181-189 2nd Ave, New York, NY, 10003, as part of the 8:15pm film block.

Fact-driven and without gratuitous violence, “From the Kill Pen” exposes the widespread overbreeding and criminal meat distribution cycle which has allowed tainted horsemeat to enter the human food chain – activity which has been operating under the radar for years.

“Most Americans are completely unaware that approximately 150,000 American horses are rounded up and auctioned off for slaughter right here in the United States,” says director Sharon Boeckle. “They are then shipped to Canada and Mexico to be killed and their carcasses sold to international meat distributors.”

“From the Kill Pen” includes in-depth interviews with some of the nation’s leading experts on the subject, including: Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico; Keith Dane of the Humane Society; Journalist Vickery Eckhoff; and Reps. Jan Schakowsky and Patrick Meehan, co-sponsors of the Safeguard American Food Exports Act, which if passed would install a permanent ban on horse slaughter in the United States and the shipping of American horses elsewhere for slaughter.

"'From the Kill Pen' is the ‘Blackfish’ for America's horses," says Jane Blais of the Safe Food Safe Horses Coalition, the coalition currently fighting for the passage of the Safeguard American Food Exports Act (S.1214 and HR.1942.) "The film exposes a dirty little secret – that the US Congress allows American horses, contaminated with FDA banned substances, to enter the global food supply."

Sonja Meadows, President and Founder of Animals Angels, an organization fighting to close the slaughter pipeline in the United States, applauds the film as “a hard-hitting, passionate, and revealing exposé that powerfully documents the horrific fate of U.S. horses caught up in the slaughter pipeline. This is a must see film.”

"The EQUUS Film Festival is the place for all of the horses stories to be told, and to expose all of the wrongs being perpetrated to the horses of the world,” says founder and director of the festival, Lisa Diersen. “We are here to be the voice of the horse through the filmmaker's lens."

For more information on the Equus Film Festival, visit http://www.equusfilmfestival.net. For more information on the film, visit www.fromthekillpen.com or https://www.facebook.com/killpenmovie.

Sharon Boeckle
Sila Productions, LLC
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